The master who was attacked by the Internet “proved his illness by death”


Intern Li Kewen surging reporter Ren Wu
Her name is Zhao Shangshang, and she has a more well-known name on the Internet, Kafka muffin king.
Mr. muffin was once a well-known up owner of station B. he died of lung cancer on December 10, 2020. He was only 25 years old. When the news of her death spread to the Internet, many people left messages under her last microblog, expressing shock, regret and nostalgia. A small number of malicious messages were mixed in, which was particularly eye-catching. For example, there was a hot comment “open a champagne”, which meant to celebrate her death.
Before the muffin king died, the voice of cursing her to die never stopped. She may not be able to understand, until her death, where the vicious mentality of strangers in reality comes from.
On the surface, this prolonged violence only stems from a late night expression.
The barrage of malicious attack on muffin king on station B has now been cleared. The pictures in this article are all from the Internet
The last tweet from Mr. muffin.
The price of fame
In reality, Zhao Shangshang is a graduate student of Boston University in the United States. He was diagnosed with advanced lung cancer in September 2019. But on the Internet, she always looks energetic, can eat and drink, often works out, occasionally travels, and doesn’t lose her hair during chemotherapy. She doesn’t look like a cancer patient at all.
After a period of treatment, Zhao Shangshang was in the Harvard Library in October 2019.
This is the reason why she was initially questioned sporadically. Since her first vlog on the Internet, there has been no lack of such private letters and comments. At first she didn’t care. She tucks in Vlog at the most time: “I don’t believe it’s pulled down, I don’t make complaints about it, do I?” Why not apply this spirit of inquiry and refutation to the study of unknown science
The turning point will take place on February 3, 2020. That day, after she was healthy, she posted a self portrait of her whole body on Weibo. A male netizen commented, “it seems that you have a small belly.”
It is pointed out by netizens that there are fitness photos of small belly.
That night, she recorded a video “why can’t we get back to the people who spray us?” she specially scolded the netizen (who didn’t reveal the other person’s ID), saying that this society has too much pressure on girls’ appearance, precisely because of the existence of this kind of person: “if you don’t like it, don’t watch it, right? You must get together to criticize, as if you have a sense of nobility You are really the type of boy I particularly hate. I want to send a video to scold you. ”
A lot of people don’t understand. This sentence doesn’t seem malicious. As for it? Afterwards, muffin Jun explained that she was in a good mood that day, and as a patient, she had been sharing a positive and healthy attitude towards life. When she saw such a comment, she felt like “pouring cold water on her head”. She felt aggrieved and even more angry at being offended.
She remembers that when she was a child, there were many rules for her grandmother’s funeral. What impressed her most was that female family members in the physiological period could not attend, otherwise they would be regarded as unlucky. When she grew up, she voiced many times for social discrimination against women and body shape.
In July 2020, Mr. muffin expressed his attitude towards body examination and humiliation on micro blog.
That few days happened to be when muffin Jun was unexpectedly popular in station B. after the video was sent out, the male netizen was attacked by some fans, and she also received a lot of negative comments.
One of the 19-year-old girl’s comments particularly attracted her attention: “elder sister, you’d better treat well. Don’t black the people who don’t lick you in station B. are you not hospitalized after vomiting blood? He has such a strange temper that he really takes himself as a duke. ”
She didn’t want to tolerate these attacks. The next day, she sent a video called “network sprayer goes well and doesn’t send it away” to express her attitude. In the video, she hit back at the girl with the same “weird” sarcasm: “curse people in hospital, how many parents do you have I know you apologized, but what’s the use of apologizing? You’re an adult. Adults need to be responsible for what they say. If they say something, they have to be prepared not to be forgiven. ”
Between the other side said that has been cancelled, she put the other side’s ID directly “hang up” out.
