What does “absolute head” star bring to Eason Chan’s voice from Eason Chan to tiktok?


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“I really don’t understand. In fact, I don’t even like to talk on the phone. ”
In the face of the media’s question “why not open a social media account”, Andy Lau once gave the same answer as most of the queen of heaven: he is not good at socializing outside work, does not understand the “self business” on the Internet, and does not want to “package” his life and then make it public.
But now, things seem to be different.
At the end of 2020, bomb disposal expert 2 was released. Andy Lau appeared in the short video of tiktok, and appeared in the studio, marveling at the fact that the tickets sold out in a few seconds. Although I haven’t settled in yet, Andy Lau has been on the list of hot topics with the frequent appearance of film publicity materials.
Just yesterday, Andy Lau formally rejoined the video with a video showing the movie “Infernal Affairs” in tiktok. After the tiktok tiktok release, the response of the users was very strong. According to the shaking data, the video released only 10 hours, and nearly 5 million points were harvested. The amount of the post hour rating and the number of fans in Andy Lau’s personal account both exceeded 10 million. The challenge of the topic of Andy Lau’s Tiantai name also quickly reached the tiktok TOP1. Within 24 hours, the number of Andy Lau’s fans has exceeded 24.63 million, and the topic of the surge of Andy Lau’s fans has attracted attention both inside and outside the station.
Tiktok never uses social media to play in the voice, but this is not the star’s “real face”. In fact, in the interview, Andy Lau clearly explained: “I don’t know how to speak just by words and without temperature contact.” In the current video era, it seems that Tianwang has finally found a way to have a more real dialogue with fans and the public.
Why did Andy Lau get into “shaking”
For stars, what is needed to tiktok is not something that needs much thought.
According to the white paper data, the number of over 3000 stars in the platform has been increased by 11 tiktok in 2020, and has increased by more than 1000 over 2019. At the same time, in 2020, the total number of contributions by star artists will reach 8 billion +, an increase of 31% compared with that in 2019. Already, a large number of stars are using the platform as a base station for establishing diversified images, publicizing and tweeting to the outside world, and communicating with fans.
Tiktok is the role that needs to always rely on traffic. The reason why the shaking is the base station is the strong attraction and convergence of tiktok and jitter itself. At present, short videos are the mainstream form of mass entertainment content consumption, while the total daily activity of the tiktok has reached 600 million, and the volume of users who care about entertainment and stars is also growing.
Stars and users are gathered on the same platform. Short video breaks the rigidity of graphics and text, and brings more “functions” for Stars besides refined selfie, work promotion and brand advertising.
First, on the short video platform, stars can use normal content creation and operation to show more cordial, authentic and differentiated styles, so as to maintain high popularity.
We can see that the stars who are “cautious and cautious” in other social media tiktok not only use the jitter as a window to publicize their personal and works, but also share daily activities and activities with many ordinary users, catch up with the popular content created by KOL in various fields, and interact with fans and other stars to create friendly interaction. For example, Chen, Gloria Tang, Zhao Lusi and other stars who boarded the DOU annual tiktok TOP10 are all popular stars in the station, which are very active and the first time they are in the station.
Stars are integrated into the content ecology, with dual identities of content creators and ordinary users, but they show a more real side. At present, the public is tired of the stereotyped stars whose image, character, personal design, works and data can be “refined”. On the contrary, they are more likely to accept the stars who have the flavor of life, are different from “on stage” and “deify”. After seeing the real side of the stars, the fans can feel the real feelings of the stars, which further shortens the distance between the fans and the stars.
Secondly, the short video platform has generated a new interactive mode of star fans, which also helps stars break through the circle of fans faster.
Tiktok, star, fans, celebrities and ordinary users can achieve friendly interaction and content creation. This is like a huge video circle without boundaries but can be linked at any time, and it is built in the public domain, which completely breaks the limitation of the private domain traffic of the original friends circle. The sociality and life of stars are more truly and vividly displayed in the vision of fans and users. Fans and ordinary users have established a brand-new star fan relationship with stars, resulting in a sense of having a circle of stars’ friends and being able to communicate with them at any time.
This was the case when Eason Chan arrived in November last year. After Eason Chan released the video, Miriam Yeung, Gloria Tang, Pan Changjiang, Bosco Wong and other stars released the video style to help Eason Chan. Meanwhile, the tiktok station launched a topic related activities related to Eason Chan, which encouraged users to participate.
The Andy Lau’s entry tiktok station also has interactive activities.
