Musk: fully support the sale of dog currency by major holders. Too concentrated currency position is the problem


Tencent technology news on February 15, today Tesla CEO musk released the latest tweet, saying, “if the main holder of Dog Coin wants to sell a lot of money, I will definitely support him. I think too much concentration is the only problem. ”
Recently, according to media reports, members of the cryptocurrency circle recently found an anonymous address, which has 36 billion dog coins, equivalent to 27% of the market supply of dog coins, worth about $2.5 billion.
This address hides information during the transaction. Reddit users decode and find that Musk’s birthday is included in the hidden information. Some users infer that the address may belong to musk according to the time when musk tweeted and the time of anonymous address transaction.
Musk is a supporter of crypto digital currency. He has mentioned bitcoin and other crypto digital currencies on personal social platforms many times.
Since the end of January this year, Tesla CEO musk has repeatedly mentioned dogcoin on twitter, saying that dogcoin is the public’s encrypted digital currency and can be owned without becoming rich.