Baidu is allowed to test autopilot in California


Sina Technology News Beijing morning on January 28th morning, it was reported that the California motor vehicle administration announced on Wednesday that Baidu has obtained the permission of the state and will begin testing unmanned autopilot cars in the state.
Although the design of the autopilot car is designed to eliminate the demand for drivers, so far, most autopilot cars are equipped with a safety officer sitting in the driving position when testing, and in case of emergency, the security personnel need to take over the control of the vehicle immediately. At present, a total of 58 enterprises have obtained the test license of the automatic driving vehicle in California, including most of the major automobile manufacturers, as well as apple technology companies.
Baidu is the sixth licensed company that won the test in California without security personnel. The permit allows Baidu to test three fully automatic vehicles on the designated streets in the city of San Ni VE, Santa Clara.
Baidu said it will use two different models of cars to test its automatic driving system, the two cars are Lincoln MKZ and Chrysler Pacifica.
As China’s search engine leader, Baidu has 500 autopilot cars in China, and some of them are tested in the US, but these test cars are equipped with safety guards. The company has yet to say when it will start conducting all unmanned testing in California.
Baidu said it had already started conducting all autonomous driving tests on public streets in Changsha, Hunan Province, and had obtained permission for all autonomous driving tests in Beijing.
The company also provides driverless taxi services to the public in Changsha, Beijing and Cangzhou, the northern city of Hebei Province, but the vehicles used in the service are equipped with safety officers.