In fact, before sending this video, the girl, besieged by muffin fans, had already apologized and sold her name. Why do you want to pursue her? Mr. muffin once explained in the comment area: “she’s not the most vicious comment I’ve ever received. Only when the risk of being hanged is known by more people, the Spitzer will talk a little bit too much and keep a little bit of human kindness
However, the practice of Mr. muffin did not achieve the effect of “setting an example to others”, but caused more people’s disgust.
In the view of an opponent of surging news interview, muffin Junfa’s counterattack video is her freedom, but she should not “hang people up”. The behavior of “hanging people up” is a kind of internet violence. As a public figure who uses the Internet to spread information and has many fans, she should pay attention to her words and deeds and abide by the rules, rather than guide and connive at fans’ internet violence against dissidents.
“Many netizens, including me, can’t bear it!” At that time, a message claiming to tell “the whole story” was widely forwarded, netizens’ emotions were constantly copying and upgrading, and public opinion gradually went out of control.
The above-mentioned two netizens and some netizens who raised doubts were attacked or attacked by muffin fans. The opponents of muffin king thought that she used the internet violence of fans to launch a crusade against muffin king, which spread from microblog and B station to Zhihu, Douban and other platforms, and the abusive content spread to her family and friends. Her QQ number, mobile phone number and other information were also picked out. Someone also set up a chat group to make and spread her photos. There is even a post with the title of “ten thousand ways to die of Kafka muffin king”.
Among them, the resistance of B station users is the most intense. The barrage that cheers for her is gradually covered by curse and abuse. Her video, too, became spoof material.
All kinds of rumors come along. They say that she is a black top doubter, that she is a human mother, and that she forces netizens to kneel down. But whether it’s true or not, all the consequences are on her.
Muffin king in B station received malicious private letter.

At this time, Zhao Shangshang was hospitalized due to the deterioration of his condition. In an interview with story FM a few months later, she said she didn’t know about fans’ human flesh behavior. After hearing that, she called on her fans online to stop human flesh, “but it’s too late.”
In this interview, Mr. muffin explained that the behavior of hanging ID at that time was no different from daily forwarding a blogger, and he didn’t think he had the obligation to cover an attacker. But after the report was issued, she left a message for reflection, admitting that the practice at that time was immature and deserved to be scolded. “Now I realize that because I have a lot of followers, I have an unfair right to speak on the Internet with ordinary netizens, (so) I still have to play the code.”
She said that she contacted one of the netizens who was attacked by the Internet, made a sincere apology and obtained the other party’s forgiveness. However, considering that the other party will take the college entrance examination this year, she did not make it public or explain it. At that time, she @ a friend on Weibo, friends will receive abusive private messages, she does not want any of her behavior to affect the senior three.
Afterwards, a netizen of station B commented that it was an incident of using internet violence and being eaten back by it. “Kafka may not be aware of his energy, may not be aware of the harmfulness of cyber violence, or may have hallucinations about his ability to control the situation, but in any case, these imperfections do not affect Kafka, as a victim of cyber violence, to be punished for not being guilty.”
With the upsurge of internet violence, the question of “pretending to be ill and defrauding money” about Mr. muffin has also been pushed to the top of the wave, saying that she is a “dirty reincarnation” and “medical miracle”.
At the end of February, in order to prove her innocence, she sent the original medical records in English to the Internet and forwarded a translation of the medical records to a netizen, who was still suspected to be a fake medical record. In the middle of March, she invited the resident doctors to come out together to explain her condition and treatment. The screen was full of bullets: “how can the doctor speak Chinese” “please memorize the words” “how much is the work permit?” “four eyes of sand sculpture are only 20 yuan a day in Hengdian.”.
No matter how much evidence she produced, those people didn’t believe it. Zhao realized that maybe they didn’t care about the truth at all.
In May, she sent a vlog of the inquiry process of the cancer center. A comment with a sarcastic expression said: “people say it’s fake, but I’m different. I hope it’s true.”
