Apple shareholders’ meeting: Cook’s 1 million equity incentive was approved, and the return rate of shareholders reached 867% after taking office for nine years


Tencent technology news on February 24, the United States local time on Tuesday, apple held its annual general meeting today. As the novel coronavirus pneumonia continues to rage, the conference can only be held online. During the event, Tim Cook, Apple’s chief executive, answered questions from investors on the company’s response to the epidemic, executive compensation and antitrust review.
In his opening remarks, cook outlined Apple’s performance in 2020. These include Apple’s record holiday shopping season, M1 MAC lineup, Apple TV + Award nominations and the company’s focus on privacy.
Apple shareholders voted to re elect the company’s board of directors and approve the company’s executive compensation in 2020, including an equity incentive package for cook. If Apple achieves specific performance targets, the plan may bring cook 1 million new shares. That doesn’t include his $3 million annual salary. Cook has said he plans to donate his money to charity.
The expected result is another sign that Apple shareholders are satisfied with the performance of the company’s management and CEO. Apple’s current market value is more than $2.1 trillion, and the latest quarterly report said that revenue of all product and service categories increased to $111.4 billion, even in epidemic years.
Apple’s board of directors strongly supported cook’s compensation plan in a document, saying that from 2011 when cook took over as Apple’s CEO to September 2020, the return on shareholders, including dividends, was as high as 867%.
Cook also said Apple plans to increase the company’s dividend. He said total dividends paid in the past four quarters exceeded $14 billion, and the company paid a dividend of $0.205 per share in the past two quarters.
Remote work during epidemic period
The outbreak of the novel coronavirus pneumonia and the success of apple in the epidemic year are the themes of Cook’s address to shareholders. Last year, Cook said the epidemic was the most challenging environment Apple has ever faced.
Cook said during the Q & a session that although Apple has adapted well to telecommuting and Apple employees have been working from home since March last year, the company still “can’t wait for us to gather in the office again.”. This suggests that Apple will continue to focus on the office after the outbreak, even though its competitors have announced plans to switch to telecommuting. One of the benefits of working in the office, Cook said, is that there is occasional interaction between employees.
“Since March last year, we have been basically working remotely for nearly a year,” Cook said. I want to tell you that we are still learning something new. I want to say that I was impressed by our team and their resilience. In the past year, we have made remarkable achievements in innovation and creation, which proves what they have done in a really challenging period. ”
“There’s a huge benefit in bringing the team together in the office, but when the epidemic strikes, we innovate and adapt,” he added. Sometimes we find more and better ways to collaborate across teams and reach our customers through the Internet. I still don’t think there is a substitute for face-to-face communication, but we also find that some things actually work well in virtual environments. We use this extraordinary time to help challenge the status quo. We are developing new skills, capabilities and flexibility that will serve us incredibly well in the long run. ”
“Despite the global epidemic, we have had the most productive year in history, and the virtual launch has enabled us to share with the world our most powerful product lineup ever,” Cook said. At the same time, we use our skills to support our community when we need them. ”
About the change of Apple during the epidemic
Cook also shared his views on how the world had changed during the outbreak and how Apple had not.
