FF seeks 2 000 mu industrial land from local government


China Securities News (reporter Cui Xiaosu) on January 29, a roadshow document on FF’s listing and financing obtained by China Securities Journal showed that FF, Geely and a tier 1 Chinese city in China may set up a joint venture to support FF’s production in China. FF did not disclose which domestic city it was cooperating with, but it was shown on the map as a coastal city in South China. Earlier, a number of media reported that Zhuhai SASAC and Geely may participate in a new round of FF financing.
According to the investment framework listed by FF, the city will provide about 2000 mu of industrial land to be owned and used by joint ventures. The city will also provide government subsidies, such as tax incentives and additional subsidies for the establishment of R & D centers. Geely will provide market and manufacturing support.
In terms of FF, the annual production capacity of FF China headquarters is expected to reach 100000-250000 vehicles from 2025, and 150000 vehicles will be increased by 2026.
On January 29, Geely holdings announced that it would explore the possibility of providing OEM services for FF by a joint venture between Geely and Foxconn.