Yuanjing capital: No entity or individual is authorized to carry out financing activities


On February 23, Yuanjing capital issued a statement that “recently, some lawbreakers, in the name of” Yuanjing capital “or” Yuanjing “, faked our staff, released false information through website, app, wechat, QQ, microblog and other network channels, carried out financing, financing, fund-raising and other deceptive acts, causing property losses to the victims. It is hereby declared that: Yuanjing capital has never and will not be authorized to take up the post Any entity or individual, through the website, app, wechat, QQ, microblog and other channels, carries out any financing, financial management, capital raising and other related activities in the name of Yuanjing capital. ”
Yuanjing capital said that the above behavior has seriously infringed the exclusive right to use registered trademarks and commercial reputation. The company has obtained evidence and reported it to the relevant regulatory authorities. At the same time, it will take further legal protection measures against such infringement.