Internet poverty alleviation “war”: post-95 stewardess resigns to sell pomegranate and white collar workers return home to raise native chickens


Author: Sun Shi of Tencent Technology
One of the hot issues that has attracted much attention recently is the national poverty alleviation summing up and commendation conference held a few days ago.
During the past eight years, nearly 100 million rural poor people have been lifted out of poverty under the current standards, and 832 poverty-stricken counties have been lifted out of poverty. Absolute poverty and regional overall poverty have been eliminated, and China has won a decisive victory in the decisive battle of poverty alleviation.
Behind the string of dazzling data, the Internet also plays an important role. This issue of personal experience focuses on four groups of poverty alleviation stories related to the Internet:
Here is their story:
Dictator: Ms. He, known as “pomegranate sister”
People’s Archives: after 95, Sichuan Daliangshan people
Three years ago, I resigned from China Eastern Airlines and returned to my hometown. I took the villagers to sell pomegranates online
My previous job was as a stewardess in China Eastern Airlines. The reason why I went back to my hometown was that when I went home to visit my relatives a few years ago, I found that the purchase price of pomegranate was not high that year. My family grows pomegranates. I find that my parents and villagers are worried about pomegranate sales.
Our family is in the village, the Internet is not very developed, the pomegranate mainly depends on the traditional channel sales. If the market is good, the purchase price will be high, and the fruit farmers will make money. The market situation is not good, not only the purchase price is low, even no one may come to purchase. So I thought, how can I help my family and villagers sell pomegranates.
At the beginning of this idea, the family was strongly opposed. Because for a village in Daliang Mountain, it is very glorious to be a stewardess, just like flying out of the mountain. If you go back to Dashan and become a farmer, many people will not understand.
But I was very stubborn, and my family couldn’t beat me. Later, they looked at me and thought that since they couldn’t persuade me, they might as well help me, but they certainly didn’t support me in their heart.
My idea at that time was very simple, that is, to help people around me sell pomegranates. If I couldn’t, I would go back to work. At the beginning, I sold it through live broadcast, and the cost was not very high. With 10000 or 20000 yuan of start-up capital and a mobile phone, I could do it.
In the first half of the year, I was basically selling pomegranates live every morning and evening. I could sell more than 1000 orders a day, and the profit of each order was just one or two yuan. Later, when the sales volume gradually rises and the sales channels are relatively wide, the main idea is to focus on the warehouse, and the live broadcast is relatively less.
In 2018, we officially opened a store on pinduoduo. Later, pinduoduo launched a project called Duoduo orchard. In 2019, pinduoduo went to Daliangshan to recruit a pomegranate supplier to supply their Duoduo orchard.
After a year of precipitation in 2018, our shop has been ranked first in the local market. At that time, when pinduoduo found us, we saw that our delivery quality and delivery standard were relatively good, so we began to provide pomegranate to Duoduo orchard in 2019. That is to say, from that time on, we ushered in an explosive growth.
Duoduo orchard project mainly allows users to plant virtual trees on the app. After the trees grow, the platform will send users a box of fruit for free. If this box of fruit is pomegranate, the order will be automatically imported into our store.
For us, the sales volume will be very stable. As long as we have the ability to deliver goods and can control the quality, we will have a relatively stable profit, and it will certainly be larger than the volume of live broadcast with goods.
Duoduo orchard will also have a price bottom line, let’s quote by ourselves. For example, if we place an order of 3 kg, we will quote for the platform. If the platform thinks that the price is OK, it will bring in the order.
In 2018, our sales volume is about 15 million. After becoming a supplier of Duoduo orchard in 2019, it will reach 30 million, and in 2020, it will be close to 50 million.
Such sales for fruit farmers, income has doubled. In addition, to sell so many pomegranates, we need someone to pack and load them, which also leads to a lot of jobs. Many villagers do not have to go out to work, because they have jobs at home.
Our current planning is to build our own warehousing and logistics base, which includes the integration of warehousing and cold chain, and will try to do some deep-processing of pomegranate, such as processing into pomegranate juice and pomegranate wine. But at present, we mainly start to consider building our own logistics park to increase the sales, and then consider further processing to maximize the income of pomegranate.
