Accelerate production diversification? It is said that Apple will transfer more iPhone and iPad production outside China


Sina Technology News on the morning of January 27, according to Nikkei news, it is reported that apple is transferring more and more production outside China, including the production of iPhone, iPad, MAC and other devices, suggesting that the technology giant will continue to accelerate the diversification of production.
According to people familiar with the matter, the iPad will start production in Vietnam as early as the middle of this year, which is the first time that Apple has produced a large number of iPads outside China.
Apple is also increasing iPhone production in India, which is also the second largest production base for iPhone devices. Apple plans to start production of the latest iPhone 12 Series in India as early as this quarter, the person added.
Apple will also increase its capacity for smart speakers, headphones and computers in Southeast Asia as part of its ongoing strategy to diversify production, people familiar with the matter added.
In Vietnam, apple is urging suppliers to expand the capacity of the latest homepod mini, a cheap version of the voice smart speaker line. Since its launch last year, the homepod MINI has been produced in Vietnam. Apple has also increased production of audio related products, such as airpods, locally, according to people familiar with the matter.
Another person familiar with the matter said Apple had moved some of its Mac Mini production to Malaysia. This year, the company also plans to transfer part of its MacBook production to Vietnam. But most computer products are still made in China.
“Apple and many other technology companies want to increase their production capacity outside China.” One supply chain manager said, “and they don’t just focus on peripheral products. Take apple as an example. The company aims to expand the production capacity of a number of core products, such as iPhone, iPad, macbook, airpods and so on, in new locations, mainly in Southeast Asian countries. Two years ago, it was almost impossible. But now, nothing is impossible. ”
Apple’s suppliers have been working hard to meet customers’ demand for further diversification of production bases. Foxconn, a key supplier, invested $270 million last year to set up a subsidiary in Vietnam to expand its production capacity in Vietnam. Lucent precision, a new iPhone manufacturer and a key supplier of airpods, is also expanding its homepod Mini capacity in northern Vietnam.
Apple’s airpods series, which ships about 90 million units a year, will be put into trial production in Vietnam in the summer of 2019, and then will start mass production in Vietnam in 2020. Last year, some of the airpods pro, airpods Max and homepod Mini also began production in Vietnam. In 2020, Apple will also start manufacturing the iPhone 11 in India.
So far, Apple has not responded to requests for comment.