Report of the Research Institute of the Ministry of Commerce: Ali’s model of helping agriculture can be promoted in international poverty reduction cooperation


On February 22, the Research Institute of the Ministry of Commerce released the Research Report on China’s experience contributing to global agricultural development and rural poverty reduction — Taking Alibaba’s “1000 US dollars per mu” as an example.
According to the report, China has made a great contribution to global poverty reduction, and its successful experience is worth exporting to the world. Among them, Alibaba’s agricultural aid model is worth promoting abroad.
“1000 US dollars per mu” and “the first one kilometer” mentioned in the report are Alibaba’s original e-commerce mode of assisting agriculture. In addition, Ali has built five digital agricultural transportation and processing centers (digital production warehouse) in China, which can directly supply 1 million tons of fresh agricultural products to the national table every year. In addition, rookie village has established logistics distribution centers in more than 900 counties.
According to the report, although the national conditions of most developing countries are different from those of China, and the development stages are also very different, it is not realistic to copy China’s experience under the existing conditions. However, from the perspective of market expectation, development foundation, and enterprise cultivation, it is feasible for other developing countries to learn from the experience of “1000 US dollars per mu” to achieve agricultural development, farmers’ prosperity, and rural poverty reduction; in the future, it is also possible for developing countries with better conditions to transform the experience of “the first kilometer” according to local conditions, and give priority to supporting some countries to realize digital agriculture Vietnam style and exemplary development.