Analyst: Apple’s latest quarterly sales will exceed $100 billion for the first time


Sina Technology News on the morning of January 25, Beijing time, according to reports, Wall Street analysts expect that in the latest quarter’s financial report, Apple’s revenue may exceed $100 billion for the first time.
27 analysts predicted through Yahoo Finance that Apple’s sales are expected to reach $102.76 billion in the first quarter of 2021, which ends December 31. Among them, some analysts expect the company’s revenue to reach as high as $110.21 billion.
In a research note, Morgan Stanley analysts Katy L. Huberty and Erik w. Woodring said they had bought more shares before forecasting record revenue for the quarter. The two analysts rated Apple’s share price as “super matched” and set a target price of $152 for the stock.
According to Yahoo financial data, Apple’s revenue in the latest quarter will increase by about 16% over the same period last year, based on the median expected revenue of $102.76 billion.
It is reported that apple is scheduled to announce its latest results after the close on Wednesday.
In addition, Amazon will also release its latest results on February 2, and its quarterly sales are expected to reach more than $100 billion. Apple and Amazon will join a small number of U.S. companies, including Wal Mart, to reach a $100 billion revenue milestone.
Last summer, apple made history as the first U.S. company with a market value of more than $2 trillion. Some people think that apple is able to set this record because they have locked customers in the iPhone ecosystem.
Analysts said that with the launch of the new 5g model, Apple’s revenue in the last quarter was also driven by iPhone sales. According to Morgan Stanley research, last year’s iPhone launch was the most successful in the past five years.
The trend of telecommuting triggered by the epidemic has also boosted sales of other Apple hardware devices, such as iPads, desktops and laptops, according to Morningstar analysts.
“Tim Cook, Apple’s chief executive, expects iPhone revenue to grow in the December quarter, despite the launch of the new iPhone 12 a few weeks late, but he didn’t say how much,” some analysts wrote in a note originally released before Thanksgiving. At the same time, all other products and services are expected to achieve double-digit growth. ” The analysts reissued the report last week.
Analysts at Argus research company said Apple was “fully committed” to its products. Argus research company’s rating of the evaluation stock is “buy”.
It is rumored that apple is testing several new products, which are currently in different stages of testing. The company is testing new iPhone with folding screens, while developing autopilot cars, and apple is developing its first head display device, reported that its price will be higher.