Four companies in half a month invite an actor to act as a teacher to educate you online and cut your leeks?


Source: IT times official account No. vittimes
Four online education platforms invite the same teacher to advertise, one is a math teacher, the other is an English teacher
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1. How many children have been “happy” to mention the winter vacation, but the curriculum is still full?
2. Online education began to burn money and rob people again. In less than half a month, it burned 80 million advertising expenses. The four platforms invited the same actor to be a teacher, and even the head teacher was a lobbyist for the platform.
3. Parents with anxiety begin to worry about whether they will become a crop of leeks.
A few months ago, I saw on various game advertising platforms and short video platforms that online education platforms began to “scatter money” to prepare for winter vacation. In addition to the eye-catching low-cost courses and teaching aid packages, most of the online education platforms also launched the “double Science Joint newspaper” launch strategy, with 20 Yuan language number courses, a total of 10 classes. The low-cost courses of online education are still very attractive.
Of course, it’s just a prelude. It’s better to pay several thousand yuan for the regular price package of “winter and spring class”. It’s better to report together in summer vacation. The more you report, the more preferential you will get. Besides, you can also give away a variety of final sprint classes, reading and writing improvement classes, and quick calculation skills classes, which greatly hit the hearts of parents who are on the verge of collapse.
Listening to those self proclaimed “rich teaching experience” teacher’s loud words, I feel sorry for the children, contrary to the determination to be a good parent.
If we say that last year because of the outbreak and recurrence of the epidemic, parents tend to have no choice but to buy online courses. After more than half a year of adaptation, parents’ cognition of online courses has been refreshed and more tolerant. Not only language and mathematics, but also programming, painting and other interest courses have been included by parents.
The method of not having to pick up and drop off or teach by teachers helps to solve problems, and there are punch in exercises every day. It really saves parents some effort in education. This is also the “pregnant woman effect”: when they are pregnant, it is easier to find the pregnant women around them. If you sign up for online education, you will find that many people around you have signed up.
According to the report of Taobao education, in December last year, the consumption of primary and secondary school courses increased by 135% year on year, and the consumption of primary school winter vacation courses increased by 966%. Most parents in Shanghai and Beijing arranged winter vacation courses for their children at the end of last year.
However, when the penetration rate of the online education market has increased significantly compared with previous years, it means more brutal market competition for the platform. Compared with the business opportunities brought by the epidemic in 2020, this year may not be too good. From the summer marketing war to the autumn marketing war, and now to the winter marketing war, there is no end.
I once read the “money burning” data of the mainstream online education platform in the advertising competition in January 2021. The highest one was XRS, which reached 80 million yuan, and the second one was homework help, which was close to 60 million yuan.
Source: finance and economics of Party A
I don’t know what the authenticity of the data is, but it can be seen from the constantly bombarded advertisements that the money burning mode of “exchanging funds for the market” is still going on. Is this road going to go black? The platform may hope to become a reaper of this industry through high investment.
Shuangke Lianbao is also a means to improve retention. The retention rate of two courses is higher than that of one course. Of course, the customer acquisition cost of the platform is also higher. In the summer of 2020, the cost of getting customers from various industries generally rises sharply, reaching 3000 yuan, which, in the view of some people in the industry, has exceeded the critical point and is still rising, with little possibility of decline.
The ultimate goal of the platform is to let users continue to report. However, the low reporting rate is a matter of life and death for the online education platform.
For this, the teacher in charge of the class fought hard.
During the epidemic last year, a friend chose a math class on a certain platform for her primary school children. After several classes, she felt that she did not meet her expectations and that the connection with her children’s school curriculum was not very good, so she came up with the idea of changing the platform.
At the end of the semester, the teacher in charge will ask the children to call their parents to the screen and tell them the various preferential conditions for the renewal.
When the head teacher found out that my friend had no intention to continue the report, he began to bombard on wechat. Previously, the head teacher talked to her every time about the children’s class situation. At this time, he talked to her every time about the continuation report, and “paid special attention” to the children in class, saying “how good the children are in this class, how much they like to study here” and “next semester meeting” What courses can I take to help you keep the discount? The effect can only be seen if you insist on it for a long time. I send a wave of soul chicken soup every day, no matter whether my friend has a reply or not.
However, my friend decided to go. The head teacher insisted for a month, but it didn’t work out.
Yu Minhong once said frankly that the rate of online education class renewal reaching 80% is “the line of life and death”, below which he can not live. New Oriental tried again and again with the best teachers, and the average renewal rate was about 70%. Yu Minhong judged that the average in the industry would not exceed 75%.
In the face of this “cruel fact”, the solution is that only students and parents are satisfied with the products and are willing to continue to apply for paid courses, can they even out the cost.
In today’s business world, it has become a “general rule” to seize the market. In October last year, ape tutor’s “phenomenal financing” attracted the most attention. After the completion of financing, ape tutor’s valuation once reached 15.5 billion US dollars (about 103.7 billion yuan), ranking first in the global education technology Unicorn company.
However, enterprises that can burn money are everywhere, but those that can make profits are rare. Which enterprises really “burn money to value”?
As a mother of K12 children and a parent who gradually relies on the online education platform, I am a little flustered to see that the platform has burned so much money, will I become a “leek”?
After all, such things are common in other industries.