Tesla is expected to launch a fully autonomous driving service within four months, and the monthly fee is expected to exceed $100


Tencent technology news on March 2, according to media reports, Elon Musk, CEO of electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla, said that Tesla will launch its subscription service of fully automatic driving (FSD) suite in the next three to four months.
Last year, there were signs that Tesla was developing a pay as you go subscription for its fully autonomous driving suite. Then musk confirmed that Tesla plans to launch the corresponding subscription service “by the end of 2020”. In the past few months, Tesla has been making preparations to upgrade its application and update a subscription model.
But later musk pushed the launch of the subscription service to “early 2021”.
It’s “early 2021,” but Tesla hasn’t yet launched a subscription service option for the fully automated driving kit, which currently costs $10000.
Now musk confirmed on personal social media that the “confirmed” launch time of the subscription service for the fully automatic driving kit is the second quarter of 2021, that is, from April to June this year.
Musk also stressed that buying a fully automatic driving kit “is still better in the long run”: “please note that a fully automatic driving kit is still a better choice than a subscription service in the long run.”
At present, Tesla’s fully automatic driving kit includes navigation, automatic lane change, automatic parking, automatic vehicle call, fully automatic driving computer, automatic control of traffic lights and stop signs, etc.
Tesla plans to eventually achieve full automatic driving in the car, but this depends not only on the technology, but also on regulatory approval.
Currently, Tesla has raised the price of the kit to $10000. The cost of the related subscription service is expected to exceed $100 per month, and the price may continue to rise with the purchase price.
Musk has always claimed that Tesla electric vehicles will add value due to the continuous improvement of its automatic driving function, and may even generate revenue through the automatic driving calling network Tesla plans to release later this year. (reviewed by Tencent technology / Jiao Han)