Dictator: Mr. Li
Profile: post-80s, Secretary of a village Party branch in Sichuan
Our “time chicken” has been raised for two years, and the price will be doubled directly
My hometown is an ordinary small mountain village in the depth of Qinba Mountain in Sichuan Province. In 2003, I was admitted to the University and went out of the mountain. In 2007, I became a white-collar worker in a company in Chengdu. When my salary was the highest, my annual salary was nearly 200000.
The first reason why I chose to return to my hometown is that I have a feeling for my hometown after the 2008 earthquake. The second reason is that I feel that the countryside was very backward at that time, but this is also the opportunity for the future of the countryside.
When I first came back in 2008, I was an assistant to the village director. In 2010, I was elected as the Secretary of the village branch. From 2008 to 2010, Chengdu and my hometown are running at the same time. After I became a village branch secretary, I quit my job in Chengdu.
At the beginning of poverty alleviation, we were still exploring ways and means. In the early days, more and more people donated money and things to poor households, but we felt that this thing was unsustainable, so we proposed to buy with donation, thinking about how to build a brand, how to seize the market, so that our products can be sold at a good price, so that the people have a stable income.
For example, we used to raise five pigs, one pig earned 200 yuan, and five pigs earned 1000 yuan. Our method is how to make farmers raise five pigs, but earn 5000 yuan. Instead of increasing their quantity and scale, we can help them improve their quality, so that they can have higher returns and benefits.

Commodities have their own laws of supply and demand. If farmers blindly increase the output of products, it will lead to an imbalance between supply and demand. With more products, the price will come down naturally. What used to make money will eventually lose money.
Our special product is chicken, duck and pig. Our chicken is called time chicken, duck is called years duck, and pig is called Nian Hua pig. In fact, the homogenization of our products is relatively serious, but we want to do branding.
Take our chicken as an example. It’s a core. It’s related to time. We need to control the growth cycle of the chicken, because this cycle determines the taste. Our chicken is not ripening, so we don’t let it grow up in a short time.
In the past, a chicken cost 50 or 60 yuan or 40 or 50 yuan. Now, the price of a chicken is 80 yuan for one year and 100 yuan for two years, which is 30 or 40% higher than the original price.
But our breeding costs will not change much. Because the common people breed according to the traditional way. In the past, when the vendor bought the chicken, he would not give us more money just because the chicken had been a month long. He just priced it according to the weight. Now we have changed our way and asked to price it according to the growth cycle. This is the first of our village.
Behind this is also the change of thinking. In the market, all the chickens in rural areas are called native chickens, and consumers can’t tell the difference between native chickens and native chickens. So we have the name of literature and art – time, years and time, which are closely related to time, so that consumers can understand the value of our chicken. From the current effect, the market very much recognizes our concept, consumers can perceive our product features.
We don’t account for a large proportion of Internet e-commerce sales, because we do fresh food, and the online proportion is relatively low. What’s more, we have our own chain stores, restaurants, specialty stores and counters in Chengdu. However, the unit price of our products is relatively high, so our audience is relatively narrow, so we did not enter the mass supermarket.
We have not Kwai done yet, but now we are mainly taking some short videos, such as the production and daily life of the ordinary people, recording the most plain scenes of the people. Next, we must have some cooperation with the Kwai Fu, including they will go to the village to make some plans to train some people in our village, so that they can take some short videos, and they can all run.
I also mentioned last year that live broadcasting and delivery can’t be a one-off sale. It must be based on the quality of products. Our key direction this year is to build a short video team, including live broadcasting and delivery. This is a new tool for us. I think we should make good use of this tool.
Dictator: Mr. Zhang
Profile: Sichuan ABA people, return home to deliver delivery in 2019
When I came back to ABA from Hangzhou, I earned more as a rider and could see my family every day
I used to work in Hangzhou. In 2019, I heard from my friends that my income as a meituan rider was relatively high, and my father was in poor health, so I went back to my hometown town with the mentality of having a try and became a meituan take away rider. My family also supported me to come back.
But at that time, I didn’t know much about the takeout environment in our county. I always felt that people in my hometown would not order takeout when they ate. As a rider, I couldn’t make any money. But after I came back, I was surprised to find that takeout was very popular in the county.
I have observed that there are few brand restaurants such as KFC and McDonald’s in my hometown. Most of meituan’s takeout businesses are small restaurants owned by their own families. In addition, the popular milk tea shops and fried chicken shops in big cities have gradually increased in the county in the past two years, and there are also a lot of people ordering supper in the evening.