Hard shell
Before lung cancer was detected, Zhao Shangshang, a fitness enthusiast, never felt any discomfort, except for the occasional cough. “Who would have thought that a cough would be cancer?”
During the break in August 2019, she suddenly coughed violently. She felt something was coming out of her throat, so she asked for a piece of paper from her classmates. Unexpectedly, she coughed up blood in her hands, which was “very frightening”. Later, when she went to the bathroom, she coughed up the blood from the toilet, “which is more frightening.”.
A week later, she was diagnosed with advanced non-small cell lung cancer. The cancer cells had spread to the liver and bones. Doctors said that if no treatment was found, she might only live for half a year. She was a little confused and then comforted by the nurse who rushed in. Afterwards, she laughs in the vlog, remembering that her sister was crying “so sad and sad” that she thought it was inappropriate not to shed tears. It was the only time she cried about her cancer.
Later netizens asked her how to be so strong, she attributed to the impact of personal experience.
In the eyes of senior high school student Yang Fan, Shangshang, who is 17 or 18 years old, has shown the characteristics of independence, ability and courage. Since her sophomore year in high school, she has sponsored and participated in the management of an NGO organization full of college students, from Changsha in Hunan Province to Wushan County in Sichuan Province, and went to Singapore to attend the US college entrance examination without telling her family.
After that, she studied abroad by herself, and gradually became a student bully. First, she studied for four years in the University of Florida. Because of her excellent performance, she was admitted as a full scholarship master directly by the University. Later, she applied to Boston University, which has a better professional ranking. “After another year, she can work and earn money.”.
In Zhao Shangshang’s opinion, compared with many trivial pains in life, getting cancer is not difficult. She didn’t feel that this was the last day of her life. While actively treating her, she never gave up the arrangement for the future. After a year’s suspension, she went back to school. After the relapse, she was still in a hurry to finish her homework, even though the professor advised her to leave it alone.
The reason why Mr. muffin insisted on keeping fit after suffering from cancer was more out of a kind of psychological comfort: “I can still move, I can still move. I’m still moving well It made her feel “alive and well.”.
It’s only occasionally that we think about death. As the only child in her family, she didn’t want her parents to save her, worried that if she left one day, they would be helpless. It’s selfish to shoot the video. I hope my parents will miss her and see her in the camera, “just like I’m sitting in front of them talking to them.”.
Yang Fan said that at first, Shangshang didn’t want to let too many people know that they were suffering from cancer, and rarely took the initiative to complain to friends. At most, he used a tone of self mockery to say that “I haven’t soaked enough little brother” and other regrets. Whenever she saw her friends unhappy, she would encourage them in a “pitiful” way: “you see, I have advanced lung cancer, and I still live so heartless, why can’t you try to look forward?”
Later, her favorite talk show actors also paid attention to her, and recorded a video of the audience cheering for her. With the idea of gratitude, she decided to share her “happy life with heaven” on the Internet, hoping to encourage more people.
At the end of January 2020, at the suggestion of a friend, Zhao Shangshang uploaded ten vlogs previously posted on his microblog to station B. among them, “what am I thinking when I know I have advanced lung cancer?” with a total broadcast amount of more than 5.6 million, was pushed to the home page of station B.
In the video, she is always smiling. Even if she mentions a heavy topic, her tone is relaxed as if she is talking about an ordinary thing.
The muffin king in vlog is always smiling.
Zhou Li, a friend, said that Shangshang is positive most of the time. This kind of shining personality has become the reason for some netizens to attack her. “They can’t understand her optimism and strength, so they think she’s fake.”

Zhou Li has a legal background, and Zhao Shangshang has consulted her on how to deal with cyber violence. She recalled that at that time, the authorities were a little excited and angry, but they felt sorry and sad for the innocent people who were affected. “She thinks that those cyber bullies at most stink her reputation and have less influence on her. But the attacks on relatives and friends who helped her refute have caused a lot of trouble. ”
At that time, a netizen just left a message to comfort Mr. muffin. He was attacked and abused for three days in a row, so that he was afraid to delete the record.
