Canva, an online design platform in Australia, has 50 million monthly users and announced the acquisition of smartmockups and


Canva, an Australian online design platform, announced the acquisition of smartmockups and This is canva’s strategic investment in the field of artificial intelligence design, which will further enable global users to create professional design through canva. At the same time, canva also announced today that the number of global monthly live users will increase to 50 million, which is twice that of the same period in 2020.
Smartmockups is a Czech start-up, through which anyone can display marketing design, photos and website content on physical models and various application scenarios. It is an Austrian visual AI start-up website, which was founded in 2017. Users only need to operate with one button to get through the website Remove the background in photos and videos, and quickly complete the matting and background removal functions.
Cliff obrecht, co-founder and chief operating officer of canva, said that canva currently has 50 million active users per month, up from 25 million a year ago, and its corporate customers include skyscanner and McDonald’s China, according to Peng Bo. Although canva’s valuation has increased several times in recent years and has 1400 employees worldwide, it won’t go public soon, obrecht said.