Big data statistics of domestic 5g mobile phone trend: Huawei’s market share is the highest, and Apple’s is behind


Sina digital news on the morning of January 27 news, daily interactive big data recently released relevant data reports on 5g mobile phones. This data takes “5g mobile phone share” as the main parameter, and describes in detail the current development trend of domestic 5g mobile phones, as well as the status of various brands and models.
Since September 2019, big data began to pay attention to the development of 5g mobile phone market, and continuously released 5g mobile phone related data reports. According to their latest report. In 2020, the market scale of 5g mobile phone will continue to expand, and the number and market share of 5g mobile phone active devices will continue to grow. By the end of 2020, the market share of 5g mobile phones in the smartphone market has reached 8.5%, while in the first quarter of 2020, the figure is still 1.7%. (the 5g mobile phone share here refers to the total number of 5g mobile phone activated terminals / the total number of smart phone activated terminals)
Look at the brand: Huawei ranks first, apple comes from behind
In the fourth quarter of 2020, with the debut of the first iPhone 5g mobile phone, the competition of 5g mobile phone brand is becoming increasingly fierce. If divided by brand, Huawei’s 5g mobile phone market share has a great advantage in China, with a market share of 45.5%, significantly ahead of other competitors; vivo and oppo rank second and third with a market share of 15.6% and 11.0%, respectively, which is related to their active layout of 5g products after 2019.
In addition, it should be noted that in the fourth quarter, with the release of the first 5g iPhone, only four models accounted for 5.6% of the market share of 5g phones, ranking sixth, which shows the influence of Apple’s products to a certain extent.
Look at products: Huawei is still in the majority, vivo and apple perform better
Which 5g mobile phone is the most popular in 2020? According to big data, Huawei’s P40 series of two mobile phones ranked first and second, followed by 2-4, as well as the top 15 also have many Huawei products. To a certain extent, it is mutually confirmed with the previous 5g mobile phone share.
There are two new products in the iPhone 12 series, No. 5 and No. 13, which also proves the popularity of the iPhone 12. However, the iPhone 12 Pro Max and mini, which were launched later (at the end of November), failed to enter the top 15.
In addition, vivo’s S6 and X50 are also on the list. These two mobile phones happen to be the products of vivo for young users and flagship mobile phones respectively.
It is worth noting that privacy, such as product launch / user exchange cycle, will make the ranking of products lag behind to a certain extent, that is, not all of them are the latest products of the year (obviously, the earlier they are launched, the easier they are to be listed). Therefore, big data has a ranking of 5g mobile phone activation of Q4 new models in 2020, among which all are new mobile phone products we are familiar with, and all four iPhone 12 series products are on the list. Huawei’s fourth quarter new products, such as mate40 pro, are also on the list.
Look at users: 5g mobile phone users continue to expand
In addition to products, big data also makes statistics on the user portraits of 5g mobile phones. Through the differences between user portraits in different periods, we can find the migration of user preferences of 5g mobile phones, so as to find new market trends.
In terms of gender distribution, by the end of 2020, women with 5g mobile phones accounted for 41.6%. The gender ratio of 5g mobile phone is approaching to that of the whole population;
In terms of age distribution, the proportion of 5g mobile phone users under 24 years old has increased, accounting for 23.5%, which is not only higher than that of 35-44 years old people, but also higher than that of full users of the same age group. To a certain extent, this shows that young people like to embrace 5g and other new technologies;
From the perspective of consumption level, by the end of 2020, the proportion of medium-sized consumers of 5g mobile phone users has increased to 59.2%, which is 17.1% higher than that of the same group in 2020, and it has surpassed the high consumption group to become the main group of 5g mobile phone. This also shows that in 2020, 5g mobile phone models will be more abundant, and manufacturers will continue to broaden the price range of 5g mobile phones to allow more choices;
From the perspective of urban distribution, by the end of 2020, the mainstream population of 5g mobile phones is concentrated in the first and second tier cities, but the population proportion in the third and fourth tier cities has increased compared with that in the middle of 2020, reaching 19.0% and 27.5% respectively. This data is directly related to the 5g network distribution.
Case study: the most popular female consumer of iPhone 12
At the end of the report, twitter released its first iPhone 5g user profile, describing the characteristics of Apple fans who have already used the 5g iPhone.
Surprisingly, women account for as much as 72.2% of the “fruit powder” of the iPhone 12 series, rather than the tech nerd we expected as the main consumer.
In terms of population, 57.6% of 5g iPhone users are under 24 years old, which is higher than 43.8% of non 5g iPhone users. In other words, young people have become the main buyers of the iPhone 12 series.
In terms of consumption level, 69.2% of 5g iPhone users have high consumption level, which is lower than 72.4% of non 5g iPhone users. This is related to the proportion of iPhone 12 sales counted by other data institutions, that is, users love this product, which lowers the average consumption of iPhone.
In terms of urban distribution, iPhone 5g is more popular in first and second tier cities, accounting for 73.1%.
This paper analyzes the proportion of iPhone 5g mobile phones of different age groups based on big data. In the iPhone 12 series, the iPhone 12 has the highest proportion of users in different age groups, and is the most popular model in all age groups.
Among the 35-44 year olds, 31.4% of them use the iPhone 12pro max, which is higher than other age groups. It can be seen that the most expensive “Super Cup” is more popular among users of this age group (perhaps due to their higher consumption level).