Internet thunder: employers, college students and teachers have been recruited


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By Wu Minghui
Source: business data (ID: business data)
Originally thought to find a quality life pond, but swam into the sea of routine.
2020 is not destined to be a calm year.
This year, the trend of expelling bad money from good money in Internet finance continues. Among the platforms that have been cleared, there are many financial platforms that stars have spoken for.
This year, the love nests of the spiritual little bourgeois also collapsed one after another, and dozens of parents’ rented apartments, such as eggshell apartment, youth apartment and guest apartment, were nailed to the stigma of thunder.
This year, the online education market with a total financing amount of about 52.75 billion yuan also opened a new round of elimination competition, and the winners of education and xuebajun were out one after another.
According to incomplete statistics of business data school, in 2020, more than 10 companies of certain scale will go bankrupt in the fields of Internet finance, long-term rental apartments and education.
(data source: compilation of public materials of business data school)
According to the data of mob Research Institute, it orange and Chinese Academy of Sciences, in 2020, 56.7% of consumer finance users have houses, 55.2% of long-term rental apartments are high-income people, and 83% of online education users belong to middle-class families with annual income of 100000-1000000. Although Internet finance, long-term apartment rental and online education are three different industries, their users have one common feature: they have a little money and pursue a higher quality of life.
(data source: it orange)
Dream is beautiful, but ideal is nothing. Originally thought to find a quality life pond, but swam into the sea of routine.
While the new economy brings convenience to people, it also brings many new hidden dangers. Some people invest 900000 yuan in financial management and end up with no capital and interest at all; some people step out of the university campus but step into the big pit of long-term rental apartments; some people, with the lofty ideal of teaching and educating people, break down in the online education platform
I’m glad to return the rent in advance. I only lost two months’ rent
[Huang Xuebin] eggshell apartment tenant
Huang Xuebin, a 22-year-old graduate, was unexpectedly the “lucky one” under the thunder of eggshell apartment.
In November 2019, Huang Xuebin, who is in the internship period, went to a game studio near the South Railway Station with his college roommates for internship. Different from this roommate’s desperate search for a house, Huang Xuebin directly chose eggshell apartment and quickly rented a second apartment (shared) near the company through contacting the agent of eggshell apartment.
“I’m a little bourgeois in spirit. I’m more concerned about home decoration and commuting distance to work. I can accept the price as long as it’s not too high.” Huang Xuebin said carelessly to business data school. According to his recollection, he also tried to find his own house on the eve of his internship. However, because Huang Xuebin had higher requirements for the house itself, and he had not found an internship job yet, it was not easy to control the commuting distance, so he had no choice.
Once in the game “StarCraft” and trade union friends talked about this, the other party happened to work in the eggshell apartment, by the way recommended the next. After Huang Xuebin submitted his demand through eggshell apartment app, a broker quickly contacted him and said that the company has many apartments. If the customer needs to change rooms due to work, he will recommend the houses near the customer’s new company, and then he can pay the new house price. With this, Huang Xuebin was moved.
After finding the internship unit, Huang Xuebin got in touch with the staff of eggshell apartment, and accompanied by the other party, inspected several houses near the company. Huang Xuebin said: I’m very satisfied with the house decoration, and the commuting time to the company is no more than half an hour. I really can’t get up so early in the morning, so I chose the second set which is only 5 minutes’ ride to the company.
According to Huang Xuebin, the rental price of this two unit apartment is 2400 yuan per month. Because I choose to rent together, the monthly rent is 1200 yuan per month (except water and electricity properties), plus 300 service charges. It’s more expensive than the rent around the South Railway Station.
But this “exquisite” sharing life has deviated from the comfortable channel. Soon after he moved in, Huang Xuebin regretted it. He found that the cost of renting a house every month was much higher than he thought. Even if he didn’t use water and electricity, only the rent and service fee was 1500, and his roommates liked to do the confusing behavior of “turning on the bathroom lamp all night”. The cost of renting a house came to about 2000 yuan.
What makes Huang Xuebin most intolerable is that the living habits of his roommates and young people are totally opposite. He went to bed at 10 o’clock in the evening, resulting in that he could not play games freely; he got up at 6 o’clock in the morning to watch “Liangjian”, which had a serious impact on his sleep. Communication several times also like this, Huang Xuebin can only choose to return rent, even if the loss of a month’s rent.
At the beginning of October 2020, with one month to go before the contract period, Huang Xuebin still can’t stand his roommate’s early return. According to the contract, he will be deducted one month’s rent as compensation, but the deposit can still be returned. After the rent was withdrawn, Huang Xuebin submitted an application for surrender on the app, but what he was waiting for was the news of eggshell apartment thunderstorm in November.
