Gone for ever: the six big family that has been killing Kwai is probably gone forever.


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In November 6, 2018, to fight the first break of the double festival on the eve of the double eleven, the Kwai brother fought all day and night, and slept only two hours at noon.
All day long, Kwai brother’s record is the highest, and online sales of millions of people, and 3 hours and 50 million, 160 million of the total daily sales, ranking the fastest in the list of goods. According to DoNews, Fang Jian, President of yaowang.com, was greatly surprised by Sanda brother’s ability to carry goods
“When he sold a down jacket, he didn’t even need a product introduction. He just said,” brothers, give me seconds! ” 20000 down jackets were swept away by fans. ”
Kwai is in high and vigorous spirits. The situation is changing now. The faster the commercialization of the fast hand, the less the early family leader is. Sanda brother’s birthday live night fell from 3.4 million to 1.7 million in three years, with only 600000 daily customers. He was forced to disband the E-commerce Team at the end of last year to focus on the show. Simba, who was once famous for brother Sanda, suffered a “two ban a year”. The rest of Kwai’s family anchor was also “banned by sitting”.
In recent years, Kwai has been at the junction of the two waves of “familial” and “de familial”. The Kwai crabs, who are the first to be listed in the short video, are magnified by the sharp two tier market. The live broadcast industry is facing a major question: where is the anchor family going?
The rise of big V
Jin Canrong, Professor of the National People’s Congress, said: “the competition of human society is essentially the competition of organizational ability.” Kwai Kong’s short video track also has some resemblance.
Under the bottom of the quick hand prospectus, “different voting rights and controlling shareholders”, we clearly write the historical contributions of Kwai Chung and Cheng Yi Xiao. Media reports believe Kwai Hui’s value is a result of the consensus between Su Hua and Cheng Yi. However, from the prospectus information, renren.com’s contribution to the flow of universal inclusion is even greater.
In the early days, the flow of GIF’s fast hand came from the watermark below micro-blog’s dynamic graph, and the Kwai Kwai V brought by micro-blog was a fast traffic ceiling. The GIF quick hand as a moving tool, compared to the graphic micro-blog based, can liberate creative desire. This prompted Cheng Yi to try to ban the forwarding and banning recommendations, so as to ensure the distribution of Kwai Hui and hedge the micro-blog style big V ecosystem. Zhang Fei, founder of Chenxing capital, sighed at Cheng Yixiao’s product concept, according to China Entrepreneur Magazine
“As long as you send a content, I will show it to you.”
Similar to the Kwai tong system in the Han Dynasty, the “go to big V” was exposed at this stage. The development of the system’s governance capability was stagnant and rigid during this period. The skills of the vested interests to monopolize resources are beyond the ability of systematic governance, and are mainly manifested in the restoration of class solidification.
In the Eastern Han Dynasty, the contradiction was caused by the emperor’s short life, and the imperial power was weak. By controlling the way of Chaju, the gentry turned the system of filial piety and honesty into a big factory and monopolized the public opinion and local finance. In the Kwai Kun, contradiction is fast tool as a tool product, before 2016, it did not start commercialization, which forced the quick hand to maintain the ecological environment of Kwai Kwai to make the capture of live broadcast outlet. Early live broadcast relies on the gift revenue of head anchor, and the Kwai Hui’s fast flow shows its advantages. Kwai Hui’s early insistence on distributing Pratt and Whitney as a product of pain for the previous generation can not be adapted to the new generation of live broadcast products.
In the northeast dialect, “Kwai Ren” is roughly equal to the “stubble” of Beijing dialect, and it has been developed into an unofficial traffic purchasing channel. The advent of live Kwai gift lists broke the idea of fast distribution of products.
Kwai try to resolve this contradiction through official traffic tools. In 2016, Yan Qiang came to Kwai Fu as vice president of Commerce and made initial commercial products for Kwai Chung, including information flow advertising, exposure buying tools, quick order. From the Kwai camp, this part of the commercial product was initially landed in 2017 and only begun to take shape in 2018.