“In many ways, the world has changed, but fundamentally, Apple has not,” he said. Apple is made up of people who want to spend their whole lives creating things that enrich other people’s lives, making them more accomplished, more creative and more human. ”
Cook added: “we’re happy to say no to a lot of things and focus on the areas where we can make the most impact and keep innovating. Technology is created by people, serves for people’s interests, and benefits mankind. In the best and most promising circumstances, technology should help us make the world a better place than it was when we discovered it. ”
On political contributions
“Our policy on political donations is very simple: we will not donate,” Cook said. We don’t have a political action committee. We haven’t and will never have one. Our approach, now and at any time, is about policy, not politics. In some cases, it means that we will speak up. We are not in the business of political donations, which is the right approach. ”
About Apple TV+
“Our attitude towards Apple TV + has been to tell meaningful stories from the beginning,” Cook said. We think streaming media is an arena that can accommodate more participants. We want to stand out by promoting high-quality content that highlights our shared humanity. I think you can see the strong response from people in many different ways, whether it’s the incredible word-of-mouth spread of programs like Ted lasso or the extraordinary performance of more than 240 Award nominations. ”
About app store supervision
“Over the past decade or so, Apple’s app store has brought a software revolution to its users, creating an economic miracle for millions of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, small businesses and successful large developers,” Cook said. Our focus now is to promote the success of the app store ecosystem and make it stronger through efforts such as the app store small business program. ”

“Apple has no dominant or monopoly position in any market we compete in,” he continued. This is true for any product category, any service category, any software or application. This competitive market promotes all our products and services to be better. Therefore, although the review is always fair, after a reasonable review of the facts, it is found that such accusations are untenable. ”
Apple retail store’s response to the epidemic
Cook: “novel coronavirus pneumonia is a new retail team that is innovative, agility and adaptable throughout the new crown pneumonia outbreak. Our top priority is to ensure everyone’s safety and health so that we can continue to serve our customers in various ways. We are looking forward to reopening our retail stores in more places. ”
“Apple produces the best, the most useful, the most innovative and the most reliable products, and we will take this mission to another level in 2020,” Cook said at the meeting He added that airpods Max was “very popular” among consumers and called the homepod Mini a “hot product.”.
Although he didn’t provide any more details about Apple’s upcoming products, he did say that “exciting things” will happen in the future of the iPhone, as will the apple computer lineup.
On US fiscal stimulus
“I think the first priority of any stimulus should be to help people,” Cook said. Although I’m not an economist or a prophet, it’s crucial to make sure that people are supported in such challenging times. The priority should be stimulus measures that help people and lay the foundation for equitable economic growth. ”
On acquisition and supply chain diversification
Cook also talked about Apple’s acquisition strategy. Apple has acquired nearly 100 smaller companies in the past six years, he said. In the end, apple buys a company every three to four weeks, mainly to acquire technology and talent.
When asked about gender pay equity, the chief executive said Apple paid men and women equally around the world and had stopped asking candidates about their pay history to help ensure equity.
The apple boss was also asked about supply chain diversification. Cook said Apple had been looking to improve and change its entire business, but did not comment specifically on any changes in the supply chain. Apple has been seeking to expand production outside China, including India and Vietnam, according to many previous reports.
About the cold current in Texas
“First of all, we extend our sympathy to all those affected in Texas and across the United States, including many of our team members,” Cook said. As I said before, Apple will donate money to support local relief organizations, and our personnel and global security team will keep in close contact with the affected employees and provide our support. ”
“To see so many people lose their electricity or clean water supply is as devastating as we would experience an earthquake or a hurricane,” he continued. Extreme weather events like this will only become more frequent. In the long run, I think it will be absolutely crucial to ensure that we have the strongest possible system to limit the damage that these events can cause. From prevention and forward-looking planning, to rescue work on the ground, to investment in energy systems, all are essential. ”
About the challenges in 2021
“I see more opportunities than challenges,” Cook says. There is no doubt that as an enterprise, we must seize these opportunities creatively and wisely. Looking at the product lineup, I think we have never had a better product and a greater degree of future potential than we have now. Whether it’s the first generation 5g iPhone, or the amazing potential of M1 chip in our users’ hands, the extraordinary ability of Apple watch to protect your health, the way in which all these devices are deeply integrated with the software that gives them life, and the service portfolio that our users love and rely on is increasing. ”
Cook said: “novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak occurred at the beginning of about a year ago. I said, I think Apple’s operation environment has never been so challenging. But a year later, I do think you have to stop and see what we’ve achieved. All our teams work together to help each other out. After all of us have been through this year, I am very optimistic about the future. For all of us at Apple, as always, we are deeply thinking about how to help our community out of difficulties, how to help recover fairly and fairly, and how to help achieve all this through people-oriented world-class technology. ” (Tencent technology reviser / Jinlu)