Red Devils game mobile phone 6 series released: with 165hz high swipe screen + Xiaolong 8883799 yuan


Tencent technology news on the evening of March 4, Beijing time, the Red Devils mobile phone held a press conference and officially released a new Red Devils 6 game mobile phone, with a 165hz refresh rate screen and a snapdragon 888 processor. The price starts from 3799 yuan.
There are two kinds of red devil 6 mobile phones released this time, namely red devil 6 and red devil 6 Pro. There are some differences in color matching, body material and charging power between the two mobile phones.
This generation of mobile phone continues the overall design idea of Red Devils mobile phone before, and the back still adopts the design style of cyberpunk. The back of red devil 6 is made of glass, with two colors of carbon fiber black and cyber neon, while the back shell of red devil 6 Pro is made of aluminum alloy and glass, with black iron and silver ice blade.
Red Devils game mobile phone 6 series two mobile phones are equipped with 6.8-inch AMOLED screen, resolution 2400×1080, single finger touch sampling rate up to 500Hz, multi finger also has 360hz, and refresh rate up to 165hz, to ensure the visual effect is smoother, the market has more than 100 165hz games.
In terms of core processor, the 6 series of Red Devils game phones are equipped with snapdragon 888 processor. Red Devils 6 has 8 and 12gb running memory, while Red Devils 6 Pro starts from 12gb, with 18gb ram at most.
In order to ensure the stable operation of Xiaolong 888, red magic 6 also has a family fan built in. The fan speed reaches 18000 rpm, and the pro version reaches 20000 rpm, which is 20% higher than the previous generation.
In terms of battery, Red Devils 6 is equipped with 5050mah battery, which supports 65W flash charging; Red Devils 6 Pro is equipped with 4500mAh battery, which supports 120W flash charging, and is equipped with 120W Gan charger as standard.
In terms of cameras, both phones are equipped with three camera lens modules, including 64 megapixel main camera, 8 megapixel ultra wide angle camera and 2 megapixel macro camera.
In terms of price, the price of the Red Devils game mobile phone starts at 3799 yuan, with the highest price of 4399 yuan for the 16 + 256gb version; the price of the Red Devils game mobile phone starts at 4399 yuan, with the highest price of 5299 yuan for the 16 + 256gb version.
At the same time, the Red Devils continue to launch a limited number of “deuterium front transparent version”, of which 16 + 256gb price is 5599 yuan, 18 + 512gb price is 6599 yuan.