New on wechat: everyone can customize the red envelope cover and add a “blessing” to the wechat name


Tencent science and technology news on February 10, the Spring Festival of the year of the ox is approaching. As the second spring festival under epidemic prevention, epidemic prevention is still the top priority of this year’s Spring Festival. This year, many wechat users choose to “celebrate the new year on the spot”, and they miss their relatives and friends even more. In the special year, wechat also launched special colored eggs to make the online Chinese New Year more interesting. For example, the keywords trigger the colored eggs of expression rain and the expression of “fireworks” in line with the atmosphere of the Spring Festival, the live broadcast of the video number, including Maifa’s new year red envelope and the virtual starry sky wish making activity of “lighting 2021”, create a thick festive atmosphere and spend the interesting and warm spring festival together.
The expression rain becomes the “reserved program” of Spring Festival eggs, and the key words of the year of the Ox are exposed in advance
Triggering keywords, the next rain of facial expressions to convey good wishes for the Spring Festival has become the “reserved program” of wechat users during the Spring Festival every year. According to the wechat team, the following keywords in the New Year greetings sent by users during the Spring Festival can trigger the expression rain: auspicious new year of the ox, happy New Year of Taurus, happy Niuniu, niuzhuanqiankun, congratulations on making a fortune, rolling financial resources, recruiting wealth and thanking the boss. In addition to the usual expression rain in previous years, there is also an opportunity to trigger the red envelope cover egg in the expression rain in the year of the ox. users have the opportunity to receive the red envelope cover through the expression rain, and after receiving it successfully, they can use it unlimited times within three months for free.
The red envelope cover customization party, whether it is an enterprise account or a personal account, can customize the red envelope cover on the open platform of wechat on the computer end. If certain conditions are met, the red envelope cover can be issued through the expression rain colored egg. Among them, the number of individual creators of video number is more than 1000, and the number of red envelope covers purchased by enterprise account is no less than 100000. You can choose to participate in the limited time activity: wechat expression rain in the process of purchasing and issuing red envelope covers. After successful customization, there is an opportunity to release the red envelope cover to users through the expression rain blessing bag, so as to obtain higher exposure.
New year’s red envelope ushers in a variety of new ways to play. Individuals can customize the red envelope cover for free and give it to relatives and friends
During the Spring Festival, many wechat users also like to send new year’s greetings to add new year flavor and convey their blessings. The red envelope cover, which will be launched before the Spring Festival in 2020, is also combined with the video Number capability this year, bringing more rich new ways to play.
In addition to the customized red envelope covers of major brands and institutions, the red envelope cover open platform also supports individual creators of video numbers to customize their own red envelope covers. The individual customized red envelope covers only need to meet the conditions of creating a video number and publishing a video and winning 10 likes, that is, they can make a free red envelope cover and give it to 10 friends, which is almost customizable for everyone Red envelope cover.
In addition, the live broadcast of video number also supports sending red packets to the designated group. Users in the group will receive the live broadcast card and the reminder that “the live broadcast room of the anchor has sent a red packet”. After users click the live broadcast card to enter the live broadcast room, they can get the red packets, which is convenient for the anchor to distribute benefits to the audience and deliver blessings.
Version 8.0 fireworks expression into a “new favorite”, before the Spring Festival will also be online “firecrackers” expression
Since wechat 8.0 was launched, “bomb”, “celebration” and other full screen expressions have triggered a user’s creative upsurge, among which “fireworks” expression has become the “atmosphere group” of wechat New Year’s greetings for the majority of users, and many users have played a rich imagination and creativity to put “fireworks” in wechat. According to the wechat team, before the Spring Festival, wechat will also launch “firecrackers” expression to facilitate wechat users to “set off fireworks” in wechat to celebrate the new year.
Now, wechat users can change the appropriate chat background images, such as the performance scene map, landmark building map and group photo, and hold a low-carbon environmental friendly and pleasant “fireworks appreciation” in wechat by sending “fireworks” expression. At the same time, wechat users can also record their own “fireworks appreciation” in the form of screen recording, take # 2021 to watch the video number of fireworks release, and share it with other relatives and friends.
Video number online “light up 2021” virtual Star live, participate in the wish can do public welfare free of charge
As the Spring Festival is approaching, the wechat team has also launched the “light up 2021” virtual starry sky live broadcast activity. After searching for “light up 2021”, users can enter the video number live broadcast room, and tap the “wish” in the lower right corner of the live broadcast room to choose a position in the starry sky to participate in the wish. If users make a wish successfully, they can light up a star in the sky and get the status of “Fu”. They also have the opportunity to let Tencent fund donate 1 yuan for public welfare projects.
“This place is my hometown”. Although many people choose to “celebrate the new year on the spot” this year and are unable to personally send new year’s blessings in front of their parents and relatives, through wechat’s expression rain, new year’s red envelope, “fireworks” expression and “light up 2021” Virtual Star live broadcast and other spring festival eggs and activities, the majority of users can still express their thoughts for relatives and friends through wechat online, and convey special blessings. In the future, wechat will also bring more and more interesting product experience and technology “new year flavor” to users through its rich product capabilities.