The old man is out, Dong Mingzhu is in power crisis; the cold wave of Meiji leads to heavy losses for chip manufacturers


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Dong Mingzhu’s power crisis: two senior officials are out in half a year, and Gree is in turmoil
According to tianyancha app, Huang Hui is a senior member of Gree. He has been the vice president of Gree Electric since 2000, the chief engineer in 2007, the board of directors in 2012, the executive vice president in 2014, and has been in charge of technology. In August 2017, Huang Hui was promoted to the CEO. Huang Hui, who has more than 10000 people under one person, was once regarded as the successor of Dong Mingzhu Ban Ren, now just a step away from the age of 60, is out of the game.
This distance Gree gold medal Dong Mi Wang Jingdong’s resignation is only half a year. On August 18 last year, Gree suddenly announced that Wang Jingdong, who has served the company for nearly 18 years and served as secretary of the board for 11 years, resigned. In Gree, Wang Jingdong has always been regarded as one of the most powerful people. He helped Dong Mingzhu put out the fire many times. Some people even believe that he is the most likely candidate to take over the scepter from Dong Mingzhu.
Former Moby CTO as CEO of Baidu Auto
Recently, it is rumored that Baidu has invited Xia Yiping, a former Mobai co-founder and chief technology officer, to be the CEO of Baidu car manufacturing company.
Baidu responded that: Mr. Xia Yiping is an honorary graduate and outstanding alumnus of the school of computer science and electronic engineering of the University of Essex in the UK. Before that, he was the head of Fiat Chrysler’s Asia Pacific Smart car business unit, and was the co-founder and CEO of Moby cycle CTO has made outstanding contributions to changing the structure of urban transportation and travel, has rich management experience in the field of intelligent vehicles and travel, and dares to take on and meet the challenges. We welcome Mr. Xia Yiping to join Baidu auto company and look forward to his contribution to Baidu and auto industry.
Li Xiang sends an internal letter: ideal automobile will become the first intelligent electric vehicle enterprise in China in 2025
Recently, ideal automobile released the company’s internal letter, in which it announced the strategy of 2025: 20% market share, becoming the first intelligent electric vehicle enterprise in China.
Li Xiang said: “only when we get more than 20% of the market share of China’s intelligent electric vehicles in 2025 and become recognized as the leading enterprise, can we have enough talent, technology and capital reserves to participate in the more fierce global market competition in 2030.”
Three chip factories in Texas shut down, Samsung may lose millions of dollars
The cold wave sweeping across the United States has worsened the global chip industry, which is already short of capacity. The Austin plant accounts for about 28% of Samsung’s total capacity, according to Citigroup analysts, and may have caused millions of dollars in losses. Samsung had previously considered spending $17 billion to build factories in the United States. Texas, Arizona and New York are all potential candidates. The multi million dollar disaster may lead many high-tech manufacturers to reassess the value of Texas.
Throughout the world, by the end of 2020, a serious shortage of chips has been exposed in the automotive industry. Many large manufacturers have issued price increase letters, with an average price increase of 10% to 20%. TSMC said it would give priority to the production of automotive chips.
Huawei releases new folding screen mobile phone mate X2, Hongmeng OS will be launched into flagship mobile phone in April
On February 22, Huawei released its next-generation folding flagship Huawei mate x2. Starting from April this year, Huawei’s flagship mobile phones can be upgraded to harmonic OS in succession, and Huawei mate x2 will be upgraded in the first batch.
Huawei mate x2 has four colors: glaze white, bright black, ice crystal blue and ice crystal powder. It will be officially on sale at 10:08 on February 25, 2021. The 256gb version costs 17999 yuan, and the 512gb version costs 18999 yuan. This is Huawei’s third generation folding screen mobile phone. Compared with the previous two generations, mate x2 has different improvements in hardware, innovative interaction and application ecology. Huawei also claims to define the folding flagship industry standard.
UK regulator: will strengthen antitrust investigation on Google, Amazon and other large technology companies
Andrea coscelli, chief executive of the competition and Markets Authority, told the financial times that the Department has issued a warning to large technology companies and plans to conduct a series of antitrust investigations on the practices of Internet giants such as Google and Amazon in the next year. Nowadays, there are many cases against digital platforms in the EU, many of which also include the UK market.