Zhao Shangshang has considered suing Internet abusers. Zhou Li told her that no matter which country the litigation is in, the evidence collection is relatively long, which has a great impact on the life of the parties. Moreover, since she is in the United States, it is even more difficult to sue in China, which is not good for her health.
After listening, the superior said that he would think about it again. Later, she did give up safeguarding her rights. Maybe she was not willing to. In Zhou Li’s opinion, Shangshang is a young woman with strong self-consciousness. Unlike most people, she has been bullied and swallowed her anger. Because of her unyielding and resistance, the violence has become more and more intense and lasting.
Friends advised her not to pay attention to these people, and also did not agree with her disclosure of privacy through medical records. They thought that the best way to deal with cyber violence was to shield, ignore and deal with it coldly.
She has done the same. In August 2020, Mr. muffin updated the last b-station video and uninstalled the software. The microblog also closed the private messages of strangers, and set them to be visible for half a year and only fans can comment. Some microblogs released later also limited the visible range.
But still can not stop, those continuous, all pervasive malicious.
In August, during the live broadcast, someone kept brushing gifts to her under the ID of “how can you still live with belly cancer”, so as to achieve the effect of dominating the screen. In October, another anti-cancer blogger “the second half of Huzi’s life” who was suspected of faking and selling miserably died. Someone forwarded relevant news and @ Kafka muffin Jun said: “go to hell and marry Huzi in the dark.” In November, she said on her microblog that she had to catch the deadline for her homework. Someone asked, “when is your deadline?”
Some people changed their microblog ID to “Kafka sends germs” and constantly humiliated, ridiculed and attacked her. Almost every one of them had to bring the topic of “Kafka muffin king” and @ herself, which lasted from March to December after the death of muffin king.
There have been people on Weibo calling muffin Jun to die soon.
From time to time, Mr. muffin still can’t resist these malice, and even angrily tweeted that before she died, she would use all her heritage to become a member of microblog for 100 years, buy a popular microblog on the whole platform, and expose their ID and words as her epitaph.
Late one night before that, she wrote on her micro blog: “no, I still can’t give in. Whether it’s for disease, or for those vicious and obnoxious people. ”
After the relapse, the patient who suffered from the pain of the muffin King met the Internet abuser.
Proof of Powerlessness
During the most violent period of attack, Zhao Shangshang experienced a very serious illness. At first, she only felt pain in her arm muscles. Later, she was found to have a serious effusion in her lung. She had two consecutive thoracentesis and drew more than half a box of blood.
At that time, Wang Min would visit her whenever she was free, but several times she went to the hospital, she was asleep, only once chatted. Wang Min recalled that at that time, Shangshang “downplayed” her illness and said in a low voice that if the nurse hadn’t come to give her painkillers and the movement of holding the pain pump, no one could see that she was suffering from extreme pain.
In Wang Min’s eyes, Zhao Shangshang is the kind of person who “looks very sensible and has been sensible for a long time”. “Maybe the first time to put the video Po online is to try to leave some proof of existence, and try to find some warmth. I didn’t expect to turn into a nail rolling board later. ”
It can be seen from the words in the microblog that Zhao Shangshang is not as “careless” or “heartless” as she shows. In fact, she is eager for love and recognition, but also has corresponding sensitivity and vulnerability.
Muffin king even if occasionally reveal some negative emotions, but also a joke to ease the atmosphere.
In the overwhelming criticism, Mr. muffin once sent a vlog entitled “rainy day in the sun”. In the video, he mentioned the danger of being hospitalized for three weeks, the various attacks he suffered during the period, and the crying for an hour after watching the latest bad review. She felt very aggrieved. “The point that a lot of people questioned was” why she was so happy and alive when she got cancer. But her original intention of making the video was to share the positive and happy side, not the difficulties, pain and sadness, because “everyone’s life is hard enough.”.
