Huawei denies it will push its own brand electric vehicles


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Huawei’s response to promote private brand electric vehicles: do not build complete vehicles, but help car companies build good vehicles
On February 26, according to media reports, four people familiar with the matter were quoted as saying that Huawei is planning to launch its own brand electric vehicles, and may launch several models as early as this year. Huawei is in talks with Changan and other automakers to use their car factories to produce its electric vehicles, two people familiar with the matter said.
A Huawei spokesman denied the company plans to design electric cars or produce Huawei’s own brand cars. “Huawei is not a car manufacturer, but through ICT (information and communication technology), our goal is to become a supplier of digital cars and new parts, so that car manufacturers can make better cars,” the spokesman said
Michiao revives and imitates clubhouse as a voice communication app
Xiaomi’s social software, michiao, has resurrected and is newly positioned as a voice communication software. At present, it is still in a small-scale stage, and its domain name is still a domain name The contact information reserved on the website is also Xiaomi’s email address.
The app store shows that the developer of mitiao is Metso Software Design Co., Ltd., and the legal person of the company is Wang Chuan. On February 19, 2021, Xiaomi “Mi chat” announced the official shutdown of the server. At that time and in the future, it will not be able to log in and use “Mi chat”, and the app will not be able to export any information including users.
Musk was targeted by the SEC again, this time because of speculation
The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission may investigate Tesla CEO Musk’s tweets about dog money. On September 27, 2018, the SEC formally charged musk with securities fraud for publishing Tesla privatization tweets. At that time, musk was still CEO and chairman of Tesla. Two days after the standoff, Tesla and musk reached a settlement with the SEC on September 29: musk has since resigned as chairman of Tesla.
According to the analysis of the securities industry, it is not impossible for the SEC to investigate the comments of musk from the fact that musk can directly affect the rise and fall of dogcoin and bitcoin, and then compare with Tesla’s big investment in bitcoin.
The shortage of car chips affects Tesla’s California factory closure, and China has not been affected yet
Facing the global chip supply shortage, Tesla, the largest electric vehicle manufacturer, is also hard to escape. Tesla CEO musk acknowledged on social media twitter on Thursday that the company’s factory in Fremont, California, had been closed for two days due to a shortage of parts, and had started to restart on Wednesday.
The annual production capacity of Tesla Fremont model 3 and model y electric vehicles reaches 500000, and the factory also produces Tesla high-end electric vehicle models model s and model X. Although musk said that the plant has started to restart operation, according to some US media reports on the scene in Fremont, the number of vehicles in the company’s parking lot is significantly less than usual.
Gates clubhouse debut: I’ve never invested in bitcoin and I’m not an iPhone user
On Wednesday night, Bill Gates came to the voice social platform clubhouse for the first time to discuss topics ranging from climate change to what he watched on Netflix. Paul Davidson, co-founder of clubhouse, stopped in his room for a moment to tell gates and solkin that the Android clubhouse app is his company’s top priority right now.
Gates added that there are “a lot of other ways” to do non secret transactions with cryptocurrency, and that the bill and Melinda Gates Foundation will choose to invest in services that can help the poorest people in India and Africa.
Huawei is allowed to enter Brazil’s 5g market, but US sanctions and blockades are invalid
On February 26, Brazil’s Telecom regulator Anatel approved the rules for this year’s 5g network spectrum auction, without any restrictions on Huawei, a Chinese equipment supplier.
According to reports, Brazilian president bosonaro has been criticizing Huawei before, especially during the period when former US President trump was in power. At that time, under pressure from the former trump government, the Brazilian government tried to ban Huawei from entering the 5g technology market in Brazil because of security concerns.
But the move has been opposed by major Brazilian telecom companies, which insist on establishing a free market and complain that if Huawei is excluded from 5g spectrum, it will spend billions of dollars to replace Huawei’s equipment, and Huawei currently provides 50% of Brazil’s 3G and 4G mobile networks.
Behind BMW’s chairman’s “opening up”: Tesla’s sales growth slows down, and the mainstream car companies collectively make efforts to develop pure electric vehicles
A few days ago, BMW Group Chairman zipuce’s remarks against Tesla have aroused widespread concern. At the DLD conference, Mr. zipze said Tesla’s long-standing dominance in electric vehicle sales could soon come to an end as traditional automakers launch a range of new pure electric models, according to the report by Bloomberg.
According to public data, although Tesla will achieve an annual delivery growth of 36% in 2020, the growth rate is 14% lower than that in 2019 and 102% lower than that in 2018. In order to further stimulate demand and reverse the decline in sales, Tesla is also actively responding, such as reducing prices in the global market as its first choice.
