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Since November 17, 2020, Huawei painfully stripped off its glory, the outside world has been paying attention to what kind of report card the independent glory can produce. After half a year’s absence, the new glory plane finally arrived on January 22.
Since the launch of glory 30 youth version and glory X10 Max on July 2, 2020, glory has not released new models. After the double 11 in 2020, its old models are basically out of stock online. The new V40 will inject new liquidity into glory’s sales channels.
The glory after independence will reshape the new pattern of the mobile phone market, and its playing style also needs to be changed. As the first model after independence, V40 only represents a part of the judgment of glory, because the glory after independence is most short of high-end series. According to more than one person in the industry, the glory after independence will break through the dual brand positioning of Huawei and glory in the past, and no longer have strategic burden There will be no restrictions on the product layout, which can impact the high end.
The market is full of expectations for glory after independence. From the perspective of independence from Huawei system, glory has undeniably lost some advantages, but from another point of view, it has also gained more space. Glory inherits Huawei’s almost core R & D system and supply chain production capacity, and has little challenge in software. It has established a whole chain competition from R & D, production to sales System.
2020 is a very difficult year for the mobile phone industry, and the mobile phone sales channels and supply chain have been greatly impacted. From the Research Report at the end of the year, it is not difficult to analyze that there are two paths in front of mobile phone manufacturers: online channel and high-end route. What the market is most concerned about is what capabilities manufacturers need to match, and how many chances are there for glory to win?
V40, just the first report card
“Glory is independent from Huawei. It can launch a new machine so quickly in January, which shows that glory has been prepared to fight a battle from being a shareholder through channels to promoting a new rhythm.” Sun Yanbiao, President of the first mobile phone industry research institute, sighed after learning the news of the glory push.
The release of the new aircraft after more than half a year is undoubtedly the beginning of a glorious new voyage to users. On the eve of the press conference, many people in the mobile phone industry are looking forward to this. Naturally, the most important thing is what kind of report card glory can produce after independence from Huawei.
Glory V40 is equipped with 50 million ultra sensitive cameras, with a 6.72 inch OLED curved screen on the front, and supports 120Hz high brush. In addition, it will also support 100% P3 gamut screen color management, built-in 4000mAh battery capacity, with super dual fast charging 66W + 50W. Considering the low power consumption of Tianji 1000 + chip, the product life is expected to be ideal, and the actual game experience will be improved with the support of GPU turbo x graphics acceleration engine. In particular, the addition of “double sheep and double horses”, that is, double loudspeakers and bilinear motors, has added a lot of attraction to the V40 series.
Since the two models of glory 30 Youth Edition and glory X10 Max on July 2, 2020, glory has not released new models. After the double 11 in 2020, its old models are basically out of stock online. The new machine will be released one month before the Spring Festival, and the glory is to seize the rhythm of the Spring Festival Schedule. Sun Yanbiao was a little worried that if glory couldn’t launch a new machine before the Spring Festival, the whole system would be “injured”, “but now there are new products sold, it can be seen that glory’s action adjustment is very fast”. V40 appears in time, because glory needs such a new machine with sufficient volume to inject new liquidity into glory’s sales channels and give confidence to the consumer market, suppliers and channel operators.
The playing style of glory is bound to change. As the first model after glory independence, V40 is also an attempt to show the brand direction to the world. Considering the appearance of nova8 and glory 30 series, especially the fashion brand style design of glory 30 series has been widely recognized in the market, especially among young users. Xu Yan, mobile phone evaluation manager, said through V40 analysis that glory will continue to focus on young and fashionable product positioning.
However, it is not enough to infer the brand positioning of glory to the outside world through a V40. This machine only represents part of the judgment of glory.
On the one hand, judging from the R & D cycle of mobile phone products, it is a connecting model. Wang Chao, founder of Wenyuan think tank, said that it took at least a few months to six months for a mobile phone to be approved and finally released, and V40 continued its layout in Huawei system period to some extent. The V40 is described by Xu Yan as a generation of products to sort out and get through the whole internal process of glory. In other words, what the market is more looking forward to is the new glory machine to be released in March and April, which can better show its strength after independence.
On the other hand, after the independence of glory is the most lack of high-end series, Xu Yan judge glory will continue to expand on the basis of three series, to high-end trial.
Leaving Huawei, the glory of adulthood
The market is full of expectations for the glory after independence. From the perspective of independence from Huawei system, glory has undeniably lost some advantages, but from another perspective, it has gained more space.
More than one person in the industry mentioned that the glory after independence will break through the dual brand positioning of Huawei and glory in the past. There will be no strategic burden, and there will be no restrictions on the product layout, which can impact the high-end.
Today’s glory will be based on the advantages of online e-commerce channels in the past, and give full play to the greatest advantages of channels as shareholders.