After Andy Lau released her first short video, Jia Ling, who always claimed to be a fan of Andy Lau, yelled excitedly in the comment area, “bang Yi, let me out!” More than 2 million users praised the interesting comments of “star chasing star”. Chen he, Ying cai’er and Guan Xiaotong have released videos to pay homage to Andy Lau’s movie title and shout a welcome to him; Zhang Yixing and Rong Zuer reviewed many of Andy Lau’s classic songs in the way of quick questions and quick answers; and CAI Shaofen has played the “no heart challenge” of current normalization, and after Andy Lau appeared, he excitedly called out “I love you, Huazai”.
Tiktok, Andy Lau, released second video to find new auditions for the new jitter. It attracted more stars, rednets and ordinary users to participate in the challenge of mimicking Andy Lau’s classic roles and master show skills. At present, the total video volume of the topic has exceeded 300 million times.

Whether it’s the participation in short video marketing for his work “bomb disposal expert 2” before, or the real “online business” of entering the platform now, we can see that short video is not only promoting the value of personal IP of stars, but also bringing the possibility of enhancing the commercial value of stars. There are many star and vibrato cooperation modes. In terms of product endorsement, tiktok cooperation, customization, etc., stars have more opportunities to enhance business value.
The value of absolute star
The platform brings many value promotion points for stars, and from another perspective, stars are also “helping” the platform.
Users’ demand for star content requires that the platform must create and improve star ecology, and the “absolute head” of the “king and Queen” is the necessary part of the star ecology.
The role of “absolute head” star is in fact suitable to appear at this time. Because in the cold start period with neither content nor traffic, what the platform needs is stars or top stream idols who are very active on social media to quickly pull the first batch of users to get the start traffic. For example, in the 1 era of star entry in 2017, Yue Yunpeng first came to the public view with the tiktok actor Yue Yunpeng in micro-blog’s publicity, and later invited Lu Han, Wu Yifan, Yang Yang, Angelababy and other popular idols to enter. In the 2 era of tiktok’s entry, the number of stars settled in the sound field has been further improved, covering more extensive fields. They began to become active content creators to retain more fans and users with their content.
Tiktok has entered the 3 era at the present stage. The entry of over 3000 stars has built up the star ecology, and has begun to set up the “tiktok” platform image. At this time, the introduction of “absolute head” is a key step to make up for the star ecology. What they play is not only to drive fans and attract traffic, but also to help the platform generate credibility, proving that the platform has been highly recognized among the star groups and plays an important role in the industry.
This is tiktok from the recent action of the jitter. In November 2020 tiktok and JJ Lin, two “absolute heads” singers, were stationed in the trill. JJ Lin first rushed to the hot topic list for the first time, Eason Chan only went to 24 hours to gain 3 million 500 thousand of the powder, which is a higher concern in the voice and the station and the industry. “Tiktok”,’s first absolute live broadcast, was the first time to be in the world. This tiktok Andy Lau follow up a victory with hot pursuit.
In addition to building the star ecosystem, the tiktok wants to go deep into the entertainment industry’s goals, and also determines that the star will be the necessary participant.
At this stage, stars are not just content, attracting users, but also making the voice deeply involved, or even affecting the entertainment industry tiktok.
For example, tiktok is not just a star, but also a “star making”. Through tiktok’s support in daily content operation and flow level and providing full link marketing solutions, the jitter has provided a new way for new people and waist stars to help them gain more opportunities in the industry. The tiktok entertainment program is one of the support programs for the new generation of artists, and Me Yoko, Duan unexpected winner, Sun Qian and other 31 95 potential artists are involved in the plan.
Tiktok is also a marketing focus of music and film industry from the industry level. More and more famous singers consciously use the jitter as the first platform for new songs. They release songs tiktok through publishing short videos, making live debut and launching related topics. Movies, dramas and variety shows are also being used in the tiktok propaganda before and during the broadcast. With the help of short video, live broadcast and other topics, the high popularity will be directly converted into box office, audience ratings and playback volume.
In fact, tiktok is also exploring and boosting more new forms of content besides marketing. For example, before the trembling sound has introduced many stars personal micro variety, in all tiktok can live live in 2020, launched the live broadcast as the main form of DOULive series. The tiktok entertainment white paper, released recently, shows that in 2021, the jitter will also be officially introduced into the fine micro drama track, and the strong production strategy and multiple types of exploration of the double track and progressive path model will be integrated to integrate the advantages of entertainment tiktok cooperation team and business head film actors to help promote the development of micro drama.
Condensing stars is condensing the entertainment industry. From this perspective, the value of the whole star ecosystem is far more than providing a star with a platform to connect fans, voice and business value. It is based on this tiktok, which is involved in more and more people, breaking through the boundaries, serving, influencing and empowering the entertainment industry.
(statement: This article only represents the author’s point of view, not Sina’s position.)