“I’ve never asked people to raise money for me. Why do you call me a bad money? Why do you have so many excuses and reasons to say that this is false after I was forced to show my medical record? Why hurt people like this? Do you know how painful it is for me to lie in bed while you are doing these things? ”
At this moment, she took off all the camouflage and armor, said the same words repeatedly with red eyes and choked, and asked questions that could not be answered.
Li Yuan and Zhao Shangshang, who are both suffering from cancer, have a natural sense of trust between their patients. Shangshang once found her after a breakdown. That day, Shangshang was in the hospital for transfusion. Because of a small matter, she had a quarrel with her family. Suddenly, her mood came up and she cried a lot, saying that she wanted to pull out the needle and died.
It’s the only time I’ve been up and down in front of her. Most of the time, the “bright and positive” will infect and encourage her, “I’m much lighter than her. Why should I cry all day long?”
Sometimes, Shangshang’s “efforts to emit light” will make people “unconsciously ignore the danger of her situation”.
In fact, after the diagnosis, Zhao Shangshang’s body has been unstable, always good for a while and bad for a while. In her own words, when it’s good, go up the mountain and down the sea and run with iron. Bad time, nausea, nausea, vomiting pain, walk ten minutes all out of breath.

In October 2020, she found that the cancer cells recurred and grew up in her back, which had compressed the nerves and swept out two new spots in her brain. She described the pain as if a steel plate had been installed in her back, “and then someone randomly removed the plate in the middle of the day.”
Zhao Shangshang’s arm is blue because of infusion and injection.
The last time Li Yuan interacted with her, she saw a large amount of cyanosis on her arm due to continuous infusion on the micro blog. She replied: “when she was stuck to nowhere, her nerves were all aching.”
In November, due to the failure of previous targeted drugs and the lack of new drugs to replace them, Zhao Shangshang began to accept the traditional chemotherapy that can prevent hair loss. The medicine that can prevent hair loss is not covered by the medical insurance, so she didn’t use it in the end.
At the end of November, Zhao Shangshang, who received traditional chemotherapy, began to lose a lot of hair.
In repeated hospitalization, she became weak, vomiting, sweating a lot, willpower and mental power were consumed bit by bit. “I’m still afraid.” She said on Weibo.
Because of the epidemic, hospitals are basically not allowed to visit. On the day she was sent to ICU, she took the initiative to send a message to Wang Min for the first time, asking if she could come to the hospital to see her. Wang Min replied that she was in a meeting and couldn’t come, “now think about it, she should be flustered or in bad condition.”
The next day, she was transferred from the ICU to the general ward, and everyone thought she had escaped another disaster.
On December 9, Zhao Shangshang, who was lying in the hospital bed, updated his last circle of friends: “I may never see you again.” One day later, she left the world forever.
Many people sigh that she finally proved her illness by her death. However, this kind of “proof” is particularly weak and sad under the network violence after his death.
Some clapped their hands and said “good death”, “finally go to hell” and “open the champagne to celebrate”, while others used the same method to counter those who had questioned and attacked the muffin king and asked them to apologize. In the chaos, another “just” crusade began to take place.
Meanwhile, Yang Fan turned out an old text 8 years ago on his official account. Zhao Shangshang, a 17-year-old, wrote at the end of an article on internet violence published in Xiaoxiang Morning Post: “what is lacking in the Internet era when the internet mob is more and more free of speech and more tolerant of spirit? Perhaps what they lack is the true heart of justice and the spirit of seeking the truth. ”
“Don’t let the” internet mob “borrow the name of justice” was an article published by Zhao Shang in the newspaper when he was a sophomore in senior high school.
On December 23, station B issued a notice to mourn “Kafka muffin king” and “the second half of tiger son’s life”, “to commemorate that they once existed in the same world with us, had seen the same scenery, and were happy or sad for the same things. I wish you a good life and treat each other well. “