The latest trend of Foxconn car making! Three types of electric vehicles will be produced in this year, and the auto industry is brewing a change
According to Foxconn Chairman Liu Yangwei’s latest statement, this year will be an important year for Foxconn’s electric vehicles. By the fourth quarter, two to three models built by Foxconn’s MIH electric vehicle open platform will appear, including one electric bus and two passenger models.

The night before yesterday, Foxconn announced that it has reached a cooperation with Fisk, a global electric vehicle and action solutions company. It is expected that the cooperative products will be officially mass produced in the fourth quarter of 2023. In addition, the reporter learned from Foxconn that the cooperative company established by Foxconn and Geely is negotiating with Faraday on the future cooperation of electric vehicles and formulating a possible development plan for electric vehicles. All kinds of signs show that Foxconn’s “car making” is making rapid progress, and the auto industry may usher in changes in the next few years.
Byte beat agreed to pay $92 million to settle U.S. user data privacy lawsuit
On Thursday, local time, media quoted documents from the Illinois district court as saying that the company had reached a settlement with a class action lawsuit related to user privacy. Earlier, tiktok users in many parts of the United States filed a lawsuit against the software for collecting users’ facial features, locations and contacts. In August last year, a panel of federal judges ruled that the Northern District Court of Illinois should focus on the same cases.
According to reports, the company agreed to pay $92 million to tiktok users in the United States who initiated a class action lawsuit to settle the case. In an interview with local media, tiktok said that although the company does not agree with these claims, it hopes to focus more on building a safe and pleasant experience for tiktok community than conducting lengthy litigation.
Boss direct employment plans to go to the U.S. IPO in the second half of the year to raise $500 million
According to media reports, boss direct employment plans to go to the U.S. IPO in the second half of the year to raise $500 million. At present, the boss has not responded to this news.
According to the enterprise search app, the directly employed affiliated company of boss is Beijing huapin Borui Network Technology Co., Ltd., which was established in 2013 and its legal representative is Zhao Peng. Its business scope includes engaging in Internet cultural activities, human resource services and telecommunications business. According to the company’s investment and financing information, the company has completed five rounds of financing, among which round e and later Tencent obtained hundreds of millions of dollars of financing.
Shangtang launched the a + H dual listing plan and delivered its statement in the second half of the year
News “first line” exclusively learned that Shangtang held an internal meeting to launch a + H shares listing, and planned to deliver the statement in the second half of 2021. Tencent News “first line” learned that Shangtang has been preparing to go public for some time, and has also contacted many investment banks. Now the temporary sponsor investment bank team includes CICC, etc.
According to public information, in the past seven years, Shangtang technology has conducted four rounds of financing, including $1 billion invested by Softbank in 2018. At that time, the post investment valuation of Shangtang technology was $6 billion. According to public information, Shangtang technology is an artificial intelligence platform, which has independently developed and established a deep learning platform and Supercomputing Center. Its artificial intelligence technologies include face recognition, image recognition, text recognition, medical image recognition, video analysis, driverless driving and remote sensing.
Sources said the byte beating preparation will shake tiktok integration to Shanghai.
The byte beating is preparing to include the Beijing TV team’s tiktok integration to Shanghai. In response, the head of the electric business responded to 36 krypton tiktok, who said: “indeed, we are considering integrating the business headquarters of the electricity supplier to Shanghai to close to the areas where the electricity supplier is rich in retail resources.
Another close to the voice of the electricity supplier and 36 krypton analysis, with the Shanghai government tiktok tax policy is the direct reason for the electricity supplier team will be headquartered in Shanghai. A Alibaba product manager also told krypton that the HR had recently received a call from the byte beating HR, and the voice traders would move to Shanghai, but the tiktok said it had not been finalized.
The Ministry of communications named “huaxiaozhu”, with a double compliance rate of only 16.1% in January
Sun Wenjian, spokesman of the Ministry of transport, said that according to the monitoring situation in January 2021, among the online car Hailing platforms with more than 1 million orders, the double compliance order fulfillment rates from high to low are: xiangdao travel, Caocao travel, Shouqi car hailing, T3 travel, Ruqi travel, Didi travel, meituan taxi hailing, Wanshun taxi hailing and huaxiaozhu travel. Among them, huaxiaozhu travel is the lowest, accounting for 16.1%, 79.2%, 21.5% and 25.2% respectively.
The so-called “dual compliance” means that both drivers and vehicles need to obtain relevant licenses. This data can directly reflect the compliance operation of online car Hailing platform according to law. “The higher the” double compliance rate “, the more standardized the platform operation will be, and the more guaranteed the passenger travel safety will be.” Sun Wenjian said.