Baidu reported that the second listing of Hong Kong was approved; the revenue of qutoutiao Q4 was 1.302 billion yuan


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Market news: Baidu is reported to be approved for the second listing in Hong Kong
On March 4, baidu learned that it was approved for the second listing in Hong Kong. It is expected that it will start to accept investors’ subscription next week, and officially complete the second listing in Hong Kong in March, with a fund-raising scale of up to US $5 billion. Bank of America, CITIC CLSA and Goldman Sachs will lead the listing.
According to the documents previously published by Baidu, the board of directors of Baidu approved to change the proportion of class a common shares represented by its ads from 1 class a common share for every 10 ads shares to 8 class a common shares for every 1 ads shares, with effect from March 1, 2021.
The fourth quarter revenue of qutoutiao reached 1.302 billion yuan, making an operating profit for the first time
According to the financial report, the total operating revenue of qutoutiao in 2020 reached 5.285 billion yuan, of which the operating revenue in the fourth quarter was 1.302 billion yuan, a month on month increase of 15.3%, exceeding the market expectation. Net revenue was 1.302.4 billion yuan, down 21.5% from 1.658.4 billion yuan in the same period of last year, up 15.3% from 1.130 billion yuan in the previous quarter. The cost of revenue was 1.674 billion yuan, up 2.1% from 1.640.6 billion yuan in the same period of last year. Sales and marketing expenditure was 3.381.6 billion yuan, down 38.4% from 5.489.7 billion yuan in the same period of last year.
How much electricity does “mining” consume? Inner Mongolia plans to clear bitcoin mine, and the mine owners have begun to transfer
A few days ago, the official website of Inner Mongolia development and Reform Commission said that in order to speed up the elimination of backward and excess capacity, it plans to comprehensively clean up and shut down the virtual currency mining projects, and withdraw them by the end of April 2021. The most important cost of virtual currency mining is electricity. Inner Mongolia, rich in thermal power resources, has always been one of the large-scale mining bases in China.
In an interview with the Red Star capital Bureau, a mine operator in Yunnan said that a series of measures in Inner Mongolia were built under the background of the national closure of small and medium-sized thermal power mines. They are environmental protection needs, but may temporarily lead to the decline of the whole network computing power, and some mine owners will also face certain losses. Driven by the transformation of the energy structure, after two years of strict investigation from 2019 to 2020, the virtual currency mining project in Inner Mongolia has been quite effective, and some large mines have been transferred to Sichuan, Yunnan and other places.
Chinese “robot fish” on the cover of nature?
A Chinese “fish” of A4 paper size and strange shape flapped its “wings” freely on the dark sea floor. On March 4, Beijing time, this bionic soft robotic fish appeared on the cover of nature. China’s “robotic fish” is 22 centimeters long and has a wingspan of 28 centimeters. Like lion fish, control devices such as control circuits and batteries are integrated into the same package as traditional detection equipment, but they are separated by soft gelatin. In addition to challenging the Mariana Trench, the team also conducted a 3224m deep-sea swimming test of robotic fish in the South China Sea to continuously verify the high reliability of the whole system and technology through field marine tests.
UBS: Tesla will sell 2.3 million electric vehicles in 2025 with an operating profit of $20 billion
UBS analyst Patrick Hamel predicts that Tesla and Volkswagen will become the most profitable car companies in the field of electric vehicles in the next few years. It is estimated that in 2025, Tesla will sell 2.3 million electric vehicles, while Volkswagen will sell 300000 more than before, reaching 2.6 million. UBS forecasts that Tesla’s annual operating profit will reach $20 billion and Volkswagen’s will reach $7 billion.
UK antitrust authorities launch app store investigation on Apple: looking forward to cooperation with regulators
In a statement on its website on Thursday local time, the fair competition and Markets Authority said it was investigating whether Apple’s app store was involved in abusing its market position to impede competition. At the same time, before brexit, there are three public investigations involving Apple App Store in EU, and CMA will continue to cooperate with EU authorities to deal with this global public concern.
In response to the UK regulatory investigation, apple immediately issued a statement saying that it looked forward to cooperating with CMA to explain “how the company’s privacy, security and content guidelines make the app store a trustworthy market for consumers and developers.”.
According to the message, a clubhouse like application is being developed
According to people familiar with the matter, byte beat is developing an audio chat app similar to clubhouse for Chinese users. Previously, the discussion on tiktok and byte beat in Clubhouse attracted the interest of many senior executives, including CEO Zhang Yiming.
Each chat room in the clubhouse can accommodate up to 8000 people. The participation of Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, an electric vehicle manufacturer, and Vlad tenev, CEO of Robin Hood, a brokerage, has helped attract a large number of users’ attention. This success fully demonstrates the great potential of audio chat service.
Jac: it plans to sign a letter of intent with Weilai Holding Co., Ltd. to establish a joint venture
36 krypton learned that JAC announced that in view of the two sides’ desire to further deepen cooperation in advanced manufacturing and service management, supply chain and other aspects in the field of intelligent network connected new energy vehicles, based on the principle of equality and mutual benefit and through friendly negotiation, the two sides plan to establish a joint venture in Hefei, China, to establish Jianglai Advanced Manufacturing Technology Co., Ltd.
Nubia and Tencent released red devil 6 game mobile phone with 165hz high brush electric screen

Nubia mobile phone and Tencent game released a new generation of Tencent red devil game mobile phone 6 and 6pro on the evening of the 4th. The biggest bright spot of Tencent red devil game mobile phone 6 released this time is the world’s first 18G large memory, 165hz new high brush electronic competition screen and the blessing of Tencent game content. As of the release of Tencent red devil game mobile phone 6 series, more than 100 mobile games can perfectly support 165hz high refresh rate. The red devil mobile game dock enables Tencent red devil game mobile phone 6 series to achieve 165hzdp1.4 output, high swipe screen, PD charging, and synchronous use of 3.5mm headphone output function.
Qingzhou Zhihang: completed a new round of financing without disclosing the specific investor
On the evening of March 4, Qingzhou Zhihang, an unmanned head company, responded to a reporter from the securities times e company that the company completed a new round of financing and obtained tens of millions of dollars of investment. Aiming at the trillion yuan smart travel market in the future, the dragon boat one has been deployed in many cities. It is the most open road unmanned public transport project with the largest number of cities. This round of financing will be used to continuously build an “automatic production super factory” with automatic driving. However, the company did not disclose the specific investors. Tonight, there is a rumor that “byte beat will invest in self driving start-up company Qingzhou Zhihang”.