According to sun Yanbiao, since the second half of 2019, glory has retained its core dealers due to shortage of goods and other reasons. Today’s glory is not only to recover lost land, but also has the greatest advantage of taking channels as shareholders and participating in the company’s operation. The essence of this distribution mechanism is benefit sharing. Dealers can enjoy part of the production in addition to the conventional channel profits Profit.

“Glory has deeply grasped the root of the evergreen tree of China’s mobile phone industry.” He described it that way. Interestingly, in the history of China’s mobile phone development, few mobile phone manufacturers have a close relationship with their channels. Jinli’s core channel is to be a shareholder, and oppo and vivo’s channel is to work in the head office or branch. In the field of home appliances, there is also such a company whose channel is king, that is Gree.
Of course, what the market is most concerned about is what capabilities glory urgently needs to add.
“First of all, it must be R & D capability.” Wang Chao revealed that glory used the technology of Huawei laboratory before. After independence, if the core technology can’t be taken away, it depends on itself.
According to industry insiders, Yuanhua, the best imaging expert, has also come to glory. Now nearly half of its nearly 10000 employees are R & D personnel. New glory has five R & D bases and 100 + Innovation laboratories. Glory has the R & D capability of high-end flagship mobile phones and intelligent ecological products.
Supply chain capability is another “lost” part of glory, but many people in the industry are not worried. Xu Yan said that Huawei has given glory to a large number of supply chain talents. Senior Product Manager and judge also analyzed that the previous advantages of the supply chain can be reused, but they need to sign new contracts with suppliers and distributors in an honorary capacity to maintain the cooperative relationship.
Compared with other domestic manufacturers, glory can continue to use Huawei’s technology in some software and hardware, such as charging and GPU turbo x, but glory needs to optimize itself. The judge told shenran that with glory’s restart of Google’s service, it can not only solve the problem of rigid demand for GMS in overseas markets, but also improve part of the performance of domestic mobile phones. In terms of image, Xu Yan said, “compared with Huawei, in fact, the glory has caught up.”.
In general, glory inherits Huawei’s almost core R & D system and supply chain production capacity, and the software challenge is not big. In the face of talent transfusion, it has established a whole chain competition system from R & D and production to sales, and only faces the global supply chain and terminal market with a new attitude.
In terms of glory, the biggest reduction is chip, because we can’t continue to use Kirin chip, the biggest moat of Huawei mobile phones.
Compared with the mainstream competitive products, Xu Yan judged that the V40 equipped with Tianji 1000 + chip has a certain gap in the CPU part, and needs to make special optimization on the performance and adaptability of the chip. In fact, glory really relies on its strong software and hardware tuning ability to achieve “the same chip, better experience”. The next situation will be more clear, because with the independence of glory, the prohibitions in all aspects will be lifted, and the cooperation between glory and Qualcomm is advancing in an orderly manner. Shenzhen fuel has been informed that the glory mobile phone based on the 5g chip of Qualcomm is already in progress, and the new product is expected to be launched in the second quarter of 2021.
Xiaomi’s inclusion in the “list of military related enterprises” of the US Department of defense may affect its relationship with Qualcomm. At present, Qualcomm needs to withdraw its equity investment in Xiaomi within a specified time. According to the judge’s analysis, in terms of cooperation with Qualcomm, glory can theoretically be on an equal footing with Xiaomi.
Today’s glory is on the same starting line with other domestic mobile phone brands. It is doubtful whether consumers will still pay after Huawei’s aura is removed.
According to sun Yanbiao’s observation, consumers will continue to recognize the glory brand, because even if there is no new product released for half a year, the product has been on the market during this period. He cited an extreme example. One year after the collapse of Jinli, mobile phones continue to be sold in the market, because most consumers are not concerned about the company, but about the after-sales service. “In the past, glory has not relaxed the part of after-sales customer service, which is the core of the vitality of a brand.”
Xu Yan also agrees that the brand power accumulated by glory in the past is “not a big problem” in the stock market, because it takes one to two years for users to realize the brand independent information on a large scale, so this buffer period is an opportunity for glory. “Glory will focus on improving the product power next, including continuing to enlarge the advantages of design, making more efforts to differentiate from other manufacturers.” He said that the next glory depends on the products. The better the early products and the more reasonable the price, the more market recognition they will get.
After Huawei’s independence, it seems that it has lost more than it has gained. However, in the judge’s view, if the glory after independence can continue to accumulate and supplement advantages in brand, channel, research and development, and software, it is not impossible to take a middle and high-end route with its own characteristics first, and then go to the high-end step by step. However, we need to pay special attention to avoid following the old path of some manufacturers and narrow our own path, including brand image. He predicted that glory would redefine its brand image and take a more stable and appropriate route.
