Exclusive | tmall global responds to the problem of off shelf cat food: request the batch of goods involved to be sent for inspection again


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Sina Technology News On the afternoon of January 26, according to the news that “netizens reported that go cat food may cause the cat to get sick or even die, and tmall global has removed the problem cat food from the shelves”, tmall global responded that we attach great importance to consumer feedback. After receiving relevant feedback on January 23, we have removed the relevant products from the shelves for the first time, and asked the brand side to send the batches of products for inspection again. At present, we are waiting for a professional plane Quality inspection report of the organization. Exclusive customer service has been set up to fully protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.
Previously, according to microblog netizens, a cat friend said in an article that his cat died due to eating go cat food, which is now being tested. After a while, many cat friends found that a certain batch of go cat food in November 2020 led to anorexia and vomiting.
Before that, tmall global had taken the problem cat food off the shelves. There were no nine kinds of meat cat food in the official flagship store. The other three kinds of fish, chicken cat food and other products were still on sale.