Tesla’s official response: set foot in power exchange; twitter CEO’s first tweet opens auction


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India’s second largest telecom company purchases Huawei equipment, easing relations between the two countries and building a high-speed network
Recently, Bati Telecom, India’s second largest mobile network operator and the world’s second largest mobile network operator, has awarded a 3 billion rupee telecom infrastructure expansion contract to China’s Huawei Company.
According to sources, this is a huge deal, and Bati Telecom has placed a purchase order with Huawei. The deal is part of Bati Telecom’s ongoing expansion of its national long distance network operated by Huawei. According to telecom talk, a senior executive at Huawei has confirmed it.
$2.5 million plus, twitter CEO’s first tweet is being auctioned
According to Russia today, the first tweet on twitter appeared in the account of Jack Dorsey, its co-founder and current CEO, in 2006. Recently, Dorsey released a link to the twitter market called “valuables”, which has attracted a large number of buyers for this 15 year old tweet – “just set up my twitter”.
Rt said the price of the tweet reached $363000 at about 8 a.m. Greenwich mean time yesterday, and then rose almost every hour. By 15 a.m. that day, the price had risen to $1.5 million. According to the website “valuables”, the price had soared to US $2.5 million by about 10 am Beijing time on the 7th.
Tesla official response: charging is the best energy supplement
Recently, Tesla Co., Ltd. added “sales of new energy vehicle power exchange facilities” to its business scope. According to media reports, Tesla’s move may be to enter the electricity exchange market. In response, Tao Linyu, vice president of Tesla’s foreign affairs, sent an article through her personal microblog to respond.
She said that as early as 2013, Tesla tried to change the power supply. At present, the power supply mode is a good power supply mode in some specific fields, such as taxis or buses, but we always believe that the charging mode is the best way to supplement the energy of large-scale civil electric vehicles.
Interview with new CEO of Qualcomm: chip supply shortage keeps me up at night or until the end of the year
It’s not only cars that are affected by the shortage of chips, but also chips of Sony Playstation 5 and Microsoft Xbox series X. even the world’s largest mobile chip manufacturer, Qualcomm, can’t get enough processors to meet the needs of mobile phone customers. Christiano Amun, the incoming chief executive of Qualcomm, is worried about this situation, not competition or consumers’ indifference to 5g. The 50 year old Brazilian has worked at Qualcomm since 1995 and became president in 2018. In June, he will succeed Steve molenkopf as the fourth CEO in the 36 year old company’s history.
“If you ask me, ‘what keeps me up at night’,” Amun said in a recent interview This is the supply chain crisis we are facing in the semiconductor industry. ” Although this happened because of the high demand for technology products, “it created a lot of pressure because the supply chain was not ready to cope with this growth,” he said. Amun added that the supply shortage could continue until the end of 2021.
Both Chen Wei and Zhong Nanshan have deployed new vaccine research and development
Recently, the reporter of science and technology daily learned during the two sessions that academician Chen Wei’s team and academician Zhong Nanshan’s team have respectively deployed the research and development of new vaccines. The team of national nano center is cooperating with Chen Wei, academician of Academy of Military Sciences, in the research and development of new nano carrier for vaccine!
Under the organization of Zhong Nanshan, academician of Chinese Academy of engineering and director of National Center for clinical medicine of respiratory diseases, Zhang Biliang, researcher of Guangzhou Institute of biomedicine and health, Chinese Academy of Sciences and founder of Guangzhou Ruibo biology, made a project report on the development and production of new coronal mRNA vaccine to Chinese vaccine developers. Novel coronavirus pneumonia is a new research project for Zhong Nanshan’s mRNA vaccine. This is the breakthrough of the industry limit. New Coronavirus’s vaccine development and production has become a sub topic of the academician’s leading research project, and has been included in the fourth batch of new technology development priorities of the Ministry of science and technology.
Information of nearly 2 million customers of two major Japanese Airlines leaked
Japan’s All Nippon Airways said that Sita, the IT service provider responsible for its reservation system, suffered a cyber attack, resulting in the leakage of personal data of about 1 million “senior members”.