What kind of mobile phone does the market need
Nowadays, the mobile phone industry generally believes that product strength, channel ability and brand ability are the three key factors for the success of mobile phone companies. From the Research Report at the end of the year, it is not difficult to analyze that there are two roads in front of mobile phone manufacturers: online channels and high-end routes.
According to the latest report released by the semiconductor research office of trendforce, the global smartphone market will be impacted by the epidemic in 2020, and the annual total production will only reach 1.25 billion units, which is the largest recession in the past years. It is estimated that the annual total production will grow to 1.36 billion units in 2021. Sun Yanbiao judged that the fight in the mobile phone market in 2021 will be extremely fierce, and the opportunity is online. He disclosed that during the epidemic period, e-commerce channels accounted for more than 50% of the mobile phone retail market, and the share of offline channels has shrunk from 70% in the past to 40%.
“With e-commerce sales accounting for half of China’s mobile phone market and the normalization of global epidemic prevention and control, this trend will become a foregone conclusion on a global scale. In other words, in the future mobile phone market, those who don’t have e-commerce genes will die. ” Sun Yanbiao said. In the past three years, glory has always been the first online brand in China, with the highest monthly sales of Omni channel in 2020.

According to the data of ZDC Internet Consumption Research Center, in 2020, the average price of the main flagship mobile phones of the main manufacturers in the domestic mobile phone market reached more than 4000 yuan, and the manufacturers have entered the high-end market. The average price of the main flagship mobile phones of some brands has been greatly improved compared with that in 2019.
Mobile phone manufacturers have seen that the real cake is in the high-end market. In the past three years, glory has been advancing towards the high-end market, but in sun Yanbiao’s view, this kind of breakthrough is constrained. The so-called restriction means that it is more or less separated from Huawei’s Mate Series and P series, but there will be no restrictions after independence. Sun Yanbiao judged that glory will have a fierce competition with oppo, vivo and Xiaomi in the high-end market.
In competing for high-end products, sun Yanbiao also said that V40 does not represent the strength of glory. Now glory has completely transferred from the architecture based on Kirin chip to the architecture of MediaTek and Qualcomm. It is the stage of product line layout to survive the stage of system adjustment.
Of course, the high-end line has to mention the issue of chip research and development.
At present, domestic mobile phone manufacturers seem to be constrained by outsiders in high-end chips. When Qualcomm released the snapdragon 888 processor, many domestic mobile phone manufacturers announced for the first time that they would soon launch mobile phones equipped with this processor. Xu Yan disagrees with this view: rather than relying on Qualcomm, domestic manufacturers are responsible for the main shipment of Qualcomm. Therefore, Qualcomm allows domestic manufacturers to participate in R & D, equity, in-depth joint debugging and even give priority to supply, so as to provide better technical and after-sales support.
In fact, the upstream and downstream of the mobile chip industry chain is a cooperative relationship, not just the assembly of hardware. It should be a combination of software and hardware to give full play to the ability of software tuning. If it’s just hardware, why are the software optimization, hardware heat dissipation and memory size of mobile phones with the same chip different? V40 shows the strength that other Tianji 1000 + mobile phones don’t show by virtue of its software and hardware tuning ability.
In the final analysis, it depends on strength and determination. Xu Yan analyzes that mobile phone manufacturers are in no hurry to go to the high end, and the progress needs to be adjusted according to the market performance. He suggests that glory should take a steady route in the early stage, focusing on the middle end and cost performance. When the brand positioning goes up naturally, the model positioning will become high-end.
Back to the present, more than one person in the industry has analyzed the Shenzhen fuel industry. Huawei will “vacate” the high-end market around March 2021, and the surging mobile phone market will be reflected in the sales Research Report in the second quarter of 2021. At that time, who will be stronger depends on the models released by manufacturers in March.
Whether it is Xiaomi, whose product line has been adjusted for a whole year, or vivo, which has been developing steadily, every manufacturer will try to seize this window period. The first priority of glory is to give priority to the existing product line and move towards the high end simultaneously. If the glory mobile phone based on Qualcomm 5g chip is launched in the second quarter of 2021, it will be a high-end shopping season for domestic manufacturers.
“How can we jump higher and farther? Just step back and rush forward to jump further.” Sun Yanbiao said that the glory now is to normalize the whole system through the Chinese market. How the follow-up goes depends on the market performance of the previous mobile phones.
Wang Chao’s view is that facts have proved that Huawei’s high-end playing method is very successful, and the glory has a good chance to inherit it. Now, glory is holding Huawei’s elite, inheriting Huawei’s gene to some extent. More than one person in the industry commented that “glory, the future is promising”.
*The title and the pictures in the paper are all from honor. At the request of the interviewee, Xu Yan is a pseudonym.
(statement: This article only represents the author’s point of view, not Sina’s position.)