Glory Zhao Ming: the past five months have been extremely difficult, and the future will move towards the middle and high end


Sina science and technology news on January 22 morning news, glory held today V40 series new product launch, which is also the first launch after glory independence.
Zhao Ming, CEO of glory, said at the beginning that in the past five months, glory has had an extremely difficult but meaningful time.
In November 2013, glory brand was born; in November 2020, it ushered in its seventh anniversary. “We will face everything bravely and never forget our original intention. Live up to the industry’s expectations and company for glory. ”
Zhao Ming recalled that glory had 20 million mobile phone users in 2014 and 200 million full scene intelligent devices in 2020.
From 2018 to 2020, glory ranks first in China’s online market. At present, glory has more than 8000 employees, 50% of whom are R & D personnel, and has set up more than 100 innovation laboratories around the world.
Zhao Ming revealed that the new positioning of glory is to create a global iconic technology brand, build a full scene, face all channels and serve the whole population.
Glory’s product strategy will continue to be 1 + 8 + N, but he said that in the future, it will go to the middle and high end and build a top flagship. (Zhang Jun)