Midea completes business delivery to Hitachi compressor plant in Thailand


On March 1, 2021, Midea Group completed the business delivery of Hitachi compressor factory in Thailand (on December 24, 2020, it completed the acquisition of 100% shares held by Hitachi global life solutions, Inc.), and the factory was officially renamed GMCC and welling appliance component (Thailand) Co, Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as GAT), which marks the formal commissioning of the first overseas base of Midea mechanical and electrical industry group.
Gat is located in dachengfu, Thailand, covering an area of about 83000 square meters, specializing in R & D, design, production and sales of reciprocating compressors. After the delivery, Midea Group will comprehensively update the manufacturing management system of GAT. After all of them are put into operation according to the plan, gat plans to have an annual production capacity of 8 million units.
It is reported that the mechanical and electrical business group of Midea Group has 18 intelligent chemical plants, and the annual capacity of air-conditioning compressors is expected to reach 100 million units this year. According to the production and sales scale of the global market and the sales volume of GMCC, four out of every ten air conditioners in the world use GMCC compressors, and one out of every six refrigerators in the world uses GMCC compressors.
Air conditioning compressor is the “heart” of air conditioning. The technology mainly comes from Japan, with high technical barriers and large investment. In the early stage of the development of China’s air conditioning industry, domestic manufacturers mainly used imported compressors. Later, by means of Sino Japanese joint venture, domestic leading manufacturers such as Midea and Gree began to produce their own compressors. At present, China is the main compressor manufacturing country.