Yichatong technology has won over 200 million US dollars in a + round financing, accelerating global layout and driving internationalization strategy


On February 25, 2021, ecarx announced another round of a + financing. The financing was led by China’s state-owned capital venture capital fund (a fund of China Guoxin holding group), with a financing amount of more than US $200 million. After the completion of the financing, the overall valuation of ECAT technology exceeded US $2 billion. As early as October 2020, ECAT technology has obtained round a financing of up to 1.3 billion yuan from Baidu and HNA Asia venture capital.
According to ECAT, this is another round of financing in four months after it announced the completion of round a financing in October 2020. This round of financing not only marks the further recognition of ECAT technology by the capital market, but also will boost ECAT technology to make full use of its international strategic layout and accelerate its march towards the world’s leading automotive intelligent technology company. In the future, ECAT will accelerate the capitalization process, deepen R & D investment in automotive chips, intelligent cockpit, intelligent driving, high-precision maps, big data and cloud platform of Internet of vehicles, and continuously strengthen its competitiveness in the global market through rapid iteration of products and services.