Huawei’s response to promote private brand electric vehicles: reiterating not to build cars, helping car companies build good cars


Tencent technology news on February 26, Huawei plans to launch its own brand electric vehicles, and is negotiating with Changan Automobile and BAIC blue valley for OEM manufacturing.
Then Huawei responded: don’t build cars, help car companies build good cars.
Huawei has said many times before that it will not enter the field of car manufacturing. On October 26, 2020, Ren Zhengfei signed and issued the resolution on the business management of smart car parts, which shows that whoever proposes to build a car or interfere with the company in the future can be transferred from the post and look for another post. The IRB of intelligent terminal and intelligent automobile parts and the consumer business management committee should adhere to Huawei’s strategy of not making cars, and have no right to change this strategy.