Facebook was awarded sky high compensation for abusing face recognition; Suning introduced state-owned strategic investment


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After six years of lawsuits over the abuse of face recognition, Facebook has compensated 650 million users
In order to defend their face information, in 2015, three Illinois citizens took up legal weapons, sued the unruly social giant Facebook, and formed an army of 1.6 million people.
According to foreign media reports, a federal judge approved the settlement agreement. Facebook will pay these users $650 million, deducting $97.5 million in attorney fees and nearly $915000 in litigation expenses. Each of the three plaintiff representatives will receive $5000, and the others will receive at least $345 in compensation. In September 2019, Facebook was forced to turn face recognition off by default.
First line: Suning e-buy announced the introduction of state-owned strategic investment and transferred 23% of its shares
On the evening of February 28, Suning e-buy announced the resumption of trading, announcing the introduction of state-owned strategic investment. After the completion of the transaction, Shenzhen International Holding Co., Ltd. will hold 8% of Suning e-buy shares, and Shenzhen Kunpeng Equity Investment Management Co., Ltd. will hold 15%.
Suning e-buy said that the introduction of strategic shareholders of state-owned assets will help the company further focus on retail service business, improve the operation efficiency and profitability of the company’s assets and business, not only in line with the company’s future strategic development direction, but also promote the implementation of long-term strategy. With Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao, Yangtze River Delta and Bohai Rim as the main strategic areas, through investment, merger, reorganization and integration, it focuses on the investment, construction and operation of logistics infrastructure such as urban comprehensive logistics port and toll road. On this basis, it provides high-end logistics value-added services to customers, and expands its business to comprehensive development of land related to logistics industry and investment in environmental protection industry Capital and operation and other market segments.
Spend ten thousand yuan to buy a mobile phone on Apple’s official website to get Apple flavored yoghurt? The police have identified the suspect
Spend more than ten thousand yuan in Apple’s official website to buy mobile phone, express delivery to hand, but turned into a bottle of apple flavor yogurt? Recently, Ms. Liu’s experience in Hefei has aroused concern. The express delivery company, postal express, has also been involved in the whirlpool. Hefei police have stepped in to investigate.
On February 28, a staff member of the express delivery department of Yungu road in Hefei told surging news that on the afternoon of February 27, after investigation by the Criminal Police Brigade of Baohe branch of Hefei public security bureau, it was confirmed that the mobile phone theft had nothing to do with the express company, “the location of the stolen mobile phone is now in Beijing.”.
On the same day, the staff of the second criminal police team of Baohe branch of Hefei Public Security Bureau told surging news that the case was filed as a theft case. After investigation, the suspect has been identified.
The first batch of Xinguan inactivated vaccine produced in Wuhan was officially launched, with an annual output of 100 million doses
The New Coronavirus inactivated vaccine developed by the National Bio Pharmaceutical Group, Wuhan Biological Products Research Institute of China is officially launched. This is also the third new crown vaccine approved for conditional marketing in China. Wuhan Institute of biological products has built the biosafety workshop of Xinguan inactivated vaccine, which has been put into large-scale production after inspection and certification by relevant national departments, with an annual output of 100 million doses.
It is understood that since July 16, 2020, China biological Wuhan has carried out the “phase III clinical trial of Xinguan inactivated vaccine” in the United Arab Emirates and other countries. The trial adopts the “international multi center, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled parallel design”. The above data are the results of the mid-term analysis of the phase III clinical trial by statistical analysis, and the results meet the relevant technical requirements of the World Health Organization The standards and requirements of the guidelines for clinical evaluation of New Coronavirus preventive vaccines issued by the State Administration of Drug Administration (SFDA) are relevant.
SpaceX accused Amazon of trying to slow down the deployment of Starlink
At a meeting with members of the FCC International Bureau, representatives of space exploration technologies discussed the company’s third revision of its Starlink Satellite Internet constellation posture, which is currently facing opposition from many companies. According to SpaceX, Amazon “seems to have given up its new NGSO system, while at the same time trying to slow down Starlink.”.
SpaceX also believes that dish’s request for data is just “mashing up”. He outlined before the committee that mvdds suppliers had asked SpaceX to share system information with them in the past, but after SpaceX provided information, they left the agreement requiring them to share system details as well.
Miners kill red eyes! Apple M1 MAC is cracked: it can dig money
Yifan Gu, a software developer, found a way to realize Ethereum mining with M1 MacBook Air, and opened the source on GitHub. Strictly speaking, this is not the first time M1 processor has tried to mine. Xmrig developers used M1 Mac to mine Monroe in December last year. However, Apple will fully deploy Apple silicon in the MAC product line in the future. It is said that there will be 32 core ARM CPU and 128 core GPU replacing amd graphics card. At that time, if virtual currency continues to be popular, it will be another prospect.
China’s leading international team develops new programmable optical quantum chip
The international team led by Chinese researchers published a paper in the US journal progress of science the other day, saying that they have developed a new type of programmable optical quantum computing chip, which can solve a variety of graph theory problems with quantum algorithms, and is expected to be applied in data search, pattern recognition and other fields. Researchers from National Defense University of science and technology, Academy of Military Sciences, Sun Yat sen University, Beijing Academy of quantum information science and other Chinese scientific research institutions have cooperated with researchers from many countries to design and develop this new programmable quantum computing chip by using silicon-based integrated optical technology, which can realize fully programmable dynamic simulation of multi particle quantum walk.
Dispatch, takeaway, 1000 yuan make complaints about delivery cost of only 5 yuan.

Recently, a Guangzhou group in Guangdong, a takeaway brother, make complaints about the $1000 tea order, and the distribution fee is only 5 yuan. Meituan customer service responded that the distribution fee is calculated by the system according to the distance. In this case, you can apply for a large amount of single subsidy. In general, if the actual amount paid by the user minus the distribution fee paid by the user is greater than or equal to 80 yuan, there will be a large amount of single reward, which will be automatically calculated by the system.
Global chip shortage will continue until 2022, GPU stock will be affected?
At present, automobile manufacturers are facing the problem of insufficient supply of automobile chips. The global shortage of automobile chip supply has affected many automobile manufacturers such as Volkswagen, Ford, Toyota, stellantis and general motors. Electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla may also have been affected. Their factory in Fremont, California, stopped production for two days last week.
According to the latest reports from foreign media, it is not only the automotive industry that is in short supply of chips, but also the current supply situation of GPU is not very optimistic. According to the latest report of foreign media, a number of analysts in the industry said that the shortage of GPU stock will continue until 2022, and due to the current chip market demand, it is 30% higher than the supply, and it will take three to four quarters before the supply can keep up with the demand.
Liu Yangwei, chairman of Hon Hai Group: MIH electric bus took shape in June and appeared in October
In a TV interview yesterday, Liu Yangwei, chairman of Foxconn’s parent company, Hon Hai group, revealed that Hon Hai Group is currently helping MIH electric vehicle alliance to find a “sea port” for its business. Currently, it includes Fisker, Bayern and other customers who “have more than a dozen cards to play”. At the same time, he is optimistic about the development of electric buses in Taiwan and has made public for the first time the drawings of two types of electric vehicles designed by Honghua, It is predicted that the Hon Hai MIH electric bus will take shape in June and will be open to the public in October.