MIIT’s response to app’s infringement on users’ rights and interests: special rectification has achieved positive results


On January 26, Zhao Zhiguo, spokesman of the Ministry of industry and information technology and director of the information and communication administration, said at the press conference on the development of industry and information technology in 2020 that in order to better protect the rights and interests of users, the Ministry of industry and information technology has taken a series of measures, especially special rectification, and achieved positive results. Starting in 2019, special actions have been carried out for two consecutive years, focusing on four aspects and ten categories of problems such as illegal handling of user’s personal information by app and frequent harassment of users by setting obstacles. From 2019 to now, a total of 620000 apps have been technically tested, 2234 illegal apps have been ordered to be rectified, 500 apps have been publicly reported, and 132 apps have been removed from the shelves that have not been rectified or refused to be rectified. The next step will be to further intensify efforts on this basis. In general, it is necessary to maintain the personal information security and data security of users, so as to fundamentally improve the consumption environment.