Cook 1 million equity incentive approved; ideal to push pure electric vehicles in 2023


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Huo Lala issued a statement in response to the car jumping incident: understanding has been obtained from the family members of the deceased, and the whole recording will be forced
Huolala issued a statement in response to the user’s car jumping incident. Huo Lala said that the special team for handling the Huo Lala incident communicated with Ms. Che’s family three times on February 11, 22 and 23, and obtained the understanding of the family on the afternoon of February 23, and will properly handle the aftermath with the family.
Huo Lala said that there are three problems in the platform: in terms of rectification, Huo Lala said that in the scene of car following orders, it will launch the mandatory whole process recording function. 2. In the scene of car following order, the whole process recording function is online to ensure that the situation in the car can be mastered in time in case of an accident, and it is convenient for the police to collect evidence.
Chinese version of clubhouse appears frequently, and about 270 enterprises in China have released voice social products
Recently, clubhouse, a pure language chat social software from Silicon Valley on the other side of the ocean, quickly dominates China’s major social software after being “brought in” by celebrities such as musk. On January 24, clubhouse completed $100 million of round B financing. After this round of financing, the valuation of clubhouse has reached $1 billion.
The soaring valuation and the number of users show that the clubhouse model has considerable development prospects, and “whether the clubhouse model can be implemented in China” has become a topic of great concern in the venture capital circle. According to the data of tianyancha professional edition, according to incomplete statistics, about 270 enterprises in China have released voice social networking related products. From the perspective of geographical distribution, enterprises that have released voice social related products are mainly distributed in Guangdong, with a total of more than 80 related enterprises.
Apple shareholders’ meeting: Cook’s 1 million equity incentive was approved, and the return rate of shareholders reached 867% after taking office for nine years
Apple shareholders voted to re elect the company’s board of directors and approve the company’s executive compensation in 2020, including an equity incentive package for cook. If Apple achieves specific performance targets, the plan may bring cook 1 million new shares.
Apple’s board of directors strongly supported cook’s compensation plan in a document, saying that from 2011 when cook took over as Apple’s CEO to September 2020, the return on shareholders, including dividends, was as high as 867%. The outbreak of the novel coronavirus pneumonia and the success of apple in the epidemic year are the themes of Cook’s address to shareholders. Last year, Cook said the epidemic was the most challenging environment Apple has ever faced.
Jiangxi Yongfeng disabled persons’ Federation: “Xiao Ma Yun” is a class II intellectual disability who can enjoy living and nursing subsidies
Fan Xiaoqin’s father, fan Jiafa, has applied for a disability certificate for fan Xiaoqin by Yongfeng disabled persons’ Federation the day before yesterday. Chen Guangsheng, vice president of Yongfeng County disabled persons’ Federation, said that the next day fan Xiaoqin applied for a disability certificate, his brother fan Xiaoyong also applied to the County disabled persons’ Federation for a disability certificate.
According to the appraisal, fan Xiaoyong is a grade III intellectual disability, a little lighter than his younger brother. According to the policy, the two brothers can get tens of yuan of nursing subsidies and tens of yuan of disability living subsidies every month. The corresponding certificates are expected to be issued next week, which can be collected by the guardian or sent by the staff of the town government entrusted by us. The reporter learned from Yongfeng County Civil Affairs Bureau that the local civil affairs department has handled the minimum living allowance for fan Xiaoqin’s family.
Ideal car will launch pure electric vehicles in 2023, and plans to expand its stores to 200 this year
It is reported that ideal automobile has started the pure electric vehicle project recently, and the first pure electric vehicle is planned to be released in 2023. Ideal has done the pre research of pure electric vehicle for a long time, and planned the pure electric car of model 3. X01 also considered to do two versions of extended range and pure electric at the same time.
A few days ago, Li Xiang sent an internal letter, proposing that ideal automobile will keep the two technical routes of add program and pure electric in parallel in the next 10 years, and planned the second generation add program “X” platform, as well as the pure electric “whale” platform and “shark” platform. It is reported that ideal plans to expand its stores to 200 in 2021.
Jim Bell, the chief financial officer of the game post, announced his resignation in March after the battle of retail investors
After several weeks of madness, the company announced the resignation of its chief financial officer in the game station where retail investors fought against the air. Jim Bell, the company’s executive vice president and chief financial officer, will resign on March 26, CNN said, citing a statement from game post on March 23.
Bell joined the game station in June 2019 as chief financial officer, CNN reported. From the beginning of this year to January 27, the stock price of game post soared to $347.51 per share, up nearly 1915%. Although it closed at $44.94 per share yesterday, a huge decline from the peak, it is still higher than the level of its share price at the beginning of the year.
