The Court banned Li Guoqing from harassing and beating Yu Yu


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Zhihu submitted IPO prospectus to US SEC: it intends to land on New York Stock Exchange, with a valuation of US $3.5 billion
Zhihu filed an IPO application with the securities and Exchange Commission on Friday. According to the document, Zhihu plans to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange with the stock code “zh” and a tentative amount of $100 million to be used as a “placeholder”.
In the prospectus, Zhihu provided financial information of the company, and its revenue increased from RMB 670.5 million in 2019 to RMB 1.4 billion (about US $207.2 million) in 2020. The net loss in 2019 is 1 billion yuan, compared with 517.6 million yuan (about 79.3 million US dollars) in 2020.
Li Guoqing’s civil ruling on Yu Yu: forbid Li Guoqing from contacting, harassing and beating Yu Yu
According to the China judicial documents website, the civil ruling of Yu Yu and Li Guoqing was published on January 21
1、 Li Guoqing is prohibited from beating, threatening or abusing the applicant Yu Yu.
2、 It is forbidden for Li Guoqing to harass, track or contact the applicant Yu Yu alone.
3、 Li Guoqing is forbidden to enter and approach the residence of the applicant Yu Yu.
Social platform reddit appoints first CFO to prepare for IPO
Reddit, the social networking platform at the heart of the recent retail stock boom, said on Friday it had appointed drew Valero as its first chief financial officer in preparation for an IPO. Valero will start leading reddit’s finance team later this month and will report to the company’s chief operating officer, Jen Wong. Mr. heffman said reddit has not yet set a listing timetable, but the appointment of Mr. Valero shows that the 15 year old company is developing its financial business to keep up with listed peers such as twitter and Facebook.
Dr. Cha’s CEO and senior management are taken away investigation: Yao Jinbo is the actual controller, involved in data scalping
According to we media’s “first consumer finance”, on the morning of February 27, Dr. Cha’s CEO and core executives were taken away by the police, and the core maintenance service was suspended. Public information shows that Dr. Cha is a platform operated by Beijing Kuche Yimei Network Technology Co., Ltd., which provides data query services such as vehicle maintenance, insurance and valuation for vehicle dealers, e-commerce and financial platform customers. Regarding the investigation, Dr. Cha replied to Sanyan finance and economics that the company was cooperating with the investigation because a former employee was working as an intermediary to resell data. Dr. Cha and car appraisal are two second-hand car information service apps. They are competitive and belong to two companies: Beijing Kuche Yimei Network Technology Co., Ltd. and Beijing Tiger Information Technology Co., Ltd. however, car appraisal was established much earlier than Dr. cha.
Xiaomi may launch its first foldable mobile phone this year
Xiaomi is about to release its first folding mobile phone, according to people familiar with the matter. This folding screen mobile phone may be Xiaomi mix series. It is reported that the mobile phone may adopt a folding design similar to Huawei mate XS, and the folded cover screen will be 6.38 inches.
Large scale recruitment of talents! TSMC plans to recruit nearly 9000 new people to meet the needs of technology development
TSMC’s 2021 campus talent recruitment activities started this week. It is reported that today, TSMC held its first campus talent recruitment demonstration meeting in NTU. In order to meet the needs of business growth and technology development, TSMC is expected to recruit nearly 9000 new talents this year, an increase of 12.5% compared with 8000 last year. It has been reported that TSMC’s Nanke 3 nano plant and Zhuke R & D center are under rapid construction, and the R & D center is expected to open this year, which will accommodate a R & D army of 8000 scientists and engineers. With the increasing demand for human resources from new factories, it is also reported from the market that the number of talents recruited by TSMC this year will exceed 8000 last year.
SpaceX Sn10 has just exploded for half a day, sn11 has been ready to test
Only half a day after Sn10 became the first starship prototype to land completely, SpaceX, the US space exploration technology company, has begun to clean up the wreckage of the explosion and is ready to push the new prototype to sn11 launch pad for further testing. US local time yesterday, Sn10 “soft landing” 10 minutes after the explosion, SpaceX team returned to the scene after only half a day, and brought the robot dog “Zeus” as a helper. Meanwhile, the FAA will also investigate the Sn10 explosion, which may further delay the launch of sn11.
SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launched again, putting 60 satellite chains into orbit
A few hours after the Starship exploded, SpaceX put another 60 Starlink satellites into orbit. On the morning of March 4, US Eastern time, SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket put a new batch of 60 Starlink Internet satellites into orbit. The rocket landed on a floating platform at sea and successfully recovered, ending the long-awaited mission. Although SpaceX relies heavily on its flight proven rockets and prefers to recycle Falcon 9 rockets for reuse, successfully putting the flying payload into orbit has always been the company’s main goal.
Interview with didi of the Ministry of Communications: earnestly fulfill the main responsibility of enterprises and protect the legitimate rights and interests of drivers and consumers
On the afternoon of March 5, the responsible comrades of the inter ministerial Joint Conference Office for the coordination and supervision of new transport formats had an interview with didi company. The interview pointed out that didi company’s preparation for adjusting its business strategy in some cities is not sufficient, the communication and evaluation are not in place, and it is suspected of infringing the legitimate rights and interests of drivers, which has been widely concerned by the society.
According to the interview requirements, Didi company should face up to the existing problems, carry out rectification immediately, protect the legitimate rights and interests of drivers and passengers, and create a good safe and stable environment for the smooth convening of the national “two sessions”.
The White House has been paying close attention to Microsoft’s cyber attack after it fired “hackers related to China”

Yesterday local time, US president’s national security affairs assistant Sullivan said that the White House is closely following reports about the so-called “potential danger” of us think tanks and defense industrial bases. Earlier, Microsoft released an emergency patch and hyped that Chinese hackers used e-mail server vulnerabilities to carry out network attacks on some US institutions. In response, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said that China firmly opposes and attacks all forms of cyber attacks and cyber secret theft in accordance with the law. This position is consistent and clear.