Tiktok said that the “preferential group purchase” function was detected in the news. The official response: it mainly provides users with the ability to share their geographical location in the video.


Tiktok Tech has been informed exclusively recently that the ID:tech618 function of “APP group purchase” is a similar function to the US group’s group purchase in the form of jitter APP. At present, there are two main sectors, food and beverage and hotel and B & B, which have been opened in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Hangzhou and other cities.
To tiktok, the tiktok leader told the interface news that the POI function of the jitter is to provide users with the ability to share the geographical location in the video. Users can get richer information and see a bigger world through this service. At the same time, we will adapt to the needs of users to try some extended services, such as scenic spot ticket booking, which is a common ability of the industry. You are welcome to provide us with more suggestions, but there is no need to over interpret them.