Wedbush analyst: Apple’s biggest mistake is not buying Netflix
But Dan ives, an analyst at Wade Bush securities, said the tech giant made a big mistake: it didn’t buy Netflix in advance. Ives, who rated apple as “outperforming”, said the acquisition of Netflix would put apple in a better position in the current streaming media war dominated by Netflix, Amazon and Disney +.
For years, analysts and pundits have been pushing apple to buy Netflix, which is considered the most promising service in the streaming media war. The acquisition of Netflix will give apple a huge advantage in the streaming video industry, eliminating the need to develop its own products from scratch.
Shanghai Finance Union Technology Co., Ltd. plans to issue shares to the public for the first time and go public
Shanghai Finance Union Technology Co., Ltd. plans to make an initial public offering and go public, and employs Guotai Junan Securities Co., Ltd. as its guidance agency for the initial public offering.
Shanghai interface Finance Union Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the benchmark projects of the media integration development of Shanghai newspaper group.
Didi Insider: the investment budget for community group buying in the past two years has exceeded 10 billion US dollars

At that time, Cheng Wei didn’t expect that today, three years later, Didi has infiltrated into the community group buying outside the travel market, and released the bold words of “no upper limit on investment, striving to win the first place in the market”. Didi has basically completed the journey and scope of influence in the travel track, ranking first in the domestic travel market, and can have more energy, manpower and financial resources to invest in new business exploration.
An insider of didi told that in 2020 and 2021, Didi’s investment budget for orange heart optimization exceeded US $10 billion. However, asked didi for confirmation, and the official responded that the news was not true. Didi has its own advantages. For example, in the past, Didi accumulated experience in user operation and channel development in travel business, and emphasized asset operation ability, which is one of the necessary abilities to do community group buying.
Xiaomi folding screen new machine inner and outer screen size exposure is equipped with 100 million pixels, and the main camera will appear in March as soon as possible
Xiaomi’s first new folding screen machine, code named “Cetus”, has not only been approved as a radio transmitter in China, but also has parameters of display screen. According to the report of the South Korean media thelec, the main screen size of Xiaomi folding screen products has increased from 7.92 inches in the past to 8.03 inches, and the external screen size is 6.38 inches, which will be provided by Samsung display and Huaxing optoelectronics.
Although it has been rumored in the past that the new Xiaomi folding screen machine won’t appear until the second season, according to the disclosure of former employees of Xiaomi, there will be a new folding screen machine worth buying next month, which is better than expected. It also said that the so-called super cup is only a foil in the end, which seems to imply that the new Xiaomi folding screen machine may appear together with Xiaomi 11 Super Cup and other models.
The snow field of Beijing Winter Olympic Games has covered 5g millimeter wave and the download rate is as high as 4gbps
It is predicted that there will be more than 10000 spectators watching the Winter Olympic Games, and they can achieve a super download rate of more than 4gbps with their own 5g mobile phones supporting millimeter wave technology. On the 23rd, before the opening of the 2021 world mobile communication conference, the Beijing Winter Olympics 5g millimeter wave application exhibition area took the lead in making its debut. It is just like the “test field” of the Winter Olympics outdoor events, and the Beijing Winter Olympics applications related to 5g millimeter wave are presented here.
For the Winter Olympic spectators who can’t watch the games on the spot, in the 5g multi view live show, through the millimeter wave 5g multi view live show, the media reporters can directly view the outfield of Zhangjiakou international cross-country skiing center, connect the UAV, head mounted camera and professional camera with the base station through the wireless network, and send back the real-time information of the athletes in the national cross-country skiing center from multiple angles The Sassou yingzi in the center competition field can realize the live broadcast of the competition field from multiple angles and provide a variety of watching experience for the spectators.
Huawei P50 Super Cup or equipped with 1-inch main camera for the first time
In the first half of this year, it seems that the flagship models of all major brands will pile up materials on the super large cup version. This is especially true for Huawei’s next-generation flagship of P series, which has always focused on photography. It is not only reported that liquid lens will be used for the first time to improve the focusing speed of long focus, but also that the main camera sensor will be more radical.
According to the latest disclosure of industry insiders, Huawei P50 Series Super Cup will be equipped with 1-inch super bottom camera, once again defending its position as the king in the field of camera phones, and is expected to launch Hongmeng OS system to meet us. As for the issue of whether Huawei P50 series is pre installed with Hongmeng OS system, previously insiders said that it depends on the progress of research and development. If the final release time is delayed, Hongmeng OS will be pre installed, otherwise emui11 system will be installed.