In 2020, Huawei’s total revenue will increase by 11.2%, and its profit will increase by 10.4%


At last week’s Huawei Market Conference, Huawei decided to pay a dividend of 1.86 yuan per share in 2020, according to China business news. Compared with the previous year, Huawei’s share price in 2019 was 7.85 yuan / share, of which the dividend per share was 2.11 yuan.
In addition, according to Huawei’s internal financial system statistics, in 2020, Huawei’s total revenue was $136.7 billion, an increase of 11.2%, and its profit was $9.9 billion, an increase of 10.4%.
“Huawei’s global financial settlement system is real-time on the same day, and the above data has not been approved by the accounting firm.” People close to Huawei told reporters that Huawei’s financial data is disclosed twice a year. One is the internal real-time statistics in early January, which has not been approved by the five major enterprises, so as to facilitate the statistics of the performance of various departments. In addition, after the approval of the five major companies, they will be open to the public according to the requirements of listed companies (although they are non listed companies).
Huawei has no response to this news.