The driver involved in “huolala” was arrested; the price of Huawei’s new folding screen machine soared


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The driver involved in the incident of “women’s car jumping to death by renting and riding goods”
On February 23, Zhou mouchun, the driver involved in the incident of “women’s car renting, riding, pulling and jumping to death” was detained by the public security organ for the crime of causing death through negligence. At present, the case is under further investigation.
Smack in the face? Tesla added weight to the Chinese public relations team and just disbanded the US public relations department last year
Tesla said it would recruit more people for the Chinese public relations team. In October 2020, Tesla disbanded its public relations team in the U.S., so some media called it the first automobile manufacturer in the world without a public relations department.
Musk himself did say that “Tesla doesn’t need any PR”. After all, with tens of millions of fans on social media, he has already undertaken 90% of Tesla’s PR tasks. Frequent spontaneous combustion and explosion accidents, abnormal acceleration, power failure and boiler throwing were slapped in the face and accused of “blood and tears factory”… After these events, Tesla’s public relations team’s absence and habitual boiler throwing made it face greater public opinion challenges.
Channel prices soar, Huawei folding machine mate X2 is hard to find
Despite the high price of mate X2, there are millions of people snapping up. The number of reservations for mate x2 on Huawei mall’s official website has reached 3 million. Some e-commerce platform businesses have marked the price of 20000 yuan, and some even marked the price of nearly 50000 yuan.
The price of Huawei mate x2 has also caused many controversies. The high price of Huawei mate x2 has been jokingly called a new financial product by many people. The former two generations of folding mobile phones are precisely because of high price, small supply and bull grabbing, resulting in thousands or even tens of thousands of profits from the reselling of a folding mobile phone.
Mobile phone number transfer to save 36000 yuan of telephone charges in advance
Mr. Liu of Yibin, Sichuan Province, recently wanted to transfer his mobile phone number to his own name. He was asked by China Telecom to deposit 36000 yuan in advance before he could handle it. However, in the process of handling the transaction, the telecom company agreed at the beginning, but later said that the manager did not agree. He asked Mr. Liu to deposit 36000 yuan in advance to transfer the ownership, and the monthly consumption should exceed 900 yuan.
Such a high price has also triggered a heated discussion on the network. After consulting the customer service of China Telecom Yibin Telecom, the customer said that the number Mr. Liu wants to transfer is a pretty number, which is different from ordinary numbers. The transfer operation needs to be carried out according to the relevant management measures of pretty number, and some pre stored telephone charges and rules must be carried out.
According to the news, Weibo hired investment banks to arrange a secondary listing in Hong Kong, or raise $700 million
Sina Weibo has hired Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse and CLSA to help it re list in Hong Kong, according to two people familiar with the matter. Sina Weibo plans to go public again in the second half of 2021 and could raise up to $700m, people familiar with the matter said.
According to refinitiv, since Alibaba completed its US $12.9 billion secondary listing at the end of 2019, the scale of secondary listing in Hong Kong has reached US $34 billion. Other Chinese companies planning a second listing in Hong Kong include popular video site B, search engine giant Baidu and online travel giant Ctrip.
Is the 600 km / h Shanghai Shenzhen Guangzhou maglev coming? Expert: at least 10-15 years
According to the local media in Shenzhen, the distance between Shenzhen and Shanghai is about 1500 kilometers. If the speed is 600 kilometers per hour, it will take about 2.5 hours for Shenzhen and Shanghai to connect. It’s about 2200 km from Shenzhen to Beijing. If you take the Beijing Hong Kong Macao high-speed maglev, you can get to Beijing in about 3.6 hours, which is more than half the time of high-speed rail Festival.
At present, the proposed plan is only a medium and long-term strategic plan. It still needs to go through the process of space certification, technical demonstration, feasibility demonstration, engineering geological survey and design, site selection, etc. it will take at least 10-15 years to be implemented. In the view of industry experts, the real application of magnetic levitation technology to rail transit needs at least three hurdles. Due to the rapid development of magnetic levitation technology, there is a periodic basic iteration every 10 years.
Alida’s public relations director’s family: deeply distressed by the untrue remarks, wish him a peaceful life
Zhang Wei, the public relations director of Alida, died in an accident at his residence, it was confirmed from relevant channels on the 23rd. It is reported that Zhang Wei joined Ali several years ago and performed well. He was promoted to Director in July 2018, and since then he has been responsible for the public relations affairs of Alida.
