Over 400 million yuan of wechat consumption coupons were issued to warm the hearts of the public


Tencent technology is approaching the new year of the ox. in order to activate the festival market atmosphere and ensure the local people to have a warm and lively Spring Festival, wechat payment helps local governments and institutions to issue Spring Festival coupons and subsidies. As of February 9, wechat payment has helped 12 cities, regions and institutions, including Wuhan, Chengyang District of Qingdao, Dongguan, Foshan, Zhaoqing, Huicheng District of Huizhou, Shenzhen Federation of trade unions, Luohu District of Shenzhen, Futian District of Shenzhen, Zhuhai City, Zhuhai Federation of trade unions and Hengqin District of Zhuhai, to distribute more than 400 million yuan of “Spring Festival benefits” to meet the needs of local people There is no demand for fees.
More than 400 million yuan of wechat coupons were distributed across the country
According to incomplete statistics, at present, 12 cities, regions and institutions have issued more than 400 million yuan of wechat coupons, and there are still a lot of coupons activities in progress. During the Chinese new year, we can save money while grabbing the coupons.
At 12:00 noon on February 8 and 17, Wuhan Municipal People’s government issued 100 million yuan “Wuhan Spring Festival consumption voucher”, all the people who spent the Chinese New Year (including those who stayed in China during the Spring Festival) can participate in the voucher grabbing activities through the wechat small program “urban life assistant”.
Shenzhen Luohu District will issue 5 million yuan “Vientiane Luohu new year voucher”, which can be registered through wechat app “city life assistant” from February 1, and will be issued on February 11 and February 15.
Futian District of Shenzhen city will issue 10 million yuan of “Futian new year consumption coupons”. From February 10, citizens can participate in the registration lottery through the wechat small program “city life assistant”. There will be three lucky draws on February 12, 2021, February 14, 2021 and February 16, 2021, and users can register once and participate in the lottery many times.
The Foshan Federation of trade unions distributed 6 million WeChat to pay non – local household workers, 100 thousand Zhang Jingdian tickets and 10 thousand movie tickets for non – registered residence workers in Foshan. Users can register through the wechat app “work benefit activity of studying in Foshan and Guangdong”. From February 3 to February 12, the prize will be awarded at 12:30 noon every day.
The Zhuhai Federation of trade unions has issued 10000 new year consumption coupons to the workers who stay in Zhuhai. Users can register and collect coupons through the “Guangdong work benefit activity in Zhuhai”. The prize will be opened at 18:00 every day from February 11 to February 18. In addition to the new consumption coupons, Zhuhai will also issue 156 million coupons for the non Zhuhai registered residence workers in Zhuhai.
In addition, Dongguan City and Chengyang District of Qingdao City issued 13 million yuan and 60 million yuan consumption vouchers through wechat app “Tesco Dongguan” and “city life assistant” respectively. Zhaoqing City has also issued a total of 5 million yuan of “Spring Festival coupons for migrant workers in Zhaoqing” through the wechat app “urban life assistant”.
“New Year’s taste” remains unchanged, and wechat consumption vouchers guarantee supply and promote consumption
With the coming of the new year, under the situation of epidemic prevention and control, various places have advocated “Celebrating the new year on the spot”. Although the new year is celebrated on the spot, the people’s demand for nearby consumption and “New Year’s taste” needs to be guaranteed, and the supply of consumer market before the festival is also concerned.
The release of hundreds of millions of wechat consumption coupons will effectively enhance the business enthusiasm of merchants during the Spring Festival, ignite the consumption enthusiasm of residents, guarantee the market supply, activate the market vitality, help to create a lively and peaceful Spring Festival atmosphere, and comprehensively guarantee the local warm spring festival of residents.
Next, wechat payment will continue to help boost and release domestic demand with the help of wechat consumption coupons, meet the multi-faceted needs of the masses during the Spring Festival, and bring more consumer preferences and benefits, so as to help spend a spring festival with strong flavor.