On the other side of the life of “starved B station owner”: family circumstances are still acceptable, and he has been detained many times for breaking the law


Original title: exclusive “starved to death B station up owner” the other side of life: the family situation is fair, because of illegal repeatedly detained
The news of the death of up leader “Mocha official” (hereinafter referred to as “Mocha”) in station B ignited public opinion, but his life experience was far more complicated than that of Internet rumors.
On the evening of January 21, 2021, the news of mocha’s death hit the microblog. According to some netizens who had contact with mocha, mocha’s grandmother fell ill and became poor due to illness, and her parents ran away from debt. After leaving high school, mocha worked for a living and found that she had a tumor on her nose.
In this story, mocha was found suffering from diabetes when she removed the tumor, but she had no savings to continue treatment, and finally died of ketoacidosis. Some we media articles describe it as “starving to death.”.
Interface news learned from reliable sources that Mocha had lived in a divorced family since childhood, but the family situation was OK. His mother remarried after divorce and was more capable, but less concerned about Mocha, which led to his unsociable personality. Mo Cha went out to work before finishing high school. He once went astray and was attacked and dealt with by the public security organs for many times because of his involvement in illegal and criminal activities. A local person close to the case said that the death of mocha was “more of a family tragedy”.
People familiar with the matter said that when Mocha was 3 years old, her parents divorced and her mother remarried later. Mocha was granted custody to her mother, so she took her mother’s surname. However, the life of mocha in her mother’s home is not happy. The mother also had a brother and a younger brother. At one time, disputes broke out between brothers and sisters over property issues, and even went to court.
Mocha’s grandfather, Du mouming, has two sons and a daughter, whose daughter Chen is in the middle of qiongpai. Du is quite capable in the local area, and he has two houses in his family.
After Chen returned to her mother’s home after her divorce, her parents planned to give one house to her two sons, and the other one to herself and Chen. However, the two sons always occupied the house that was given to her daughter.
When Mocha was 11 years old, her mother Chen Mou Qiong, together with her grandparents, took her two uncles to court. The court finally supported their claim, but the two uncles never returned the house to their mother.
To this end, Chen Qiong’s mother repeatedly applied to the court for compulsory execution. Considering that the case involved family members, the court organized adjustment. During the mediation, the two sons said they were willing to move out of the house, but would no longer support the elderly in the future. At the same time, they asked for part of the family’s arable land.
However, the two daughters-in-law resolutely did not agree to move out of the house, and abused the two old people, and the two sides refused to give in to each other.
The court and village group cadres have mediated four times, and the two sons have vacated the house. People familiar with the matter said that Mocha was only 11 years old at that time, and family conflicts had a great impact on his psychology.
According to wechat official number “Xichang release”, mocha surnamed Chen, male, was born on April 5, 1998. Mocha’s mother said that her family is not bad. She has a Dongfeng Yueda Kia car she bought in 2014 and a foot bath shop in Xichang. Interface news learned that the foot bath shop has been closed during the epidemic.
Mocha’s mother said that she purchased 18.53 square meters of commercial housing and 43.11 square meters of office space in Xichang City in January 2016 and may 2019, respectively.
Mocha’s mother said that because of her family’s divorce, mocha was more isolated and didn’t like to talk. Her biggest hobby was the Internet. After graduating from vocational high school, mocha traveled to Xichang, Huili, Chengdu and other places for a long time, asking her to pay for her living expenses. Because she asked her to support herself, the relationship between mother and son was tense.
According to the people familiar with the matter, during the period of working outside, mocha was repeatedly cracked down by the public security organs for participating in illegal and criminal activities. He once used a mobile phone number to contact his friends to borrow money, but this mobile phone number is not his own.
In 2020, mocha found a nasal tumor in Xichang, and then her father took her to Panzhihua hospital for surgery, and paid for the surgery. During this period, mocha has been diagnosed with diabetes, hypertension and other diseases. After the operation, due to discord with her father, Mo Cha went out alone and did not answer her parents’ phone calls.
People familiar with the matter said that before the incident, mocha took some money from her father and rented a house in Huili County. After that, she didn’t contact her family for some time. On January 10, 2021, the family found that Mocha had no news for three days. They went to the rental house to look for it and found that it had passed away. Because of diabetes, according to the doctor’s advice, ink tea can’t drink, but relatives found a large number of drink bottles in his rental room.
According to the relevant person in charge of the hometown of mocha, the investigation of Huili County Public Security Bureau confirmed that the cause of death of mocha was due to illness. The official said that after the cremation of mocha’s body in Huili County funeral home, the ashes were taken back to Xichang by her mother and buried on January 12.
The source said that the township government confirmed that Grandpa Wu tea was not a poor household. The investigation is basically over and the relevant situation has been reported to the propaganda department and other departments.
Interface news noted that we media articles that previously said that Mocha was “starving to death” could not be viewed due to suspected violations.