Zhang Wei’s colleagues said in the mourning article that Zhang Wei’s death is a sudden and extremely sad news. At the same time, the mourning article mentioned that according to the wishes of his family, the memorial activities had been held in a low profile years ago, and colleagues would try their best to do a good job with their relatives and friends.
According to the news, Ctrip plans to raise 1 billion to 2 billion US dollars by listing in Hong Kong in April
Tencent News “first line” learned that Ctrip had formally submitted an application for a second listing to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange before the Spring Festival, and hired CICC, Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan Chase to sponsor its listing.
As early as the end of 2019, Tencent News “first line” once exclusively learned that Ctrip executives, including Ctrip CEO Sun Jie, met with many Hong Kong investment banks in batches, and started the plan to return to Hong Kong for a second listing. Public information shows that before the epidemic, the net revenue of Ctrip was 8.3 billion yuan in the fourth quarter of 2019, but after the epidemic, the net revenue of Ctrip in the first quarter and the second quarter of 2020 was only 4.7 billion yuan and 3.3 billion yuan respectively.
Scald caused by net red beauty instrument? Live with goods have been repeatedly recommended, Jingdong has been off the shelf
Recently, the Southern Metropolis Daily released a test report on nine types of household beauty devices, which made “scald caused by wanghong beauty devices” hot search on microblog. It is reported that the Southern Metropolis Daily has commissioned a third-party testing agency, Weikai Testing Technology Co., Ltd., to test the safety of nine popular household beauty products purchased through e-commerce channels. Among them, two beauty products, such as tripolar Chupu and me smooth, which are popular online brands, work surface temperature rise beyond the standard limit, and it is easy for consumers to cause low-temperature scald when they use them for a long time.

Browsing found that up to now, the tripolar beauty instrument stop eye model product in the flagship store of JD Chupu has been shown off the shelves, and tmall is still on sale. According to previous media reports, tripollar beauty instrument was launched on the day of Li Jiaqi’s double 11 pre-sale live broadcast, creating a $100 million Gmv, and also becoming one of the 12 items in Taobao’s live broadcast beauty industry that exceeded $100 million an hour.
More than 510000 people burst! Bitcoin fell more than 17% at one time and was criticized by the US Treasury Secretary as extremely inefficient
Bitcoin fell to below $45000 on the 23rd, down 17% on the previous day.
In addition, according to bitcoin home, 514192 people have burst their positions in the last 24 hours. Yellen said bitcoin was “an extremely inefficient way of trading.”. Panigirtzoglou wrote that the total trading volume of bitcoin spot and futures markets is about $10 billion per day, while the equivalent value of gold is $100 billion, which is consistent with the statement that “bitcoin liquidity is much lower than gold”.
Facebook will resume online Australia news content: breakthrough in negotiations, still tough attitude
Facebook said the company’s negotiations with the Australian government have made a key breakthrough, so the platform will resume online news content in Australia. Campbell brown, vice president of Facebook’s global news partnership, said in a statement that the agreement “will allow us to support news publishers of our choice, including small and local publishers,” and that the company will “restore news on Facebook in Australia in the next few days.”.
Previously, Australia’s proposed media law sought to allow online platforms such as Google and Facebook to pay for news media to publish and link media content. Now, while agreeing to return Australian news online, Facebook is still tough.
State Administration of market supervision replied to Dong Mingzhu’s suggestion: strictly investigate and control false standard of household appliances
Recently, the State Administration of market supervision made a reply to Dong Mingzhu’s proposal of “strengthening the market supervision of household appliances” last year. It will strengthen the supervision of household appliances, strengthen the special management of household appliances market, do a good job in the compulsory certification supervision of household appliances, and resolutely refuse to issue certificates for products that do not meet the certification requirements, so as to effectively safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.
In response to Dong Mingzhu’s suggestion, the State Administration of market supervision said in its reply that, drawing on international practices, China’s energy efficiency labeling system mainly adopts the mode of enterprise self labeling, filing, supervision and inspection, and the bureau continuously strengthens the supervision of energy efficiency labeling by means of special inspection and law enforcement inspection.
Even if India loses billions of dollars, it will follow trump to sanction tiktok
According to foreign media reports, originally India was the most likely to become tiktok’s Asian regional center. With the Indian government closing the door on tiktok, tiktok is likely to set up its Asian regional center in Singapore.
Tiktok is laying off workers in India and stepping up recruitment in Singapore, according to global data, an analysis firm. “With Singapore as the center of the rest of the Asia Pacific region, tiktok is seeking to find a neutral position in the trade tensions between China and the United States after the United States continues to attack tiktok for potential national security risks,” said Ajay thaluri, business fundamentals analyst at GlobalData