The delivery time of our riders is from 7:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. during this period, there is a list. Each rider works about 10 hours a day and can rest for more than an hour.
In the early days, it was about thirty or forty orders a day. Later, it gradually reached fifty or sixty orders. After all, the size of the county is small. Basically, it’s all over at zero, and there won’t be a list in the middle of the night.
In terms of income, the absolute value of wages may be higher in Hangzhou, but the cost of renting a house, clothing, food, housing and transportation is higher there. My family is in the countryside next to the county seat, so I don’t have to spend money to live, and other costs can be reduced, so I finally earn 1000 yuan more than my income in Hangzhou. What’s more, the joy I gained is far more than that brought by the two thousand yuan, because it’s closer to home, I can be with my family every day, and I can take care of my father.
My takeout partners were also very happy. At that time, many of my friends were idle and had nothing to do. My family was relatively poor, so I recommended them to come and deliver takeout with me.
At that time, they still had a skeptical attitude. Maybe they hadn’t contacted takeout before and didn’t believe that they could make money as riders. But when I saw that I was working here, I promised them that I would give it a try. In the end, I didn’t expect that I could make so much money by delivering takeout in a small county.
One advantage of delivering takeout in small counties is that the complaint rate is relatively low. Sometimes, if there are too many orders, they will explode. Customers will complain after waiting for a long time, but this kind of situation is rare. After all, the county is relatively small, and no matter how late the delivery is, it won’t be long late, so the proportion of complaints is relatively low.
Now that I am no longer a rider, I am mainly responsible for scheduling these things. My daily working hours are 9:00 to 6:00 a.m., so I have time to think about other things. For example, I have a small wish now, waiting to save 100000 yuan and open a milk tea shop in my hometown. This is actually something I did not dare to think about before.
Dictator: Ms. Chen
Profile: Tencent foundation employees, poverty alleviation in Guangxi in 2020
We designed an industrialized container Inn deep in the mountains
In April 2020, under the arrangement of the second poverty alleviation cooperation working group of Guangdong Province, Tencent participated in the pairing assistance to the poverty-stricken villages listed by the state for supervision. Tencent’s counterpart village is longbutun, Dacong village, longfu Township, Du’an County, Guangxi.

From the situation observed in the village for more than a month, the main reason for poverty here is the inconvenience of transportation. Before May 2020, the road has not yet been opened. The yangchangshan road has blocked the village by mountains, resulting in a shortage of materials and poor living conditions. Most of the villagers transport construction materials and build indemnificatory houses after the road is opened. After being connected to the road, the villagers’ homes are still empty. The only furniture they have is bed, and the only electricity they have is refrigerator.
The land in that place is very poor, with only stones and little arable land. There is no way to develop characteristic agricultural products. There are still eight families left in the village, and they can’t move out. The main reason is that there is no labor force and there are too many children. If they go out to work, there are only two labor forces, their parents, and they have six to 10 children.
If you move to the county, a family will not be able to cultivate the private land in the mountains, and will lose about 2000 Jin of corn rations and basic food supplies for the family by raising sheep, chickens and ducks a year.
Although there are labor-intensive factories in the resettlement sites, the working hours are fixed, and the labor force of the left behind families can’t take care of their children, and the time is not free. This labor force is sick all his life, and the whole family may not only have no children to see, but also can’t even eat corn paste. Because the corn fields in the mountains have been abandoned. So we can understand why they don’t move out.
According to the situation of this village, what we are considering is to build a platform through which we can bring them sustainable development. By chance, we find that the sunrise here is very beautiful. To build wanghong tourist attraction, “watching the sunrise” is a very good project. Here is also located in the Tropic of cancer, the sky is clear, we also have a brain storm “the most beautiful star on the Tropic of cancer”, which formed a basic prototype.
Along this way, we want to build an inn. In 2011, when I was doing a poverty alleviation project in Guizhou, I built a Dong ecological museum, which belongs to the cultural tourism poverty alleviation project. The project was successful. Before the epidemic, there were millions of income every year, driving them out of poverty.