After introducing commercialization, Kwai’s distribution ideas are not suited to commercial contradictions. In fact, the inertia of the Kwai Chung anchor in the live broadcast has been formed, and the official exposure tools have limited penetration to the host ecosystem. Simba’s rise in Kwai is an example: what Simba is best at is not making high-quality content to rush to the hot spots, but rather staying at the studio of the big anchor, throwing money into the first place before the end of the live broadcast.
Kwai Kwai’s official purchases and gift lists have been a dual track phenomenon for a long time. The performance of fast track hosts grew from 2017 to 2019, and tiktok’s direct revenue almost overwhelmed the online marketing revenue, which was almost contrary to the battalion’s revenue structure and exposed a problem, which led to the allocation of attention in the private domain dominated ecosystem. I’m too weak. Kwai has the risk of being kidnapped by the head anchor.
Two times
Family is not a fast product, but Kwai Kwai inherited the cost of YY live streaming. Most of the six Kwai’s family members are closely related to YY.
The essence of familization is similar to that of trade union, which is the result of the internal organizational ability of anchor group adapting to the profit mode of live broadcast industry. Due to the high dependence of live show on gift reward, the anchor, as a front-line practitioner, must solve the problem of lack of motivation for users to reward, that is, to standardize and normalize the gift reward by linking it with the collective sense of honor, which is similar to the rice circle.

The success of this model also depends on a larger environment, that is, since the reform of state-owned enterprises in the last century, the outflow of high-quality labor in traditional industrial areas, the shrinking of social consumption with the nationwide inflation wave, and a small number of practitioners in emerging industries mastering the main purchasing power of the region. Those who lack employment resources prefer to form a dependency relationship with those who hold purchasing power to share their surplus purchasing power. At the same time, they form a disdain chain downward through the degree of dependency and the degree of sharing purchasing power. From YY to popular Kwai’s “king of the river”, “cock wire counterattack”, “brothers and rivers”, “imperial heaven” and other symbolic discourse, this is the grass root expression of purchasing power despising chain.
At this time, the significance of the family style live broadcast reward has changed fundamentally — from the street entertainment style of “the rich holding a money market” in the past to the collective sense of honor expression and the speculation of enhancing the dependence relationship. Therefore, Kwai tiktok has the ability to create super high live direct user stickiness and live order rate, while the live broadcast of live broadcast is more difficult though it has more active users. Because the private area traffic of the jitter is smaller, the official dominant capacity of tiktok distribution is stronger.
A voice tiktok live broadcaster said to the “new financial know” that the traffic flow of the main players of the voice TV business is mainly on the purchase, mainly including the jitter and the flow of the tiktok and the feed flow of the huge engine, and the traffic price is getting higher and higher. Every time when negotiating with the brand side, the distribution of the traffic cost must be discussed. For example, the big anchor usually pays for the location fee and traffic fee from the brand side, while the small anchor needs to pay for the traffic from his own pocket.
Tiktok, the relationship between platform and traffic is completely different from that of Kwai. For example, one of Sanda brother’s proudest achievements is to feed hundreds of thousands of active fans to the major anchors who came to reward them in the live broadcast at home;
For Kwai Fu, the family of the anchor is closer to a representation, and behind it is a whole set of extensive business logic of the early live broadcasting industry. Family leaders are the best in this set of business logic, but they copy the early family system of YY and improve their risk control ability by means of family account matrix. Simba family was Kwai Chung when Jay Chou was in the live broadcast.
“I don’t want to brush it quickly, but never mind. I have eggs and big Kwai.”
With the Kwai Kwai’s standardized documents being introduced, and the Kwai’s own reduction of the proportion of live revenue and the change of the valuation of the capital market, the old fast players of the family anchor representatives have repeatedly exposed the characteristics of the new fast hand.
For example, the family anchor is used to substituting the logic of the show into the live broadcast of e-commerce, even including a lot of ridicule and war, to pursue the dramatic effect of “I turn the world for my fans”, but often can not effectively control the boundary of the development of contradictions. This is obviously contrary to the mainstream social recognition of Kwai chasing. In the clash between Simba and Sanda brother last year, the related abuse spread from micro-blog to Kwai Chung, and the scene was out of control.
