Stock trading platform Robinhood closes GME, AMC and Nokia


Sina science and technology news Beijing time on January 28 evening news, according to reports, American online brokerage Robin Hood has closed the game station (GME), AMC Cinema (AMC) and Nokia (NOK) stock trading.
According to some users of reddit forum and twitter, the shares of AMC, GME and Nokia can’t be found on Robin Hood, that is, they can’t be traded.
Recently, the stock prices of stocks that have been heavily short before, such as GME, AMC and Nokia, have soared. Among them, AMC rose more than 300% on Wednesday, GME also rose 130%.
Analysts say this may be because retail traders are trying to squeeze short positions in these stocks. The short position of these stocks is high, so short rolling or forcing short positions to make up positions will quickly push up the stock price.
Driven by the craziness of retail investors, a number of online trading platforms have gone down, and Robin Hood has become the number one financial application on the iPhone. At present, Robin Hood is the most popular platform for US retail investors to speculate in stocks.