Zhang Jianfeng, President of aridamo Institute: strive to achieve major breakthroughs in chips and quantum computing


On March 5, Zhang Jianfeng, President of Alibaba Damo academy, said in an interview: “in the next decade, alibaba will unswervingly continue to increase investment in basic and cutting-edge technologies, and carry out scientific research in artificial intelligence, chips, quantum computing, blockchain and other fields, striving to achieve major breakthroughs.”
It is understood that at present, Alibaba has formed a scientific research system with Dharma Institute as the core, and has a comprehensive layout in the fields of artificial intelligence, chips, quantum computing, blockchain, automatic driving, etc. at present, it has 14 laboratories, set up research centers in 8 regions of the world, and incubated two high-tech enterprises, pingtouge semiconductor company and xiaomanlu Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. In 2020, Alibaba’s overall technology and R & D investment has exceeded 100 billion yuan, accounting for more than 60% of the company’s technical personnel.