So we want to copy the experience of Guizhou, but the site of this village is limited, and its local culture has basically disappeared, so there is no way to do their own national architecture. So we considered making a strong contrast, using industrial things in the deep mountains, so we designed the container Inn, and the slogan is: come to Longbu, live in the inn, watch the sunrise, watch the stars.
After determining the idea, I began to look for suppliers and compare prices one by one. In addition to Tencent’s user research and experience design center, we also invited Shenzhen tongjiren architectural design company, which has participated in the design of Tencent headquarters Binhai building, and teachers from Guangxi construction vocational and technical college to complete the graduation design by taking students to do it. They actively participated in the design and helped us design Longbu Sunrise Inn without any design fee.
In the process of construction, we didn’t invite a construction company. In addition to the production of the box in the factory, the whole foundation project is carried out by the villagers’ contractors and the poor households themselves. Therefore, more than 100000 yuan is directly paid to the poor households of the villagers. They earn 200 yuan a day by working and working every day. We also take the construction money as part of the assistance. If you pay the labor, the money will be given to you.
After the completion of the container Inn, there are 10 standard rooms. According to the occupancy standard of “two large and one small”, the full capacity is 30 people. 20 people live in every week, 48 weeks, 960 people live in every year.
Based on the cost of accommodation and catering of 500 yuan per capita, the annual operating flow is 480000 yuan. After deducting the operating costs of labor, water and electricity, maintenance and procurement, the annual profit can be 130000 yuan. In other words, the daily operation of the apartment can not only maintain the daily expenses, but also create income for the villagers.
When we first went there was no network. Only on the top of the mountain could we receive the signal from the nearby village base station. At that time, all the people in their village had to climb up the mountain if they wanted to make a phone call.
After we went, we contacted Guangxi Mobile through our colleagues in the branch company. Guangxi Mobile contacted Hechi mobile, Hechi mobile contacted Du’an mobile, and installed a 4G base station for us. It is said that this is the fastest 4G base station in the history of Guangxi, which took only one week.
Later, we also applied for the official account of WeChat for the villagers. Shopping mall was opened for them, and the room was booked, so they could be booked online. Generally speaking, because our customers are mainly from big cities, we all make packages, such as 3 days 2 nights, 4 days 3 nights, 5 days 4 nights.
Our scenic spots are well-known in the local area. Originally, the Spring Festival was off-season, and everyone celebrated the new year. The place was so remote that no one would go there. As a result, more than 2000 people went to the scenic spot during the whole Spring Festival, and there were traffic jams.
Now our idea is to help them improve their peripheral travel and experience. After we have built this project, now at this stage, on the one hand, we are cooperating with the government, integrating resources, and making the overall planning of the scenic spot. For example, we come to this village to experience farming, breeding, planting, picking, and herding sheep.
We also saw a karst cave and planned to give them such courses as cave exploration and field survival education, so as to train villagers to become natural education tutors, which will increase some income. We are helping them with these course designs.
Tencent user and experience design center participated in the brand building of the project. They designed the Dragon cloth sunrise vision recognition system and the theme T-shirt, fridge paste and other peripheral products. In the shopping mall of the Dragon cloth sunrise official account, users can purchase the “dragon cloth Sunrise” special product details page and brand derivative.
The most innovative thing is that we helped the villagers design the joint-stock system. We have drawn up a plan for the distribution of shares and dividends of “Longbu Sunrise”. Tencent’s Fund for supporting Dacong village in pairs will be converted into shares and donated to the village economic cooperative, which will be held by the cooperative and the eligible villagers and receive dividends. The cooperative’s dividends will be used for project development reinvestment, rural cultural activities, and other village public affairs.

As for myself, I joined Tencent in 2004 and went to the foundation at the end of 2008. I have been organizing my work in the countryside, which has brought me a lot of changes in my values. Helping others is happier than receiving help. The pursuit of creating value for others is more valuable than the pursuit of one’s own value.
The process of doing this project has a great sense of achievement. Although it is hard, for example, in the process of organizing the project in the village, there was a long time when there was no condition to take a bath. When it was raining, I took advantage of the eaves water to wash my hair and take a bath. But when you see the results of the project, in fact, these things have become good memories.
I feel that my switch between the country and the city has brought me a richer personal life experience, which is valuable and unique. The most advantageous thing is that maybe 99% of Tencent people don’t have the opportunity to experience like me.