Ernst & Young’s white paper on global optical communication industry: the global optical communication downstream market revenue will reach 1.4 trillion RMB in 2020


On January 28, Ernst & Young released the white paper on global optical communication industry. The white paper predicts that the global downstream market revenue of optical communication will reach 1.4 trillion RMB in 2020, and will maintain a high-speed growth at an average annual growth rate of about 18%. It is expected to create about 3.2 trillion RMB downstream application market space by 2025. Among them, the upgrading of optical LAN in the park and the pan entertainment applications for individuals and families will be the two important factors driving the 1 trillion class market.
At the same time, the white paper points out five trends in the future global digital process: connection scene, pan intelligence, sensory limit, network demand fluctuation and network polarization. In the future, the optical communication industry will bring potential for the development of the fifth generation fixed network communication (F5G).