Cat’s eye releases big box office data for Spring Festival: Hello, Li Huanying’s total box office will exceed 5 billion


Tencent science and technology news on February 20, cat’s eye released today “2021 Spring Festival data insight” (hereinafter referred to as “insight”) shows that since February 12, the 7-day 2021 Spring Festival Show has created a new record of 160 million spring festival show visitors and a new box office height of 7.825 billion by virtue of a 20% increase in the average number of people and the total number of movie viewers.
Among them, “Chinatown detective 3” took in 3.555 billion at the box office, making it the fastest movie in Chinese film history to break through 3 billion at the box office; “Hello, Li Huanying” gained 2.724 billion at the box office in the late period of public praise; other five major films, such as “assassinating novelist”, “bear haunting wild land”, “new God list: Rebirth of Nezha”, “order to serve God” and “surging crowds”, took up a total of 2.724 billion at the box office The new year’s films received 538 million yuan, 368 million yuan, 234 million yuan, 210 million yuan, and 150 million yuan, making the box office of all the new year’s films exceed 100 million yuan.
“Insight” shows that compared with the relatively stable situation of the top three ticket houses competing for 80% of the box office in the Spring Festival in the past few years, “Chinatown detective 3” accounts for more than 45% of the box office this year, and “Hello, Li Huanying” accounts for nearly 35% of the box office. The concentration effect of head movies is obvious.
According to the data of cat’s eye professional edition, at 14:45 on February 18, the box office of “Hello, Li Huanying” broke through 3 billion, becoming the 12th film in Chinese film history that broke through 3 billion, and Jia Ling became the highest box office female director in China.
According to the regional division, in 2021, the proportion of Spring Festival stalls in East China, central China, South China and southwest increased, while the proportion of North China, Northeast China and northwest decreased.
“Insight” shows that 40% of the shows will be sold out during the Spring Festival in 2021, and the number of films per capita will drop to 1.19. “Unable to buy tickets” is one of the important obstacles.
According to the prediction of cat’s eye professional edition, the total box office of “Hello, Li Huanying” will exceed 5 billion.