Baidu app response broadcast Zheng Shuang father apology Video: does not involve economic behavior has been offline the content


Sina science and technology news on January 24 evening news, baidu app official microblog on “Baidu app broadcast Zheng Shuang father apology video” issue apology statement, said sincerely accept everyone’s criticism, to the bad feelings brought to netizens express very sorry. “This video interview does not involve any economic behavior. Yesterday, we offline the content in the relevant account for the first time.”
Baidu app said in its microblog that the public behind the children’s topic expresses empathy and compassion. What people hope is that things can be solved best. The deeper the concern is, the higher the expectation is. It is bound to be more rigorous and serious in the future work, and give full consideration to the feelings of every friend.
Recently, the Zheng Shuang incident caused a heated discussion. Baidu app placed the baidu platform logo in the video interviewing Zheng Shuang’s father, which was considered very inappropriate by netizens. At present, the relevant videos have been taken off the shelves. (Xuemei)