According to Kyodo news agency, Ana said that the leaked customer information is the member number, name and consumption record of “senior members”, and related information is related to VIP room and priority boarding service at the airport, which is shared internally by “Star Alliance” joined by ana. About 920000 customer information of Japan Airlines, another large Japanese airline, has also been leaked. It also shares information, including member number and name, for its “universal one”.
April 22! NASA and SpaceX confirm the launch date of the second commercial manned flight
NASA and SpaceX have set April 22 as the target launch date for the second commercial manned flight. A team of four experienced astronauts will be the first to board the second-hand Falcon 9 rocket booster and reusable manned dragon spacecraft.
Steve stick, NASA’s commercial astronaut program manager, said the manned dragon spacecraft for the second commercial manned launch mission will have “enhanced capabilities” designed to make the spacecraft safer and ready for more turbulent waves and stronger winds. At present, the manned dragon spacecraft, which is docked at the space station and performs the first commercial manned launch mission, will be transferred to other docking interfaces at the end of March or early April, so as to free up the current docking position and welcome the arrival of the new spacecraft.
It is said that Weima will stop the sales of some models in Beijing

According to an internal announcement of Weima automobile, Weima automobile will make adjustments to the models sold in Beijing. According to the announcement, in order to improve the sales quality of Weima automobile in Beijing, ensure the dealers’ income, stabilize the terminal price and other factors, the partners of Zhihang in Beijing will stop the sale of ex, namely, the passenger bank and the ex5-z dynamic version with a 400 km range.
Tesla launches internal social platform to encourage interaction between car owners and fans
On Friday local time, Tesla, the electric car manufacturer, launched an internal social platform called Tesla engagement platform to encourage owners and fans to interact and take political actions in favor of Elon Musk’s company. For those who are particularly eager to learn about Tesla news, Tesla’s website has its own forum where car owners and fans can interact.
Tesla engagement platform is a new platform for Tesla public policy team and Tesla owners club. The goal is to create a digital home base for all our work, so that members of Tesla community can more easily understand what we are most concerned about and take meaningful actions.
In 2020, global smart watch shipment increased by 1.5% over the same period last year, with Huawei increasing the most
Novel coronavirus pneumonia is due to the latest outbreak of global smart watch shipments, according to the latest Counterpoint Research Global Research Report. The fourth quarter of 2020 saw a slight decrease in shipments of smart watches compared with the same period in 2020.
Apple watch series 6 and apple watch se performed well, with 12.9 million units shipped in the fourth quarter of 2020 and 40% market share. Huawei helped drive the growth of the entire smart watch market, with its shipments up 26% year-on-year, the biggest increase. The smart watch market is driven by apple, Samsung and Huawei.
Forward, backward, turn! Willpower completes its first “walk” on Mars
NASA’s willpower mission manager said on Friday that two weeks after its successful landing, the rover made its first tentative start, trying to move forward, backward and turn. Since landing on February 18, willpower has completed software updates to configure computers for remote driving, check instruments, and activate the robotic arm of the Mars rover.
Hogg said the rover’s sample caching system still needs to go through more activation and testing before willpower starts collecting rock samples. After arriving at the Delta, the rover may start to put the sealed tube on the ground for the sample vehicle in the Mars Sample Return Mission to retrieve, which will bring the sealed tube to the rocket and launch it back into space.
Musk wrote to dogcoin again: the spelling of dog is “ego”
Tesla CEO musk tweeted that the spelling of “Doge” is “ego”. On February 4, musk tweeted about “dog money” six times a day, and then the price of this cryptocurrency rose by 60% to $10 billion, becoming the eighth cryptocurrency in the world.
On February 11, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said on social media that he “bought some dog money for little lil X”. According to media reports, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has stepped in and investigated whether Elon Musk, Tesla’s chief executive, is suspected of using his personal social media account influence to manipulate dog money and other cryptocurrencies.