Gartner: Apple has become the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer since 2016


Tencent technology news on February 22, market research company Gartner pointed out in the latest report released on Monday that Apple’s smartphone shipment in the fourth quarter of 2020 surpassed that of any other company, and apple has become the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer again since 2016. IDC, another market research company, said in a report at the end of last month that, thanks to the popularity of the iPhone 12 Series in the global market, Apple’s smartphone shipment reached 90.1 million units in the fourth quarter, and its market share rose to 23.4%, becoming the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer.
Apple shipped nearly 80 million smartphones in the fourth quarter, surpassing all other smartphone makers, including Samsung Electronics, Gartner said in the report. This is the first time Apple has become the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer since 2016.
Apple’s strong holiday season performance and Gartner’s latest data continue to show that the iPhone 12 series devices, which support 5g networks and new external designs, are very popular in the market. Novel coronavirus pneumonia is better protected against Apple’s new crown pneumonia pandemic than its mobile phone rivals.
Apple did not disclose iPhone shipments in its previous results. In the first quarter to the end of 2020, Apple’s iPhone revenue reached $65.6 billion, up 17% year on year. Apple’s business is seasonal, with the company’s highest revenue in the first quarter. Apple’s latest iPhone 12 series doesn’t even have a full quarter of sales.
Novel coronavirus pneumonia, the mobile phone market in 2020, has dropped by 5.4%, but Apple’s shipments have increased by 3.3%, Gartner said in a report. Samsung Electronics will remain the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer in 2020 by volume.
Gartner also pointed out in the report that although Huawei is still the world’s third largest smartphone manufacturer in 2020, its shipment volume fell by 24.1% year on year. Gartner pointed out that although Samsung Electronics did not face the same challenge as Huawei, its shipment volume also fell by 14.6% in 2020. (compiled by Tencent technology / Wuji)