Bezos appointed CEO of earth fund, with a scale of 10 billion US dollars


According to Tencent technology news on March 10, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos appointed the head of a top environmental think tank as the CEO of its 10 billion dollar earth fund on Tuesday.
In an instagram post, Bezos said Andrew steer, who is currently president and CEO of the World Resources Institute, an environmental nonprofit, has agreed to lead the earth fund.
“Lauren and I are very happy that Andrew has joined us and are confident in the future of the fund and our partners,” Bezos wrote of his girlfriend Lauren Sanchez in a post. According to the earth fund, Sanchez has participated in donation activities with the fund.
The earth fund, launched in February last year, aims to help scientists, activists and other organizations in their efforts to “protect the natural world” to cope with the impact of climate change by providing grants. “Climate change is the biggest threat to our planet,” Bezos said at the time. I want to work with others to expand what is known and explore new ways to combat the devastating effects of climate change on the planet we live on together. ” In November last year, Bezos announced the first recipients of the earth fund, with groups receiving $791 million worth of funding. Winners include the Nature Conservancy, the natural resources conservation Council, the World Wildlife Fund and the World Resources Institute.
Bezos is currently the richest man in the world, with a net worth of $180 billion, according to the data provided by the index. Over the years, he has been promoting many climate initiatives in Amazon, including the already funded wind and solar power generation network. This is a long-term plan to provide 100% renewable energy for the global infrastructure. In addition to the earth fund, Amazon announced in June last year the establishment of a $2 billion climate commitment fund to support the development of sustainable technologies and services, which will enable Amazon and other companies to achieve the goal of “net zero” carbon emissions by 2040. Last September, Amazon announced the first recipients of the climate commitment fund, including five start-ups covering areas such as electric vehicles and climate technology.
Earth foundation said Bezos actively participated in the interview process and hired Steele. In addition to leading the World Resources Institute, Steele has deep links with global organizations that focus on environmental and economic issues. In addition, he previously held senior positions at the world bank.
In a series of tweets, Steele said the earth fund will invest in scientists, NGOs, activists and the private sector to further develop new technologies, investments, policy changes and behaviors. He said that the focus of the earth fund is on the impact of climate change on “poor and marginalized communities” and Bezos hopes to “spend the money” between now and 2030.
Steele’s appointment comes as Bezos will step down as Amazon’s chief executive later this year, handing over leadership to Andy Jassy, AWS’s chief executive. Amazon announced early last month that Jess would replace Bezos as CEO in the third quarter of this year. After 25 years as Amazon’s chief executive, Bezos will only serve as the executive chairman of Amazon’s board of directors. Bezos is expected to turn more attention to projects such as the earth fund, his blue origin space company, the Washington Post and the Amazon day 1 fund. (compiled by Tencent technology / Wuji)