Supply recovery channel accelerates glory CEO Zhao Ming: Transform to high end brand


Zhao Ming, CEO of glory
Zhang Jun of Sina Technology
The long lost glory has finally returned. With the appearance of the first new machine after independence, Zhao Ming, CEO of glory, also disclosed his future strategic plan for the first time in an interview with Sina Technology and other media.
Zhao Ming revealed that the split of glory includes a complete end-to-end system, and Huawei’s original camera, architecture design and other advanced technologies have all been transferred to glory new company. Glory can stand on the shoulders of Huawei giants and grow rapidly after independence.
The new positioning of glory has also been exposed for the first time: to build a global iconic technology brand, to build a full scene, to face all channels and to serve the whole population. Zhao Ming said that glory has no constraints on the supply. In the future, glory will use various chip solutions of Qualcomm to build products.
The “mate and P” series, which he mentioned earlier, is expected to be unveiled in 2021.
Take over Huawei Technology
With the divestiture from Huawei in November 2020, the concern of the outside world is whether the glory of independence will be weakened in terms of brand and technology.
Zhao Ming revealed that the glory split includes an end-to-end system, with an overall team of 8000 people covering a complete system of R & D, sales, marketing, supply chain and finance.
In terms of R & D, 50% or 4000 people are R & D teams, and the divested assets also include Huawei’s R & D teams in Shenzhen, Beijing and Xi’an. This means that Huawei’s original technologies, such as the most advanced camera technology, the most advanced technology, including architecture design, GPU turbo, link turbo and so on, have all migrated to new glory.
“Huawei’s specific support is a lot of core technologies, including photography, communication, system design, algorithm, AI, etc. we also hope that we can stand on the shoulders of Huawei giants and grow rapidly after independence.”
From the product strategy announced by glory this time, new glory will continue to develop on the road of 1 + 8 + N, and build a life of interconnection of all things. Zhao Ming said that in the future, glory will continue to provide consumers with mobile phone centered integrated experience.
However, although glory was born out of Huawei, it is now a brand new independent company, and the market environment it is facing has changed greatly. In the original Huawei system, slogan of glory brand is “brave to be yourself”, which needs to cooperate with Huawei brand to break through the siege in the fierce market competition; now glory is independent, needs to develop Omni channel and serve the whole population, so slogan has a new direction, and “committed to the future” is the choice of glory in the future.
Of course, glory also has its own new positioning: to create a global iconic technology brand. Zhao Ming explained that glory needs to win the market with innovation and technology through dialogue between products and consumers, so as to create a technology that can make consumers bright and contribute to the development of consumers, industries and even human beings.
As for the global market, glory after independence also has a complete overseas sales service and marketing system. He revealed that glory V40 will soon be listed in Russia. At present, glory is also registering subsidiaries in more than 20 countries around the world. It is expected that overseas products and business will gradually recover at the end of the first quarter and the second quarter.
Full recovery of supply
After Huawei’s independence, the general concern of the outside world is whether glory can solve the problem of supply interruption.
Zhao Ming revealed in an interview that at present, almost all supply partners have fully restored the supply of glory. For example, AMD, Intel, Samsung, Qualcomm, Microsoft, MediaTek, etc.
It is worth noting that the resumption of supply of Qualcomm and MediaTek is self-evident for the glory of the future development of mobile phone business, especially the layout of high-end market mentioned by Zhao Ming.
In his opinion, the product is a system engineering, and the hardware system should include CPU, architecture design, heat dissipation capacity, camera, communication and other technologies around the periphery, plus the ability to go deep into the underlying software tuning, so as to fully release the hardware system. This time, although the glory V40 uses Tianji 1000 + as well as friends, it can give full play to the ability of this chip. “In terms of endurance, communication ability and photo taking ability, the glory V40 is much higher than that of its friends, which is definitely different from buying a chip in the communication market and assembling one of its own.”
In Zhao Ming’s view, MediaTek and Qualcomm chips are resources available to every manufacturer, but the key is how to embody their own capabilities in the design of system architecture, so as to give better play to the advantages of hardware. The strategy of glory choice is to participate in the planning and design of chips by partners in the future, and integrate the idea and demand of glory for products into chip solutions.
Zhao Ming previously revealed that glory will have its own “mate and P Series”. He further said in the interview that since independence in November 2020, the glory R & D team has been polishing this product for consumers day and night, and is expected to launch it at an appropriate time in 2021.
“The final market and cooperation are all created,” said Zhao Ming. “We have such good technology and products. As long as the product innovation is strong enough and the product design is amazing enough, when users vote with their feet, I believe partners will also vote with their feet.”
Accelerate Omni channel expansion
To build a high-end brand and impact the domestic first, channel construction is the top priority.
In fact, there are more than 30 agents and dealers in the list of shareholders who purchase glory. Zhao Ming said that in addition to these existing shareholders, glory will also attract more channels and retail partners to join.
In 2018-2020, glory has always been the number one online brand in China. Zhao Ming revealed that in fact, the proportion of Glory online and offline has reached 4:6 in 2020, which is a very healthy Omni channel brand. Before August 2020, glory once hovered in the second and third place in the domestic market share. If there is no supply problem, it may have achieved the goal of second place in China.

In the future, glory will continue to consolidate its position as number one online, and at the same time increase efforts to build an offline system with offline partners. “In the past two months, a large number of channels and retail partners have expressed their willingness for strategic cooperation. In the future, they will see a large number of glorious offline stores in the first, second, third and fourth tier cities.”
In the layout of the high-end market, glory has also made preparations in the channel side. While building flagship products, glory’s retail partners have started the location and construction of high-end flagship stores to accelerate the transformation from glory to high-end brand.
“The future sales volume is not a problem. At present, the supply chain is still climbing.” Zhao Ming said that although supply is climbing rapidly, it still can not meet the needs of partners. It is expected that in the construction of high-end experience stores, the trouble of short supply will always be accompanied by glory.