Coscelli criticized the EU’s recent approval of Google’s acquisition of Fitbit, a wearable device maker, saying CMA “doubts” the solutions offered by these companies, which the EU has accepted. In January, CMA said it would review Google’s move to curb the way it collects advertising data because it could “undermine competition in the digital advertising industry and consolidate Google’s market power.”.
Musk spared 4300 employees to participate in the new crown research, and the paper was published in the sub Journal of nature
Musk, the world’s richest man, has become the author of a new research paper on coronal antibodies, which was published in the latest issue of nature communications. It can be seen from the title that this is an article on tracking the antibody concentration level in patients with new crown. It answers a question for us: can the antibody in patients with new crown be immunized for a long time?
Dr. alter, who was involved in the study, said that most vaccines induced antibody levels much higher than those in the experiment. In order to monitor the infection rate of new coronavirus among employees, SpaceX, in collaboration with researchers from MIT and Harvard, conducts antibody tests on more than 4300 employees once a month.
Long march-5b yao-2 carrier rocket safely arrived at Wenchang space launch site
According to China’s manned space engineering office, the long march 5B tele2 launch vehicle, which carries out the mission of launching the Tianhe core module of the Chinese space station, has completed all the research and development work before leaving the factory and arrived at Wenchang space launch site safely on February 22, 2021. At present, the facilities and equipment of the launch site are in good condition, and the major systems of the project are preparing for various tasks in an orderly manner.
Yingke’s audio social product “dialogue bar” has been taken off the shelves. Yingke’s response: it is making technical adjustments

On the 22nd, Yingke’s audio social product “dialogue bar” was taken off shelves in both Android and Apple stores. In this regard, Yingke said that due to the technical adjustment, after several major activities, the user’s bugs are a little too many and need to be adjusted urgently. Call yourself “Chinese version of clubhouse”. The software is in the form of invitation code, and the voice support technology comes from the sound network of clubhouse’s service provider.
Before that, Yingke Chairman Feng Yousheng, China’s top investment tycoons Zhu Xiaohu, Zhou Yahui, Du Yongbo, the host of the strongest brain and Associate Professor Jiang Changjian of Fudan University, Zhiqun CEO Ma Li and many other tycoons appeared in the dialogue bar.
Foreign media: Twitter has offered us $1.1 billion for sharechat, an Indian social networking platform
Twitter recently held talks to buy sharechat, an Indian social media start-up, according to three people. Twitter explored how to expand its influence in the world’s second-largest Internet market and build tiktok’s global rival in India.
Sharechat is a local language social platform providing content sharing for chat services in India. Two of the sources said twitter was already an investor in sharechat after it offered to buy the start-up for $1.1 billion and promised to inject an additional $900 million.
The chat audio is leaked to a third party, and the security of clubhouse is questionable
Recently, clubhouse, a popular audio chat software, may be eavesdropped by a third party. During the weekend, the audio and metadata of clubhouse were transferred to another third-party site, which was observed by a number of network experts. The real problem is that people who chat on the platform think their conversation is private
. Jake cable, a lab researcher, said that although clubhouse declined to explain what steps they had taken to prevent similar leaks from happening again, the solution might include prohibiting third-party applications from accessing chat room content without entering the room, or simply limiting the number of chat rooms that a user can enter at the same time.
Byte beat game official website officially launched, brand name is “day and night light year”
Byte beat game official website recently officially launched, the main display is “light year”, English name is nversegame. Beijing zhaoxiguangnian Information Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2019. Previously, it has been a game distribution and production organization. This time, it officially determined the brand name of the game.
According to the official website, Chaoxi guangnian has released a number of games in China, such as dartman, all star fight, Lingmao biography, the end of the battlefield, Yinyue ball, blood street basketball, portal man and so on.
Under the epidemic situation, the annual income of aibiying global new housing owners exceeds 1 billion US dollars, and 60% of the new landlords in China are women
In the past year novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic has been shared by the housing industry and the residents of the home and Hostel, who are not afraid of challenges, and are showing great resilience and vitality. According to the worldwide data of airbnb aibiying, since March 2020, new homeowners who operate a single set of houses and start to receive tenants have accumulated revenue of more than US $1 billion.
Young people are also the main force to join the Chinese landlord community during the epidemic period. More than 70% of the new landlords who have joined since March 2020 are millennials and Z generation.