Swipe ID card can also check “Health Code” many new measures to solve the travel problem of the elderly


Surging journalist Li Ji intern Wei Xianghui
“Health Code” is an important electronic voucher for personal travel during the period of epidemic prevention and control. Since it was launched after the epidemic, it has been rapidly popularized all over the country and has become an essential tool for the normalization of epidemic prevention and control. However, most health codes are generated by mobile phones, which makes it difficult for the elderly who are not familiar with smart phones.
This problem has been paid attention to and solved by many places. Surging news found that recently, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong and other places have launched the elderly ID card verification health code service, “mobile phone” is no longer necessary, which greatly facilitates the elderly travel, medical treatment and other daily activities under the epidemic prevention and control.
According to the previous report of @ Guangzhou Daily, on January 28, the first day of the Spring Festival, the “health and epidemic prevention verification system” of swiping ID card to verify health code was officially opened in Guangzhou Baiyun Airport Terminal 2 green channel for elderly passengers and Guangdong province bus terminal master green channel. It only takes two seconds for passengers to place their ID card on the card reader connected with the computer to display the electronic health information of the inspectors on the computer, which has the same effect as “yuekang code”, “suikang code” and other health codes.
According to the above reports, in addition to transportation stations, Guangdong has simultaneously deployed the system in senior care homes, hospitals, shopping malls, banks, community access management and other high-frequency matters and service scenarios such as travel, medical treatment, consumption, entertainment and affairs for the elderly.
According to CCTV news client, from January 22 to 23, Dongcheng District and Xicheng District of Beijing carried out nucleic acid testing in batches for residents and staff of units stationed in the district. Residents can make an appointment for nucleic acid detection through “Beijing health treasure” online and scan the code on site for registration. The elderly without “health treasure” can directly brush their ID cards on site for registration.
Some hospitals in Shanghai have also optimized the health code recognition method. According to surging news on January 12, the health code recognition artifact at the outpatient entrance of Sijing hospital in Songjiang District of Shanghai has been officially put into use. Elderly people who don’t use smart phones can check their health code by brushing their ID cards and medical insurance cards, and quickly enter the hospital for treatment.
Jiangsu Province made it clear in the form of “task list” that “Health Code” should not be used as the only certificate for the elderly.
On January 22, the Jiangsu provincial government held a press conference to release the “list of key tasks in Jiangsu Province to effectively solve the difficulties of the elderly in using intelligent technology”, one of the work measures in the list is to “do a good job in the service and guarantee for the elderly in the state of emergency response”, which clearly states that the “Health Code” is not the only basis for the elderly to pass Evidence. The responsible departments of this measure are the Provincial Health Commission, the provincial government affairs office and the provincial public security department, with the cooperation of relevant provincial departments. In terms of completion time limit, it is required to be in place before the end of February 2021 and stick to it for a long time.
The picture is a screenshot of the list of key tasks to effectively solve the difficulties of the elderly in using intelligent technology in Jiangsu Province. Yangzi Evening News
According to Xinhua news agency, on November 24, 2020, the general office of the State Council issued the implementation plan on effectively solving the difficulties of the elderly in using intelligent technology. The plan clearly states that “Health Code” is not allowed to be used as the only certificate for people to pass. For the elderly and other groups, they can register with valid identity documents, pass with paper certificates, and show “communication itinerary card” as assistance Travel certification and other alternative measures.
For the novel coronavirus pneumonia low risk area, the plan is clear, except for special sites such as airports, railway stations, long-distance passenger stations, wharves and entry and exit ports. For the cases where the “Health Code” needs to be checked, the information related to epidemic prevention and control will be automatically integrated into the “Health Code” through technical means, the operation will be simplified to suit the use of the elderly, the agency inspection and other services will be optimized, and the “health code” will continue to be mutually recognized across the country to facilitate the cross provincial passage of the elderly.
Under the premise of fully ensuring the security of personal information, the scheme proposes to promote the correlation between “Health Code” and ID card, social security card, senior citizen card, citizen card, etc., and gradually realize “swipe card” or “swipe face” access.