The above-mentioned live e-commerce practitioners told “new knowledge of Finance and economics” that the anchors of all live e-commerce platforms will create a hunger marketing atmosphere. For example, Weiya and Li Jiaqi will also go on the shelves in the first round to reduce inventory and replenish inventory in the second round. But the biggest still is Kwai Kwai, which may be related to the quick user portrait.
Meanwhile, when the star ecosystem is introduced into Kwai Kwai, the local family anchor is not a handful because it does not know how to play the game quickly. When Wong Cho Lam was Kwai Tsing, he was called the two anchor to make complaints about the dog.
As Kwai Kwai tiktok develops, the influence of old fast hands is narrowing. According to the naughty electricity supplier, since last year, Kwai loo’s rapid growth has been reported. The number of monthly anchor sales increased from 48 million to 540 million in 4 months.
Kwai can choose between two generations.
The curtain call
“I think Simba is very pitiful,” said a person in the e-commerce live broadcasting industry.
The reason is that the bird’s nest event itself is an unavoidable small probability risk event. When choosing a brand, the anchor mainly depends on the other party’s data and evaluation on tmall and other e-commerce platforms, as well as brand awareness and sample performance. But the quality inspection commodity needs tens of thousands of yuan of material cost and several months of time cost, which is not affordable by the anchor. The consequences of the 60 day ban and the whole network condemnation are too heavy for Simba, and the Kwai’s attitude towards Simba is extreme.
A thing has its cause. If the scope of observation is extended to the whole live broadcasting industry, the Kwai’s fierce reaction is probably due to some reasons.
What we need to see is that in the early stage of live show and game broadcasting, due to the rapid development of the industry, the supervision is not mature, such as swearing, provoking war, insulting speech, erotic sidekick and so on.
In the early stage of the industry, similar behavior is conducive to the rapid accumulation of traffic. With the gradual maturity of industry regulation, the early traffic dividend turns into risk cost, which is not conducive to the platform breaking the social stereotype and integrating into the mainstream. On the contrary, its users occupy more high-quality traffic in the platform, which increases the thunder loss.
With the listing process of related live broadcast platforms, the sharp perception of negative information in the secondary market further magnifies the thunder loss of the anchor, which also increases the platform’s willingness to control the relevant risks. This is a proven experience in the process of other live broadcast platforms coming into the market. A year before the launch of Betta, Chen Yifa, an anchor who was exposed to historical misconduct, was banned. Although the related improper remarks occurred two years ago, the platform side will not be soft in the face of risk factors.
Kwai Kwai’s fast closing time is also very delicate. From December 23, 2020 to February 21, 2021, it basically overlapped the key nodes in the first few days before the launch of the fast hand. This means that Kwai will lose the feast in the final stage of the quick listing.
The main contradiction of Kwai is also changing.
Last May, Kwai’s internal letter showed that Ma Hongbin, the former operator of the company, was working closely with former commercial director. The explanation for Kwai Fu is that cadres need more business experience to make teamwork more smoothly.
Behind it is a Kwai’s greater historical process — from content, anchors to the full branding of goods and advertising, so as to accelerate commercial liquidity and adjust the revenue structure that relies too much on direct seeding, so as to prepare for a higher market value.

One of the requirements of branding is stronger risk management ability. This includes not speculating in conflicts similar to family wars, but obtaining traffic in a more mature and sustainable way.
Similar attempts have long been open. Since the star of last year’s CEO and the broadcast of the live broadcast of Kwai Kwai, the two major family members, such as Simba and donkey, have been chosen as the quick candidates. In addition to the above excellent ability of the anchor, promoting the anchor brand is also one of the purposes.
For the fast hands, “family standardization” and “Kwai Tu flavor” almost run through the whole time since the commercialization of Kwai Chung. Gone for ever, the way to kill or to “comfort” is the six big family that has been killing quickly in the past, as the Kwai Chung Kwai clock is ringing.
(statement: This article only represents the author’s point of view, not Sina’s position.)