Former co-founder of Yijia mobile founded D2c brand noting


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By Peng Hui
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Original title: the former co-founder of Yijia mobile created D2c brand noting, aiming at India’s “ear economy”
On January 27, the new brand nothing established by Carl Pei, the former co-founder of one plus mobile phone, appeared in London. According to the company’s official website, noting is a visionary new consumer technology company established in London by Pei Yu and his team.
According to reports, noting will release its first batch of smart devices in the first half of this year.
Although the outside world can not know the specific product situation, Pei Yu has previously disclosed to the media that his new company is related to audio and will launch a variety of hardware products.
According to, after Pei Yu left Yijia, he set up new companies and new brands. The investment and product sales of new companies are all related to his past experience in India. Kunal Shah, the core role of Indian venture capital circle, also participated in his new company.
New starting point
“Nothing interesting has happened in science and technology for some time. It’s time to bring a fresh wind of change.” Pei Yu said: “the task of nothing is to remove the barriers between people and technology, so as to create a seamless digital future. We believe that the best technology is beautiful, but it’s natural and intuitive to use. When it’s advanced enough, it should fade into the background and feel like nothing. ”
In fact, in an interview, Pei Yu has disclosed to the media that his new company is related to audio. The company is set up in London and will launch a variety of hardware products. Previously, Pei Yu also frequently warmed up his new brand launch in his personal social media account, and launched a lucky draw at the same time. has learned that Pei Yu is no stranger to the field of audio hardware. In the years before he founded oneplus with Liu zuohu, he worked with a friend to sell MP3 players with white labels in China, according to techcrunch, a venture capital database.
Source: Pei Yu
In December last year, not long after he left Yijia, Pei Yu started the business of the new company. He had previously posted his views on talent through LinkedIn, along with a recruitment link. According to the information on the recruitment platform, the company is a new consumer technology company announced in early 2021, and all positions require candidates to be “interested in consumer technology”.
Specifically, the company recruits social media manager, marketing director, general counsel, global public relations manager, software product designer and other positions in London, while recruiting customer service manager, delivery manager, Indian sales director and other positions in Delhi and Gurgaon, India, and junior CMF designer, mechanical engineer and packaging graphic designer in Stockholm, Sweden Designers and other positions.
As a result, the company’s business is mainly co-ordinated by London, UK. The hardware research and development of the products are mainly in Sweden, while the current main sales place of the products is in India.
Indian gene
According to reports, the release was immediately after the company’s $7 million seed financing in December last year.
The company’s investors include well-known technology leaders and investors, such as “father of iPod” Tony Fadel, twitch co-founder Kevin Lin, reddit CEO Steve Hoffman, the head of future shape, YouTube Casey nestat, and product hunt CEO Josh Buckley.
Among them, it is worth noting that Kunar Shah, the legendary Indian investor and founder of cred, recently disclosed to the media that he also invested in Peiyu’s new company in his own name, but he did not disclose the specific amount of investment.
This is more or less related to Pei Yu’s experience in Canada and India. Since Yijia mobile phone was listed in India, it has become one of the most popular domestic brands in Indian smart phone market in just a few years. In the second quarter of last year, Yijia’s market share surpassed that of Samsung and Xiaomi, becoming the first in India’s high-end smartphone market.
According to, Pei Yu, born in Beijing in 1989, is a Swedish Chinese entrepreneur. According to his personal LinkedIn information, Pei Yu is now the co-founder and CEO of noting. He worked in Nokia and oppo successively. During oppo, Pei Yu was the manager of international marketing department and worked under Liu zuohu, the former deputy general manager of oppo.
In 2013, Pei Yu and Liu zuohu co founded Yijia technology. Over the years, Pei Yu has played an important role in the design of Yijia smart phone series. He also helped the recently launched one plus Nord to become the company’s most popular product to date.
Pei Yu designed a variety of marketing strategies to position and publicize Yijia’s products. Previously, he said in an interview that in 2014, the sales target of Yijia’s mobile phones in overseas markets was only 50000, but the actual sales in that year was close to 1 million. In addition to the headquarters of Canada in Shenzhen, Pei Yu has always attended trade meetings as a representative of the company, and is responsible for interacting with customers and accepting media interviews.
According to, as one Canada’s core market is in India, Pei Yu spent a lot of time in Bangalore, the Indian headquarters of one Canada, during his duty, thus forming an indissoluble bond with the Indian venture capital circle.
Kunar Shah with a huge aura is one of them.
Capital favor
In Indian science and technology circles, Shah can be described as a legendary figure. Indian media said that he knew Indian science and technology “like the palm of his hand”. He started his business as a mobile phone recharge company. His first start-up company was freecharge. In 2015, he sold it for $400 million. This transaction was the largest acquisition of the Internet industry in India at that time. At that time, Shah was only 30 years old.

Later, Shah used the funds to invest in about 80 start-up companies, including pianta, a healthcare application (later acquired by gojek, a car sharing unicorn in Indonesia), unaadamy, one of India’s earliest electronic technology start-ups, and razorpay, a billion dollar Indian financial technology company.
Kunar Shah / source: restof world
At that time, because venture capitalists were reluctant to fund their new start-up, Shah raised $30 million for its second financial technology company on its own reputation. Five months later, he boldly launched a new product, cred, which covers only 1% of Indian demand, a hybrid between payment applications and social credit systems.
Earlier, in an exclusive interview with, Kunar Shah marveled at the scale and speed of the development of China’s Internet, believing that Indian peers should learn from China. In 2018, he will mark his second venture with a Chinese company, not only to learn Chinese, but also to recruit two interns from Nanjing University to collect information about Chinese financial technology enterprises.
Of course, China’s capital investment companies are also optimistic about the future of cred. Highland capital participated in cred’s investment in 2019. In January this year, cred obtained US $81 million of round C financing from Wuyuan capital.
“Carl (Pei Yu) is working with a new consumer electronics company, which I am sure will become a subversive player in the technology industry. I’m happy to be part of this journey. ” Earlier in an interview with the media, Shah said he was very optimistic about Peiyu’s new brand. has learned that music products have a broad market in India, and that Indians can occupy a high position in their love for music. Before that, even byte beat also launched music streaming platform reso. Google’s streaming media giant YouTube said that one month after launching its exclusive music app YouTube music, India is one of the fastest growing markets for its business.
The reason why capital favors Pei Yu is not only his entrepreneurial experience across Europe, China and India, but also his recognition of India’s “ear economy”. Indian life cannot be separated from music, and before Pei Yu entered the market, Chinese had already established a similar D2c brand in India. According to, wecool, the smart headset brand of Indian Chinese entrepreneur Li Junjie, has received Angel round of financing recently.
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