Xinhua hot comment: blind box cannot be sold blindly


Xinhua news agency, Beijing, January 28
Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhao Wenjun
Blind box is to place different goods in the same box. Consumers don’t know what kind of goods are in the box in advance, but there is a certain probability that they can draw their favorite goods. It is this kind of marketing strategy similar to lottery that can easily stimulate consumers’ desire to buy.
When the blind box has become a trend, it is possible to open the “Pandora’s magic box”, and some fake and shoddy goods, overdue stock goods and even illegal and prohibited goods will also emerge. The “blind” box can not be sold blindly, nor can it damage the rights and interests of consumers by using the word “blind”.
Consumer Association recently issued consumer tips, operators should regulate sales of blind boxes, consumers should not buy blind boxes blindly. At present, the problems of false publicity, excessive marketing and uneven quality of blind box products are emerging. Some blind boxes “sell dog meat with sheep’s head”, which are filled with fake brand names, fake products or secondary sales products; some blind boxes sell “three no” products, which have no production date and quality certificate, and have various quality defects such as scratches, paint dropping and stains; some blind boxes are suspected of inducing consumers, deliberately making so-called “limited quantity” and “hidden” gimmicks to carry out hunger marketing and induce consumers to eat Some blind boxes provide channels for the sale of illegal and prohibited goods, such as online purchase of live pet blind boxes, which brings health and safety risks to the society.
At present, the blind box economy is booming, and the marketing of blind box needs to strengthen regulation and supervision. Both online and offline, businesses and platforms should take the main responsibility and strictly control the quality of blind box products. The main consumer groups of blind box are minors and young people, which are easy to induce irrational consumption. In the recent exposure of many cases, some minors hide from their parents, and even spend tens of thousands of yuan to buy blind boxes. Therefore, the relevant departments should effectively take up the regulatory function, and should not allow the blind box to wander on the edge of laws and regulations, and breed fuzzy and gray areas.