“Fortunately, I met this amazing roommate and asked me to return the rent in advance. If I was one month late, I would lose more than two months’ rent (including the deposit),”
If you don’t agree to recover the 70% discount, the investment of 900000 yuan will come to nothing
[Li Jing] victim of an internet financial product
“If you had known this, you might as well take some time to invest in dynamic investment and earn some income. At least the capital is controlled by yourself and safe.” Li Jing, administrator of an Internet wealth management app, repeatedly said this in an interview with business data group.
Li Jing is the boss of a plate processing factory in Guangdong. After so many years of business, although he is not very rich, he has some spare money. Because the plate processing needs to run to the factory frequently, and Li Jing really knows nothing about financial management, so this spare money usually asks friends to help make dynamic investment, which is better than putting it in the bank!

“Blame yourself for being too greedy and lazy,” Li Jing said with a little self-respect. In 2017, Li Jing said with his friends who do dynamic investment: “now Internet finance has policy support, and the income is very considerable. The annual income of an internet financial management platform is as high as 7% – 10%”. After listening to a friend, Li Jing thought that the spare money was not available for the time being, and the income was still high. The most important thing was to save trouble. She didn’t have to take care of it by herself. She simply invested more than 900000 yuan of income from the dynamic investment in recent years with her friends.
According to Li Jing’s recollection, he had many opportunities to get off the bus to stop loss.
Before the thunder storm, although the platform will send customer service after the user’s investment is due to tempt the user to reinvest with various verbal benefits and benefits, the user can still directly withdraw the interest or principal + interest from the platform. However, every time Li Jing arrived at the withdrawal period, it was explained by the customer service, so Li Jing reinvested all the principal and interest of the previous period in so many periods, “now in retrospect, it’s all routine!”
Because of this, Li Jing lost more than most people. According to Li Jing, who is the administrator of the rights protection group, in this 2000 person rights protection group, only more than 10 people have more than one million principal, and the loss of more than 900000 principal plus interest is no less than that of them.
“After the thunder storm, I can actually get off the car at a discount to stop the loss, but our money is also hard-earned, so we can’t be reaped in vain, and the principal and interest can’t be less than a cent.” Li Jing’s answer is still firm half a year after the thunder storm. According to Weiquan group and Li Jing’s supplementary information, after the thunderstorm, the platform has given a remedy. The first remedy is 70% off (that is, withdraw 70% of the principal to settle the debt). However, most users feel that these are their legitimate rights and interests, so few people do not accept them. Later, the conversion ratio of this scheme was changed to 30% discount. In the end, even the convertible bonds were stopped and it was impossible to get off with a discount.
Since the thunderstorm in June, Li Jing has been struggling on the road of safeguarding his rights, but so far he has not got a proper explanation.
As victims, no one listens to the teacher’s sufferings
[Jia Haifeng] xuebajun part time teacher
“Don’t talk about it.” after business data school asked Jia Haifeng, a part-time teacher of xuebajun, whether xuebajun would continue to work part-time on the platform if there was no thunder storm, Jia thought for a moment and gave the answer.
According to Mr. Jia’s recollection, he only started to work part-time in xuebajun in 2018. At that time, xuebajun’s offer for high school courses was 65 yuan per class (40 minutes), which was far lower than the remuneration given to super teachers by most offline tutoring classes.
Why go to such a low price?
In the face of the author’s question, Mr. Jia answered the “business data school”: “making money is not the purpose. I use my evenings and weekends to do part-time jobs on xuebajun, mainly because I want to get in touch with the new thing of online education, and improve and review my ability. I think my professional ability is pretty good. I want to let more children get some necessary guidance in this way. ”
In the dialogue with business data school, Mr. Jia mentioned more than once: “the education industry is different from other business activities. Education should keep its original intention and have a bottom line, because you must be the future of our motherland, but xuebajun has completely turned it into a business enterprise.”
Mr. Jia told the business data group that he thought there was no problem with xuebajun’s one-to-one education model. The planners, head teachers and teachers of the platform were usually very responsible, which was also recognized by many parents. The problem lies in xuebajun’s inducement of parents’ consumption loans. Many parents are thrifty and pay their tuition fees with loans. Now the platform simply goes out of business. Children don’t have classes here, and parents don’t have the money to give their children new educational resources. Finally, it’s the flowers of the motherland that are harmed!
Teachers like Jia are also direct victims. According to Mr. Jia, part-time teachers can apply for withdrawal of last month’s salary on the 8th of each month, and they can get it on the 25th of that month. They applied in August, but up to now, the salary of several thousand yuan hasn’t arrived.
But what hurt Mr. Jia most was that he didn’t buy classes or sell loans, but the teachers who were in charge of teaching were also the victims of xuebajun Fulei. However, he couldn’t get the understanding and support of parents on the road of safeguarding rights. No matter right or wrong, as soon as he spoke in the group of safeguarding rights, some parents immediately jumped out and sneered, thinking that the teachers and the platform were a group.
“Rights protection? I really don’t want to do it now. ”
(statement: This article only represents the author’s point of view, not Sina’s position.)