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Black is often used to indicate human ignorance of the unknown.
Black hole, the most mysterious and crazy celestial body.
Approaching him and exploring him, can we solve the mystery of the ultimate destiny of the universe?
On February 19 this year, “science” and “Astrophysical Journal” published the latest accurate measurement results of Chinese and foreign scientists on the constant star X-1 Cygnus. This is the first stellar black hole discovered by human beings, and also the only X-ray binary star system with a mass of more than 20 times the mass of the sun and rotation close to the speed of light discovered and confirmed by human beings so far. This discovery is helpful for further research The space-time characteristics and evolution history of black hole are studied.
Tencent News and Gaoshan University jointly create a series of live broadcast of “25 ° C science”. In this issue, Gou Lijun, a researcher at the National Astronomical Observatory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, who is the main finisher of Cygnus X-1 research, is invited to share the first-hand information and important practical significance behind the research. At the same time, Zhang Shuangnan, a famous astrophysicist and the chief scientist of the expert group of “Huiyan” astronomical satellites, and Cheng Wei, a serial entrepreneur who loves space and wants to go to Mars, will also be in the studio. The three will work together to uncover the secrets of the black hole that “you think you know, but you don’t have to know”.
Main contents of live broadcast:
As the first black hole “Cygnus X-1” discovered by human beings, what breakthrough progress has been made in the latest research?
What is a black hole? What is the relationship between dark matter and dark energy?
How to prove the existence of black hole?
Will all stars be swallowed by black holes?
Is there a curvature of space-time near a black hole? Can we keep our youth forever?
How important is gravitational wave in detecting black holes?
What is the practical significance of precise measurement of Cygnus X-1?
March 10, 19:00-20:30, looking forward to your entering the live room.
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In 2021, science at 25 ° C will launch 12 issues of new knowledge live broadcast, focusing on the four themes of life science, artificial intelligence, emerging future and universe encounter. 36 top scientists, based on the public perspective, will jointly create a science column with thoughts, temperature and height.